Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dude looks like a lady


Well my body  crapped out on me pretty good last week.  I decided not to listen to myself (something I am notorious for doing).  I ran the 5k and succeded but it came a price.  The day after I went for an easy 8 miler on the beach and the body was angry at me by mile 7.  Monday feeling reckless with a bum good leg.  I farted around the track for 5 miles barefoot, the body was not happy.  Verdict check in with my Ultra Doc, (who is also running in the San Diego 100miler)  Stay positive, be lazy, eat, drink, and be merry.

I went to the doc on Wednesday, feeling like crap in lots of different places but most concerned about my good legs knee.  We shot the shit for a little while as he poked and prodded while bending my body in weird positions.  He spouted out what sounded like gibberish, well beyond my modest layman's vocabulary.  Apparently it was good news,  looks like its just a bunch of minor problems compounding on eachother.  Some hyper exrension, a little bit of inflamation and some excess fluid in the knee.  That meant no running for a few a days.  I was relieved, although not my body was in good shape my attitude became more positive towards the San diego 100

Thursday no running but I did play about 4 rounds of Disc golf and rode the recumbent bike for 6.5 miles.  Friday no running, played paddle tennis for 1.5 hours and rode the bike for 10 miles.  I bought some CEP compression leg sleeves to see if they may help.  I tried on some Zensah brand size small Zensah - Leg Sleeves Calf Guards (Singles)-L/XL-Black and they were way to big.  So I was forced to go with ladies small CEP.  CEP Men's Compression Allsport Sleeve Socks (White, 17.75 - 20- Inch).  It always amazes when I can't find running gear small enough to fit me.  Where are all these giant runners?

Saturday looking totally cool in my ladies small compression sleeves i decided to hit the beach and see how the body felt.  I had limited time so only ran about 4.5 miles on the soft sand.  I felt mediocre i was running about a 10 min pace and it was nice to get some sweat dripping.  Even when I'm  100% I don't usually find a rhythm or feel good till about 70 to 90 minutes of running depending on the effort being put out.  It's really hard for me to gauge where my body is at when I am being cautious.  Today the good leg which had become the new bad leg was back to feeling good the old bad leg felt a little bad, which I think is good, at least I know how to deal with that.  You got it?  I decided to keep my compression sleeves on after my run for the next few hours when I went to my nephews little league game.  They felt pretty good.  They felt so good after the game I went back to the beach for another 4 miles I decided to up the tempo and the body felt great.

I headed to the gym afterwards to go use the sauna.  I hadn't drank any fluids all day, and thought it may be fun to flush a few gallons of water and electolytes through my system.  Before entering the sauna I weighed myself  138  That's the lowest I i think I've seen seen I was 10 or 11.  I went in the sauna for about 90 minutes with maybe 4 breaks in the pool of a couple minutes each.  I drank over 3 gallons of water.  I left the gym sopping wet weighing  144 which will probably be my race weight for San Diego.

It's now Sunday morning and my body is asking to go running.  Vamos a la Playa.  Just got in a quick  run before the marine layer rolled in.  The only parking spot I could find was in Hermosa which means I only had 1 hour till I get a ticket.  I got in 7 miles running fast in the soft sand, the body felt ok but really did not need any more work.  Last week I got a blood blister on my big toe from the hard pack.  Yesterday all the skin ripped off, now I got this giant hole in my big toe shaped like a heart,  maybe it's a sign that I'm about to fall in love?  Went to the sauna afterwards for 45 mins started out at 139  drank  1.5 gallons left at 142.  The weather Is crappy at the beach, I'm headed inland to chase the sun and play some Disc Golf.


  1. crazy changes and that is such a huge weight range and jump between them. I never weigh myself to see the changes. Its depressing when I have monthly high weights. booo on that!
    Glad you like the CEP sleeves. I like mine too. I think they look pretty cool actually.
    Running on the beach sounds so sweet. I ran in the cemetery today. It was quiet and peaceful and sunny!
    Cheers and have a good day!

  2. It was really humid at the beach I think I lost all the weight in sweat. The cep sleeves are cool I may use them while racing this weekend, to psych myself up. The beach is my playground. The last time I went to cemetery it was in Louisiana. I posed in front of really cool looking crypt. It wasn't until after we took the pics that we noticed my last name written in huge block letters across the front it.