Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boobs, Butts and Beards. The 2013 Bare Burro Naked 5k Race Report

I woke up early excited about the race. I rolled out of bed and fell on my face.

Time to go get Naked
It's kind of like Disneyland for Physical Anthropologists.

I had won the race the last two years, both times after running Ragnar the day before but this year my body was a total mess. A three peat was unlikely. I was ready to put my best leg forward  and see what happens
By 8:30 when I arrived the weather was already getting nice a toasty (race starts at 10).  I had my foam roller with me and tried to work out a few kinks before the crowds arrived.
(be thankful I posted this pic instead of that one)
Each year they have changed course and it has gotten a little easier each time I wonder what's in store this time?

I guess I should tell you about the Race?

I didn't run totally naked I did wear a pair of Luna Sandals
Well, I tried to run fast (It's not fun chasing a bunch of bare assed dudes) through the first 1/2 mile I was in the lead but I was hurting.  My right hamstring was still knotted up from Ragnar/Boston.  I was faking my way towards being a competitor  (to be honest I had no desire to win at all costs.)

All of a sudden the dude I was battling with missed the turn labeled by a small arrow. Was this was my chance at a possible win?
I screamed!
He only lost a few seconds, his mistake had gave him  a surge of energy and he streaked passed me. For the first time ever at the Bare Burro I was not in the lead? The last two years I had pretty much gone wire to wire for the win but now I had some dudes butt right in my face.  I desperately wanted to pass him but when I tried to push off with my left leg I had nothing.  

Then all of sudden another dude passed me.  Ehh oh well, maybe they'd fall apart? I hung back about 50 to 100 feet as they as they jousted each other for the lead.  
Go Pat Go!

By the 2 mile mark they were gone but so were the people behind me.  My friend Eric Clifton (whom also had ran the race the last 2 years) Looked to be about  a minute behind me.  

I was running hard but I wasn't racing anymore.  I found a comfortable pace and cruised into the finish line for a third place finish.  
(My Typical Sunday Morning)
Sure I would have loved to win the race.  But that wasn't gonna stop me from having a good time. It was hot day, they sold cheap beer, I had cold pool to swim in they had a cute girl giving topless massages. 

 Is  it just me or do naked people just seem nicer? It's hard to be a dick when you're naked? (that's a strange sentence) I spent the rest of the day with a big old grin my face.
That's me my friend Eric Clifton,
(third year in a row  we have taken this shot unfortunately poor Eric didn't win an award this time to cover his junk.)
Eric has won biggest Ultramarathons in the world (including Badwater and  JFK) he has also held some Ultramarthoning's greatest records (100 trail miles in 13:16.)
(But he's never beat me at the Bare Burro)
So you think I live a pretty good life?
(I do)
Well this dude Is and ex-porn star turned professional body painter.  "DUDE!" He travels the world each year with stops including Mardi Gras, Carnival and  Island of Ibiza painting naked women for a living! 
"Do you need an apprentice?"
(If there's community college class on body painting where do I sign up?)
If you wanted you could  naked photos of yourself racing emailed to you after the race.  At first I was hesitant but then I decided what the Hell?  I'm still waiting for them to show up and will add censored versions later when they do.  
Hanging out with your junk out sure is a lot of fun and getting the privilege to run a 5k naked I think that's pretty damn cool. Thank you to Everyone at the Olive Del Ranch for putting on such a great event. It's one race that I definitely look forward to year after year.  Over 200 people Showed up to the race this year and I think just about everyone had a smile on their face.

The Olive Dell Ranch is open year round and if you just want to do some nude hiking or get in some training on how not to flop up and down while running, the Olive Dell Ranch just North of Riverside in Colton CA  the owners are very friendly and very respectful of your privacy.

I should write more and maybe I will later but for now
 "You get what you get and you don't get upset."

For more in depth accounts of the Bare Burro 5k you can read my race reports from the last two years

Update 2014 Reclaiming my title
2014 Race report

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Jerks and a Squirt, My 2013 SoCal Ragnar Race Report

Before heading out to Boston I had told my Ragnar team from the last couple years that maybe I could run for them in dire situation if they couldn't fill the 6 man roster. Since I wasn't running across the country I should be home and at the very least I could maybe drive the van?
The day after Boston I was a wreck physically and mentally.  My foot that had held up better than expected during the race now  hurt with every step I took, my quads were shot and my hamstrings were very tight.  Normally I run the day after a race but my my lack of training  (due to injury) was very evident.
I was too gimpy to run but I did hobble my way through a very ugly round of Disc Golf.

Three days after Boston the night before Ragnar the team was meeting up to see who in fact the team actually consisted of?  Right before heading over to dinner I decided a little jog on the beach was in order. My legs had started to loosen up a little bit each day and I thought I should see where was at before making a decision to run or not.  Mile one 16:30, mile two 16:00, mile three 15:00  mile mile 14:45.
At the start of dinner I told the team I was two gimpy to run and would drive the van. 
Drive The Van?
Wait a second I don't want drive van!  I would surely go stir crazy.  By the end of dinner I was back on the team slated to run roughly 27 miles.
Kind of pretentious name ?
Our Captains real name is Denise Winner.  She named the team in honor of her father who had always wanted to a relay race like Ragnar whom passed away a few years ago
(We won last year)
The next morning we met at our Captains house and were off to Surf Surf City Huntington Beach to start the race.
I rode lying down in the back of the van  as we somehow got lost?  Voices started to raise (friendly but aggressive) as different members of the team decided they were smarter than the Gps. I had no intention of solving or becoming part of the problem.  I didn't really care and found the whole situation quite humorous.

Besides I was too busy staring out that back window giggling away as I texted a couple of silly girls nicknames for my team.
5 Geriatrics and a Patrick
6 gimps and Crossfit Pimp (our driver)

There were a bunch more but I either forgot what they were or I  must refrain from posting them if I have any hope to be part of a team ever again.

Part of Ragnar is getting lost. We always do and we would go on to do it a few times later in the day this year as well.  
Left to right
Dan Westergaard (the Wiener Dog) Gordon (4th best senior citizen crossfitter in the world) Drew (the speedo dude) Luis ( I mean DR. Luis, I don't know his last name.)  Myself,  Fernando (our ringer)  And in our arms we held the Olympic Jew Herself "Denise"

She is actually going to go run the 1/2 marathon at the Jewish Olympics later this summer.  What the hell is the Jewish Olympic's?  I don't know i'm not Jewish
But I think this is it
Maccabiah Games

Just before the race
I accidently dropped my camera down a well? Well? I couldn't think of anything else to say about this pic.
 I thought Dan looked pretty cool in this pic so I wanted one for myself
Not quite as cool but it was pretty comfortable.  
(It kind of made me want to poop.)
Let's do it.
can I switch teams?
This kind of stuff was everywhere. Pretty cool.
By the time it was my turn to run I felt like I could bust out some some sub 7 min miles maybe not sub 6 but sub 7 sure why not?
My first leg started with 1/2 mile downhill I talk off sprinting for about 15 steps unbenounced to me my hamstring on my left leg had a huge knot and I wasn't really going anywhere until it loosened up.  after a few 8 to 9 min miles and little bit self massage I got down to  just below a 7 min mile before  my leg was over.
Some people say Ragnar is too expensive and that it's a Rip Off.
(I'm one of those people)
This year I actually made money!
Through out the day our team ran pretty well
We were having fun with each other
and having fun making friends with other teams
It was hot day
But we kept shuffling along
We were in good spirits just before dark as we waited for our Ringer "Fernando" to come in.
We waited,
and waited 
and waited.
It turns out Fernando blew out his achilleas  and was done.  He still had another 20+ to run that we would divide amongst the team.
It's my tradition at Ragnar that I wear my SPort kilt at night 
( The airflow can helps keep me awake)

It was a long night my body was a mess but I did my best. At one point I could barely break a 10:30 mile my hamstring was hurting bad but once I loosened it up I could get down in the 7's or 6's.
Good Morning Captain
Sunrise Reflection near Torrey Pines.
I was really stoked to finally get to run the Torrey Pines stretch this year.  Only about 10% of the SoCal Ragnar course is Scenic and in years past I've heard this is best part.

I brought my camera with me so you could see it unfortunately my battery died just after this pic and more unfortunate for me they changed the course so that you that you run on the road about 100 yards above some amazing trails
 (shame on you Ragnar!)
Oh well My body felt good and I ran really well during this stretch.
things got a little weird the next day?
 But sometimes you got to be a little weird to get the ladies

Thank you to our captain Denise for bringing us all together and thank you to my team for putting up with dumb ass.  Almost everybody on our team had some sort of injury although we made not have been  the fastest team we were probably one of the most resilient. 
We ended up finishing in a little over 24 hours and Denise says we won another baton for the third year in a row.
I had a good time, I'm glad I ran but it was a pretty stupid decision on my part! I ended up running a little over 50km. and my body was in serious need a rest and Beer.

12 hours after returning home from Ragnar I was driving to my next race the Bare Burro 5km
(Race Report looming)

Parting thought:
Ragnar stopped giving out free beer at the finish line. Even though it was just one beer in the past It was nice gesture this year they gave out a coupon for a $2 beer.  The event cost a lot of money and now they are trying nickel and dime people at the finish line?  Out of principle, because I really wanted a beer I refused to buy one (if I had gotten one free I would have purchased 4 or 5 after) Until they offer free beer once again I will never run another Ragnar and will encourage other people to run more beer friendly events instead.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Boston Marathon

I'm a pretty upbeat dude but when I think about the 2013 Boston Marathon a lot of sadness creeps into my psyche.  I do solemnly mourn the loss of life and my heart goes out to all those affected by the tragic events that followed the race.
If you want to read my account and my thoughts on what transpired

This however is my Race report. In an effort to keep thing more upbeat I am choosing t keep it void of those events as I spin the usual tail of shenanigans that make up my life. This race report shall end roughly 3 hours after the start of the race.
Two weeks prior to the Boston Marathon I had my foot X-Rayed (I actually had them both X-Rayed) The X-Rays were inconclusive. The doc told me to stop running asap and suggested I get an MRI.  For pretty much the month prior I could not go more than an hour of running without severe pain in my right foot. Bone bruise, fracture, tendinitis?  I had no clue, it takes a lot of pain for my poor ass to go see the Doctor!

I had been planning an epic adventure to run home from Boston nearly 3,500 miles with a goal of running an Ultra marathon a day for nearly the entire summer.  This dream was now out of the question.

8 days before the Boston marathon I was smart enough to admit that my body was screwed up and in no shape to run! It wasn't the decision I wanted to make but it was the right one. THe United States two top marathoners Meb and Ryan Hall had already dropped out and I would bet their injuries were less severe  and since I had no return plane ticket. My free lodging in Boston had fallen through thus decided to call off the trip altogether

But that was Sunday the race was still 8 days away and if you know me, you know that I never listen to myself!

Unlike Ryan and Meb I have no lord to appease or babies mouths to feed. If I try and fail at least I tried. What I do have is a thirst for adventure a plane ticket to Boston and a payed to entry to the race 117th Boston Marathon.

 Wednesday morning while trolling the internet I found my way over to South West Airlines website.  If the return ticket is less than $300 I guess I can go hobble my way through a marathon and I have sleeping bag  in case I can't find a place to crash?
The following night I was on the Red Eye to the East Coast. 

Hello Boston
5 a.m. I'm in Boston now what? (I probably should have slept on the plane)  The airport is pretty nice and I planned on hanging out for a bit till the city woke up.  But in a sleepless stupor I accidently existed the point of no return gate, doh!.  Oh well.

When I stepped outside I definitely wasn't in SoCal  anymore.  The weather was below freezing and my Luna sandals  were  not the best choice of footwear?  At least it wasn't raining or snowing, yet? For some reason I thought it was gonna be warm in Boston, 
(maybe next time I'll check the weather report.)

After hopping on a shuttle bus to the subway I bought myself a one week pass and got on board with no destination in mind other than a cup of coffee (hopefully not one from Dunkin Donuts)
"What am I doing here?"
I'm not sure why I got off, where I did or where in fact that somewhere was but I existed the and found my way outside just as it started to rain.  I was off to an auspicious start.

I ran into some cross-fitters jogging around the block who pointed me to a nearby Starbucks. Hmm. What now? I got a coffee and made friends with a hobo "Mike" whom had  slept in the Boston Commons the night prior and was getting ready to do some day trading on his EeePc. He was a nice dude and I got some advice about sleeping on the streets in case it came to that.

I spent the next few hours frantically emailing different people and trying to find a place to stay.  Maybe 10 or so people said they a place for me but all of them flaked. I had one friend of  friend however that was supposed to arrive in town at 1a.m. it was my backup plan but I was pretty sure he was gonna flake as well.. I was killing time till the marathon expo opened at I think 2 p.m. and wrote a quick review of the crappy water bottle I was currently using.

My buddy Brad was coming to the Expo that afternoon and we tried to make plans to grab beer but family obligations limited his time preventing that from happening but at least I could ditch my luggage in his car while perusing the Expo.
Following the gps on my phone I walked over to to Boston Commons.  Phone in one hand umbrella in the other backpack on my chest and my carry on luggage on my back I was out of my element.  The only dead giveaway that I wasn't a hobo were the sandals on my feet.  You see all the sandal clad hobo's aren't stupid enough to live in Boston when it's cold 
Bib Pick UP
First stop atthe Expo was Kahlua booth which gave out drinks without Alcohol after requiring I.D's?
It was a little disappointing but tasted better than the Special low carb Sam Adams they had for the race last year.
I've seen a few versions of this shoe at Skecher's headquarters over the years but they would only make them in Meb's size . Now it's a production model and I picked up a free pair when I got home and will probably write a review

What next?
Let's see if I can find the prettiest girl in the entire expo. Because? EH why not!
Ta duh!
This is my friend Holly whom is the main spokes model for Ink and Burn who was both running in the race and working at the expo.  I really dig Ink N Burn's apparel but I don't buy clothes and would prefer not to wear clothes if I didn't have to.
Holly and I are practically twins?
I left my mark at the expo
(I'm better with Microsoft Paint)
You can see how early on in the expo it was. The plan was to come back later in the weekend and take another picture with the board all filled up  but that never happened.
Once again "Pork" was a sponsor of the Boston marathon. You think this might offend a Vegan like myself. Not really, I do find it extremely hysterical and absurd though.

Brad ended up having to leave sooner than expected so once again I was stuck dragging my luggage around everywhere which irked me more than not having a place to stay.  I had been invited to a party hosted by Saucony  later than evening right across the street.  

I got an email from my buddy barefoot Julian who looking for somthing to do.
I was done looking for a place to stay!  It was time to Party.  Julian said I could crash in his car if came to it and well?  A car is better than the street or a park when the weather is sub freezing. It's probably also a little more comfortable after a few drinks?
Saucony event
This is a pic of me enjoying the company of my friend Sharon Barbono (VP for public relations of Saucony)  She is phenomenal lady, nice as can be and I am thankful to have her as a friend.  Last year Saucony payed a very loving tribute to my friend Micah True. They also were a big supporter of the Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon this year. I was excited to give Sharon a big hug and show off my orange race shirt from Mexico which Saucony had donated for the event.
Bill couldn't make it this year.  But I did score a copy of his book thanks to Sharon.  I met Bill last year and he was real genuine nice guy.  I am about 1/2 way done done reading his book and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Julian and Charlie
Julian and I struck up a conversation with this dude because of his beard.  It turns out he's Bill Rodgers brother. (Small world) He had a lot a good stories and told us he'd be out on the course to cheer us on.  What a cool dude!
The party had an open bar (I was drinking Lagunitas IPA on tap) and as you can see by the smile on my face I was ready to make friends with anybody and everybody. This is my new friend Yuri he was one  of the Soviet Union's top Marathoners in early 80's. He told me that he once ran a 100km in 7:09 on a tough course with almost no training
I had a great time at the Saucony event. I met a lot great people and it was a who's who of the Boston running community.  Everybody was super nice.  It was great to see Sharon and Richie (the President of Saucony).  Thank you for making this sandal clad hobo feel like he was part of your family and thanks for my new favorite shirt. 
(although I should have got a medium instead of large lol)

As I expected my lodging for the night fell through but I didn't care. I had a nice warm car to sleep in.  Julian was staying at a friend of his girlfriends house and I was in no position to impose.  All I need is parking spot.
(in case you're wondering Julian doesn't drink and of course he was the driver) 
After  searching for a while we found a perfect parking spot, albeit one wheel was on the curb we weren't touching either car and you could probably slip one piece of paper between them but not two.

I had been awake for close to 40 hours, I folded down the back seat inflated my camping pad, stuck my feet into the trunk and was asleep in seconds.
Good morning Boston.
at about 6 a.m. I could hear college kids commenting about the parking the job. the windows were frosted and they had no clue I was sleeping inside trying not to laugh.

Around 7 or 8 am Julian  came walking up the block Barefoot with gloves on, ready for a morning jog.
"You mean I have to go running"
"Yes Pat, that is why you are here"
The temp outside was in the 30's but didn't feel too cold once we started running.  I wasn't gonna complain I had  sandals on and Julian didn't  The plan was to run 5 or so miles at a relaxed pace. For me  maybe at a 9 min pace but Julian wanted to go at a 7 min pace so we compromised somewhere in the middle. 

I could tell by the way Jullian was running he was gonna have a good race! The dude was coming off an amazing  P.R. of 2:38 barefoot at Chicago and looked primed to do it again.
Me on the other hand (or should I say foot) I was slow lethargic out of shape and gimpy.  I looked primed for disaster.

My only Goal for the Marathon was to get 3 kisses from the girls at Wellesley I told Julian of my plan and he told me he was gonna get there first. "I don't want sloppy seconds"  New game plan beat Julian to Wellesley roughly 11 or 12 miles into the race.

Once again I found myself with no plans for the day in search of coffee?  I think I was in South Boston this time?  I decided to head to the expo again where I may see some friends. Not knowing how to get there I hopped on the nearest bus that looked like it was going the right direction.  I met a nice girl who was wearing a tech shirt.  I figured she was going to the expo and I was right.  She offered to show me the way  and I was stoked.

She was a lovely girl but I ditched her for coffee 2 blocks before the expo.  Guess who I saw at Starbucks? It was "Hobo Mike" from the day before (what are the odd's?)
"How'd the day trading go?"
He told me things were on the up and up and I told him all about the wonderful Buick I slept in.
(I think it was Buick)

The weather was warming up into the 50's and I decided to go a little walk
Hello Ladies 
I ran into to some reps from "Life Is Good" (a phrase I use everyday) 
Igot a new sticker for the Chromebook
and a bracelet I am wearing right now.

I had gotten a hold of my friend Heather  (another Barefoot runner)who lives about 40 miles outside of Boston in Worcester.  She was coming to the expo that afternoon and said I could crash at her place if I couldn't find another place. I didn't really want to leave the city but it was an offer I couldn't pass up and I really needed a shower.
While waiting for Heather to arrive I took a refresher course in CPR.
and ran into some fellow Ultra runners on accident. Nice to meet you Ian.

Heather and her family could not have treated me any better?  They a had fridge stocked with hoppy IPA's and they adjusted their dinner from vegetarian to Vegan. We were more of acquaintances before but now I feel like I have a friend for life.

Instead of heading back to the expo the day before the event for the event Heather and her family took me to the Beach.
Where are all the Bikinis?
Good times with good people.
I even  got my very first purse.
I thought about ditching Heather to stay here for the night.  But all they had to drink was "Blue Moon" on tap?  Steel Reserve maybe? but Blue Moon, you got to draw the line somewhere.  I'm heading back to Worcester
One of the many IPA's I consumed, not great but not bad. good marketing though.
Here is my outfit for the race?
Nope that's Holly's
Is this it? Nope Brad's
(although I do own that same Sport Kilt)
Pretty fancy huh?
One of kind Stone ale racing shorts, Dirty Luna Original Luna Sandals with traditional Ribbon lace and a custom Luna bandanna with a ZZYXXZ reflective logo.

Unlike most marathons Boston starts at 10 a.m. so I was able to get a few hours of sleep and have a leisurely morning
Heather gave me a ride a few towns over to my friend Brad's house where I would ride with Brad and his family to a shuttle bus.
Brad's kilt sure does look nice
But his family looks even nicer
I spotted my friend Yolanda  and snuck up behind her for a quick photo.
Look how happy she is to see me?

By now I was running late. The shuttle bus dropped us at the starting line about a 40 mins before the race was to start but I still had to take my drop bag about a mile away to the staging area .
As I walked up the hill against a sea of runners heading to their coral I encountered this strange site.
Which weirdo do you think is my friend?
If you guessed dude in a robe you get 5 points. (that's my buddy Nick Coury of Aravaipa running he would go on to run a 2:42)

I stripped down to my shorts ditched my gear.  Out of the 1000's of runners I encountered I was the only shirtless one. (what a surprise) The sun was out and I was in a good mood but I did have to poop. (TMI)

10 mins till the race starts.
As I went to get in line for the porta potty I ran into my friends  Julian and Barefoot Alex.  We wished each other luck and then I took a dump. Lol
(In case you were wondering)

With less than 5 minutes till the race was to begin I casually strolled  into the #1 Corral of Wave #1.  Last year I was there about 30 minutes early and weaseled my way up to the front.  This year was different I was in no hurry and I was at peace with my decision not to race.  I figured I would just go out and see what happens.

The Boston Marathon is by far the easiest course I have ever ran on of any distance almost the whole freaking thing is downhill.  It's hard not to go out fast.  I figured my foot was gonna crap out sooner or later and I'd be better off if I was closer to the finish line when it did. I can't remember the last time I tried to run fast (probably last year sometime) for me coming from more of an Ultra Running perspective the marathon is more of sprint than an endurance event (I use the word sprint quite liberally though) and the last marathon I ran was Boston in 2012.
The first couple miles were slower than I wanted to go I was running at 6:20-6:30  pace because I was stuck behind other runners who were planning on a negative split.  As the pack spread out I started moving faster running in the mid 5's and by the time I hit the 10k mark I was averaging a 6 min mile giving 85 % of my maximum effort.  I felt good and it felt like the right pace for me at the time.

It is the People on the sidelines that I love, not the course and they didn't disappoint. It turns out they really dig beards and sandals. I  probably heard a thousand comments on both. My favorite was when someone would first cheer me on because of the beard and then notice the sandals before totally losing it as the laughed at my dumb ass. (this happened a lot)

By the 10 mile mark I was still maintaining the same speed I saw Julian about 200 feet in front of me.  I surged to catch him as I sprinted at a sub 5 min pace. (not a good idea)  I worked so hard to catch him that I  that I was out of breath once I got there.

After exchanging a few words I wished him good luck and drifted back.  As he took off in front of me he yelled back that he was gonna get to Wellesley first.
Sloppy seconds it is
All I could do was shake my fist like some old fart telling kids to get off his lawn.
"You bastard"
I said with a smile
(so what if drew this picture for last years race report, I'm too lazy to draw another one)
Last year I was overwhelmed by all the girls with kiss me signs.  I was a bit shy and only went in for one.  This year I was gonna get no less than 3.

Girl one
was a beautiful Brunette she looked French I went in for the cheek but ended up with nice smooch on the lips  although she must of been Italian not French.

Girl two
was  bit larger but she had a pretty face and sign that said Kiss Me I love Beards.  Why the hell not.  Right?

Over the last year me memory had embellished the amount of girls with signs to over 1,000.  In reality there were quite a few but probably under 500.  I was running out of real estate fast.

Girl three
Cute girl with minty lip gloss,  it was nice distraction for the next half mile or so.

I passed the 1/2 marathon mark still right at the 6 min pace  around 1:18  Right on pace to match my P.R.  but this was very easy course in perfect conditions.  My lack of training was starting to show and there was no way I was gonna keep this up.

I started to slow around mile 15 and by mile 20 I was cramping which really limited how much exertion I could put into my stride.  sometime around here I passed a frat house with a dude holding a sign that said "BEER"
"Just what I needed"
As I ran over with my hand extended a few dudes went to give me five, not realizing what I was there for.
"No I want a beer"
two seconds later I was handed a red cup filled to the top.
This wasn't no marathon dixie cup of water that you throw on the ground before finishing!

I stopped for about about 5 seconds and chugged every last sip. The Frat kids went crazy with excitement. (i think I was probably the first runner of the day to take them up on their offer.

I can't say it helped or hurt my overall performance but it tasted damn good a provided pleasant distraction from the cramping issues i was enduring.
I like the puzzled looks in the background. I got a lot of them

My foot was holding up better than expected, it hurt and felt fatigued but far less than I anticipated. With each mile my pace slowed about 30 seconds around mile 22 I was passed by my friend Nick Coury

then at mile 24  I could have swear I got passed by the Running Angry Granny from the cell phone game followed by the dancing old dude from the Six Flags Comercial.

As I entered Boston the streets were packed.  and because I was going so damn slow It gave the spectators more time to cheer me on which kept a smile on my face.  I saw Bill Rodgers Brother Charlie on the sideline and he gave me a go get em fist pump.
Not my best race but under the circumstances I was quite pleased with the result.  If I had a few weeks to properly train and get in some high mileage it could have easily been in the low 2:40s 
I think I got sub 2:30 in me someday. Perhaps next year
Julian ran an amazing 2:39 Barefoot
Way to go dude!
(he told me after the race that he didn't stop for a single kiss)
I think I made the right decision
I'm glad I went to Boston. I am glad I ran the race.  I was treated with a lot of love by both friends and strangers.  Thank you so much to Heather and her family for taking me in. Thank you to Brad for hanging out Thank you to Julian for the car to sleep in! Thank you to Sharon and Saucony for being awesome. Thank you to the girls of Wellesley for the kisses and thank you to the Frat house for the beer. Thank you to all my friends for the love and support you had for me both before and after the race. Thank you to the people of Boston for cheering me on.

 The Boston Marathon is a very special event and I won't let horrific events that followed it tarnish my faith in humanity, my love for the race and my respect and admiration for the people of Boston.

I am currently selling my medal from the race on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts