Sunday, December 29, 2013

Red Rock, Running Extravaganza 2013

(Pic from the Born to run 50km my last Escobar event)

After weeks worth of threatening emails warning idiots not to run the 50 mile race (my good friend/race director Luis Escobar) 
I confronted my ego, "Hey dude your a gimp step down to the marathon." 
If I run half the distance I can party twice as much.
(I always got an A in math)
Don't ask what I got in English!

The race was held the Sunday Before Thanksgiving and I thought it  would be a great idea to organize some sort of food drive for needy people?  Luis was stoked on the idea.

 Luna Sandals even offered to give away Banditos to the people who made donations.
The next thing I knew the food drive included wrapped toys blankets food and school supplies.  
(So Cool)  
I picked up a few donations from my sister a new blanket from mom and then bought a bunch of food from trader joes and the $.99 store on my way up to red rock early Friday afternoon That and a case of Stone Ale I had found hiding in my Garage.

Even though Luis Escobar events usually involve some pretty amazing trails. That's not why I there.  
I was there to see friends. I was there to have fun.
(Sure I still had delusions of granduer regarding the race but those shall have to wait for now.)
(one of my first ever internet drawings)
Of course I drank too much beer the day before the event.  I had arrived just after one p.m. on a sunny day with parched tongue and a brain thinking rational thoughts.

The first person to make a donation was my buddy Manley. The dude was already wearing Luna sandals and I gave him a matching buff.
 the gifts kept rolling in
Luis arrived just before sunset and asked if I would join him to do some final course markings
"Anything for you dude!"
 Race briefing the night before.
Posing with ringer Ricardo Ramirez
(my pick to win the 50 miler)
We kept on partying
 And the gifts kept rolling in
 Let's see if  "Whiskey Jerry" can open a bottle of Tequila?
The cap was never seen again.
(true story)
 I had fun playing some apples to apples with friends while Wishing it was Cards Against Humanity.
The blurrier my photo's got the blurrier my brain became.
Time for bed.
Since I was only doing the marathon I had to get shuttled from the finish line all the way Montecito
 The drive took forever.
 That doesn't look so tough, plus I only had to go one direction.
It aint so cold.

Time to Run

Even though I was gimp my body felt good, my aspirations were high and I felt like it my race to lose.  I was gonna go out fast and either hoped to run wire to wire with the lead or get smoked right away so that my delusions would fade before I hurt myself.

The race started with a 100 yard run up  a residential street I sprinted out to the front and stayed there with a 3 other dudes as we ascended a pretty viscous climb.
Going out fast bit me in the ass! I have been battling a problem with my Achilles tendon which has been ripping off my heel since April.  Pretty much the worst thing I can do to it, is go out hard on a climb without warming up.  When I train it takes at least 90 minutes of flat slow running before I can start running fast without too much discomfort.

After about three miles I was miserable. Once my heal goes I can no longer use the flex in my foot to push off  which leads to a whole bunch of other problems.  I had nothing and my left knee quickly became fatigued. By the top of the climb at mile 6  the 3 dudes had ditched me and I was solidly in 4th.

 At the aid station I saw Whiskey Jerry.  It was only about 8:30 in the morning and I was a little hungover.
"Cheers to you Jerry"
He poured me about a 2 and 1/2 ounce shot and I took off running down the backside of the mountain during a momentary lapse of pain.
 Day dreaming I was on the beach was hard for me enjoy the beauty of the trail and stay in the present.  My happy place was far away and I had a long way to trudge.

I really don't care much for trails I was trapped and confined to the single track trail death marching to the finish line.  By the 15 mile mark I was relegated to a walk.  (wow) My goal was sub 4 hours? even when I was kid I could do that but now who knows if I will finish in under 6?

As countless amounts of friends, old people and morbidly obese sumo wrestlers passed me I received a mix of smart ass and sincere comments.
"What the hell are you doing back here Pat?"
they said with a grin as they flew passed me.

"F@*K You" my ego said internally (lol)
 While the rest of me was excited to see them and was stoked they were doing better than I. Today was not my day and I wished them good luck. One thing that also made really happy was seeing so many people wearing brand new Luna Sandal Bandito's.

With about a mile or two left I smelled the finish line got a little jog going and then it was over.
Time to root on some friends.
 Way to go Frenchie
 I think your Lunacy has spread from your feet to your brains.  You look guys look way to happy
 Nice work Jacobus
Looking Fancy Nancy?
(sorry my creative juices are running low, my coffee is getting cold and this blog post must end soon)
 Thank you all to the volunteers
Maybe with the help of a little flame  I can fuse my Achilles back on?
In conclusion I had a pretty crappy ass race but a kick ass time.
C'est la vie
Thank you to everyone who made a donation.
You helped a lot of people!!!
Oh yeah a special this thanks to this dude Mr. Luis Escobar for being so magical and bringing us all together as one big stupid family.

I Love You Guys!