Monday, January 21, 2013

Operation Jack 2012

Operation Jack Is one of the best races in South Bay and probably the second most scenic marathon in California to Big Sur.

Video from 2010

For the third year in a row I have intended to run in the Operation  Jack Marathon and been a total gimp come race day. Last year I fought through it and won the half marathon, but this year running fast would not be a good idea.  I thought participating in the full marathon would keep my speed down and be less taxing on my body.  
I had planned on riding my bike down to the starting line but when I awoke at 4 a.m. it was pouring rain.
Lucky for me and all the other runners the skies cleared up about an hour before the race providing us with perfect weather to race in
After the first mile I was about  45 seconds behind my friend Dave James I was comfortably running a sub 6 minute pace but he was running closer to a 5 minute one.  Dave slowed down and through 5 miles I was still in second less than a minute behind.    By then my foot was'nt feeling good and I started to contemplate dropping out after after the halfway point. Mentally and physically I was defeated and I was okay with that.  I new coming into the race that I probably shouldn't be running in the first place and I was hoping that I would quit before causing serious damage.

Had I signed up for the 1/2 marathon I would have won but instead I took a DNF.
Time to go root on some friends
What a beautiful day
Looking good Randy Nice Sandals
Fwet Fweew 
(that's how you type that sexy whistle when you see a pretty lady)
Way to Go Jess!
Posing with Operation Jack founder Sam Felsenfeld (left) and my buddy and race organizer Jake Rome (right)
1st place in the marathon was settled by a sprint to the finish and this guy coming in ahead of second place by just a couple seconds.  And guess what he won??

A gift Certificate for a pair of
By the way there were 4 people in the race already racing in them,
Although they did not come in first these 2 seem like winners to me choosing to walk for a little while, hold hands and enjoy each others company.

 If your looking for somthing fun to do the day after X-mas I highly recommend the Operation Jack Marathon. For more info go to 
or  read my past race reports

The race was big success and raised over $42,000 for Autism research.  But even with that kind of amazing support. Sam has to fight battles everyday to keep Jack safe and provide him with a happy childhood.  Sam is currently trying to get Jack into proper school and needs your support please go here  to find out more and join  Jack Army  It only takes a second and does not cost any money.