Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 Born to Run Shenaniganza!

Born to Run, Live to Party
A bunch of Mas Loco's  from all over the world congregate at my house for some Stone ale and Guacamole

Under a scorching sun with babes cheering him on.
and wins this sweet buckle
At 10 A.M. Weirdo's started running around with Bows and Arrows
"Count Me In"
I missed every target and had to run the maximum amount of penalty laps, I think I finished in last place.
In case you missed it on Sportscenter
Tom Norwood the events coordinator  became California's first Running archery champion.

Side note Of Love:
(that's what I'll call my memoirs) 
Before I go on about the rest of the days festivities I wanna take a moment to point somthing out.
Out of the 200 or so people I love or care most about in the world I think at least 100 of them were here.  Now if you are reading this at home and you were there I'm totally talking about you.  If you weren't there you probably are one of the other 100.

The official list I scribbled on some golden plates and buried it in my back yard for religious zealots to find in the future. Who knows someday people might worship you as some sort of space angel?
I humbly would like to thank this dumb ass for bringing us all together

Time for some ball racing.
  The was the first time Born to Run had teams in the Rarajipari and our captain had come all the way from the Copper Canyons.
5 of 6 we raced for 10 laps about 3 miles.
It was a lot of fun 
and my Luna sandal Clad team took 1st place
2nd place I think their shoes slowed them down.
Time for the individual races
Congrats to Tyler on the win!

Did somebody say Beer mile
 After the beer mile it was time to go to bed, after all we had an Ultra Marathon to run in the morning
Yeah Right it was Time for Metalachi
Metalachi didn't want anyone around while they did their sound check.
(probably to avoid being subpoenaed)
Anyway a scavenger hunt was con-cocked (My Idea) offering prizes from Patogonia.  First we had to run, then we were supposed to spin 100 times.
"Have you ever spun 100 times?"
Most of us were pretty buzzed from the beer mile after 10 I was so dizzy it was probably the most ridiculous moment for me of the whole weekend spinning with friends for no good reason I was loving it.
(I wish I had a Picture)
After I finished 30 spins they said we could run up the side of a hill and go find some prizes
(I wanted to spin more)
Before we started Jenn Shelton a Patogonia sponsored athlete told me we were gonna have to tell her a limerick when we got to the top of the hill.
With a name like"Sweeney" Limericks are easy.
I had a good one planned out but unfortunately that idea got scrapped.
I won no prizes but I had fun.
Now it was time for Metalachi
Ultra marathoners!
As the show got crazier
 So did the spectators
Human sacrifices were made.
Fireball was being passed around by the gallon
Eventually things got a little too weird
Time for Bed.


Race morning, do I have to?
I was the two time defending champ
"But Mom!"
Last year I had about 17 drinks the day before so maybe I had a chance

In the weeks leading up to the event things were looking up I had set a new P.R. on a 50km trail run 3:36 on an easier course but at a much higher elevation, I had run a decent race at the Boston Marathon and come off a win at the Bare Burro. My crappy ass left achilles was getting better.

This year the field was as strong as it has ever been with about 300  competitors in the 50km alone. I figured it would take a sub 3:30 to win.  If everything went perfect I thought I could pull that off but the cards were heavily stacked against me by own doing.
I hadhoped to run the first 10 miles in just over an hour.
  I went out fast for all of  about a mile.  I had nothing.  I realized the only food I had had the past few day was some hummus from Trader Joes (that I later found out was recalled) and about 20 ounces of guacamole paired with 1,000's of of ounces of beer and fireball  it was not the recipe for success on this occasion
I finished my first 10 miles 20 mins slower than I wanted, the next 10 miles I was 40 mins slower and the last 10 were 60 mins slower, totaling over two hours longer than last year.  On the plus side a lot of people had fun kicking my ass and I plenty of time to chat with people I don't normally get to run with.  I was a little disappointed but I had a good time at that's really what this event is all about.

Nick Coury became the 2nd person in 2 years to win both the Beer Mile and the 50km.
Miguel Lara of CHampion of the Copper Canyons
won the 100km

Started dancing
And din't stop until long after the sun went down
A pinata got assaulted
Grandmas in bikinis got tattoos on their asses.
(it's really a picture of Luis you can tell by the smooth legs but I blurred the face to protect his anonymity)
 People were having fun
  I was just looking for someone to hug
some better than others
Life is Good!
The Marshmallow Man  played on
You done good Luis

Bonus day
Bubble Wiffleball
(a born to run tradition)
Followed by everybody's favorite game.

I could write a lot more about the weekend and I wish I could have included all my friends that were at the event in this blog post but i'm sick of typing and the beach is calling my name.

Abrupt ending
Best event Ever.
Thank you to everyone that was there
I love you guys!