Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Solar Powered Lunatic

The 100 mile Endurance Challenge was four weeks away Saturday was my first opportunity to get out on the course and run the first 25 miles from Corona to Aneheim.  If the body felt good Sunday I would return to run the the next 25 miles from Anaheim to Huntington Beach via Costa Mesa.  The forecast  predicted temperatures around 100. Time to use that sauna training to my advantage

I arrived nn anheim at about 7:25 met up with 4 other runners we packed in an suv and drove to the starting line.  The race starts at Mckinliy Elementry school in Corona. Once at the school we met up with Darren (the race director ) and a few other runners.  I took a minute to lace up my sandals and I was ready to go.  The temperature was already approaching 90 degrees.  I had never ran over 20 miles straight in my Luna sandals (although I paced about 40 at Badwater) and wasn't sure how well me feet would handle it.  I was also planning to run another 25 miles on Sunday and needed my feet to hold up.  As a back up plan I wore a Nathan vest carring a spare pair of Vibram sprints and a pair of injinji socks. I also decided to wear my cep calf sleeves in and effort save some strength in legs for Sunday.

Looks like I'm wearing a 2 year olds life jacket

We left the school at around 8:40.  The first 11 miles of the course go through the town of Corona. I planned on  going out at about an 8:30 to 9:30 pace.  Instead I ran the first 8 or so miles with a couple other runners at over a 10 ninute pace, the conversation was good and I was content at the speed for the time being.  Eventually we reached about a 1/2 mile hill, knowing this would the only incline I would get to run (and the only hill in the race till mile 70) I decided to leave the other runners and sprint up it and then coast down the other side.
Horses just before the 91
The river trail pretty much hugs the 91 freeway all the way to the 57 at which point it cuts toward the ocean in Costa Mesa.
$1,500 to own a home?  I must be along way from the beach.

At around mile 15 we hit Featherly park, and not a moment to soon my bottles were both empty and this was the first sign of a drinking fountain.

This guy was the bike support.  I think his name was Steve but I was also calling 2 other guys Steve that day,  mostly likely there was only one Steve.  I guess 1out of 3 names correct is better than 0 for 3.  Anyway He was a nice dude and I shared some of my NUUN with him as I filled up my bottles.

About a mile after featherly park I wasn't sure which way to go I made judgement call, and took off the wrong direction down a random bike path.  Along this stretch there were 100's of lizards on the path ready for  a relay race against me.  Every 10 to 30 feet I would run along side a lizard before it would go off and hide and another would take over.  As a team they were kicking my butt, always one step ahead it was hard to keep up with that 1,000 step per minute cadence they had.  Lucky for me the path dead eneded after 3/4's of a mile (I would have kept going all day long).  I doubbled back, stopped a biker for directions and got back on track.  My race with the lizards was my favorite part of the run and it never would of happened it I did'nt get lost.  I was there  to excercise and the extra mile and a half was a bonus.

View from bridge
After about 4 hours I was off the trail and into the City of Anaheim.  The whole town looks almost exactly like that picture.  Yeah right.
Thousands of fans awaited my arrival.

By the end of the run I felt pretty good.  I wanted to keep going but thought it would be best to save some energy for Sunday.  My feet were in great shape and the Luna Sandals preformed exceptionally.  My only gripe my stupid back pack scraped up my back (I guess that's the price of looking cool)

yep pretty cool huh?

I planned to play Disc golf at La Mirada after the run, as I was driving to the course I turned on the radio and heard UCLA was beating Texas at football,  Immediately my plan switched to football and beer.  After the game I hit the sauna for around 90 minutes, came home watched a little more football and was asleep by 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. (life of the party)

Gps data for Saturday run

When I woke up early Sunday morning the body felt good, the sun was shining, and I had tickets to see my beloved Angels at 12:35
Before the game I ate your typical American taigating food, (quinoa with stir fried vegetables and tofu) followed by a bag of defrosted soybeans during the game.  I ended up drinking seven beers (I wanted more but my wallet said otherwise) .  Life was very good at that point.
attendance over 41,000 ? the stadium only holds less than 44,000

It was fan apretiation day which means they give out prizes every half inning. (i think I've gone the last 9 years and never won squat).  The temperature was well over 100 degrees and people flocked to to the shade.  Lucky for me i'm a poor bastard who paid .45 for his tickets on Stubhub, this put me in the nose bleed section in the shade and under the raftors.  The Angels scored 3 runs in the first inning and then the offense went to sleep as the pitching staff progressivly got worse and blew the game.  The Angels had been eliminated from play off contention two nights before and it showed in the effort they gave on the field.  I felt like wearing a paper bag over my head and the eye holes cut out. Oh well theres always next year.

Sundays training run was suppossed to start at 2:30  about 2 miles North East of Angel Stadium and proceed directly passed wear my car was parked
the course runs right along the freeway seen off in the distance.

The game ended at about 3:30.  After sitting in shade all game it was time to get some sunshine.  The sun was blazing and I was read to run. I got to my car stripped down to my short short's, laced up my Luna's and I was ready to go.  Today I would not be using the Kiddie vest.  I was a bit concerned about running out of water so I carried 2 handhelds (as usual) along with an Ultimate Direction waist pack carrying a third bottle and my shirt.

I figured I would start out slow around a 10 min pace and listen to the body and let it decide the tempo.  I didn't expect to pass anyone till about mile 20 but low and behold after a mere 4 miles I ran into the Race director Darren cruising with Yen Darcy as well as bicycle support.  Yen had ran the Noble Canyon 50k the day before yet she still looked fresh and was trucking along.  My legs felt like crap, (often it takes me about 2 hours before I start feeling good during a run).  I figured I would find a rhythm sooner or later and sadly my alcohol buzz had already warn off.  I chatted with yen and Darren for about 1/2 mile before I took off.   About a mile later I passed another runner.
I guess I must have a bridge fetish because I took a pic during both runs.

The weather was beautiful and my legs started coming together as I got closer to the beach.  I think it was about 11 miles straight down the river bed when I finally hit the Pacific in Costa Mesa. Time to turn right and head to Huntington Beach.

(Costa Mesa)
The day was progressing and my spirits were high.  My compliments to mother nature on yet another beautiful sunset

The course traverses right passed the Huntington Beach Pier, although not part of the run I decided to go jog to the end of it take some pictures and do a little people watching.  While heading out to the pier a sax player was jamming " A Night in in Tunisia" (one of my all time favorites) and on the way back in he was playing  "summertime" (another one of my favorites) serenity was taking over.

the end of the H.B. pier

that's where i'm headed
I'm a sucker for a beautiful sunset (who isn't?)  I ended taking like twenty  pictures of the damn thing.  Eventually I had to stop for two reasons 1. My retina's were starting to burn and 2. The sun disappeared.

apparition of  a runner
The sun was gone and I still had six or 7 miles left to go.  I had found my rhythm increased my pace  and made my way to the finishing point at some school off of Warner in H.B.  I came into the parking lot floating like a ghost through the night. When I got there I was taken care of by 100 mile club volunteer Lucy and her daughter Vivian. they were both very sweet and eventually gave me a ride back to my car at Angel Stadium.

Relaxing after the run. if you look closely  my sweatshirt says Humboldt State Mom

Vivian was a member of the hundred mile club last year and was sporting her blingged out shirt that she earned.

Running over 50 miles in 2 days in my Luna Sandals my body felt great.  I felt like I could keep going at least another 25 miles at a similar pace if need be.  I'm really glad I did both training runs, I am very confident in my abilities come race day as long as I can keep my body in one piece.  I ended up running 114 miles last week and over 100 miles the week before and have not taken a day off running in over 1 month.

Monday morning I awoke with bed head reaching a new record height. Which is a good predictor that an awesome day awaited.

First stop talking business with a a Producer and Creator of events over breakfast at Eat at Joe's.   I use to go to with my old man when I was a kid, it had been over 15 years since I had last eaten there.

Joe's is right across the street from the Redondo Beach library.  I had been wanting a library card for awhile now so I could check out books for my Sony e-reader online.  It turns out I owed them $14 from 1998 when I was still in Jr. college (doh) begrudgingly I payed my fines and was off to the Beach.

Record heat on Monday.  Once again it was a planned day off running but how could resist just a little run on the beach.

I started out with the intention of just running for an hour.  It was the hottest it's been all year and the beach was the most packed I'd ever seen it for a weekday late in September.  Maybe it was because my  batteries had died on my Mp3 player but  It seemed like every other block I heard someone calling my name. I stopped a couple times for a beer, jumped in the water twice, played a little frisbee and even got to make my firends baby smile who I was just meeting for the first time.  5 1/2 hours later and after over 16 miles of running it was time to go cool off in the Sauna for a couple hours. I thought the weekend was fun but Monday was even better.

Someone asked me the other day "Do you think you make a good role model?" No way!  I don't wish anyone to attempt to replicate who I am.  We each have out own identities and it's important to express who we are as individuals. If someone calls me an inspiration, it truly touches my heart. If someone told me they want to be like me (nobody does) I'd be seriously disappointed.  We all have different  realities to deal with and what works for me is probably not what's best for you (or anyone else for that matter). I have a genuine faith in humanity (there is good in everyone, some people are just better at expressing it.) we got look out for eachother and do what our heart tells us is right.

Next up Manhattan Beach Hometown fair 10k Saturday morning, followed by a day in the beer garden and then a 3 a.m. run from Palos Verdes to the Santa Monica pier.  Ping Pong tournament in the afternoon and  most likely a little more fun in the beer garden.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about my diet lately and the more I listen to my body the more I realize things need to change.  I've read nearly every book written by Michael Pollen including In Defense of FoodThe Omnivore's Dilemma, and Food Rules.  I really dig Pollen's out look but I feel that he sugar coats his views in an effort to avoid being sued big business.  For the last few months I have been consuming less and less meat usually only once or twice a week but, I have been cosuming way too mmany dairy products.  I'm currently just about to finish a great book called "the China Study" and recently finished reading "Mad Cowboy".  I have a growing hatred for the American Dairy association and find it despicable that our government lets them market to our youth through our public school system. DAIRY IS BAD.  I need to make  a stand sooner or later.  My plan is to my longer purchase any meat or dairy products.  In my opinion I the only thing I have to gain from meat and dairy is an increased chance of coronary heart disease and cancer.  I not one to say no to a free meal.  If I am offered food that is non vegan i will kindly devour it but no longer shall I pay money to clog up my arteries.  It's very similar to my attitude on drinking  I do not buy girlie drinks like a blended margarita, Jack Danial's (the girliest of all whiskeys) , or hefeweizen, but if you buy one I will definitely drink it down, and be happy to drink another (because I am such a nice guy who does not want to offend). 

The main food staple of my diet is quinoa pronounced "keen-wah." About 4 times a week I cook it up in my rice cooker with some vegetables steaming above.  I usually make between 8 and 10 servings and I end up consuming at least 90% of it.  On the days I don't make quinoa (wiki link) i mix it up between red and green letils.  Both provide good nourishment as well as instant energy and does not make me feel lethargic during digestion.  I can easily consume over a thousand calories and be out the door running seconds after.  For added flavor I add Ponzu sauce and Srirachi.  If you never had quinoa with pozu you are missing out.  Other staples of my diet include lots of whole grain bread, or whole wheat matzo covered in  almond or peanut butter and honey.  I usually eat at least 4 different types of fruit a day and as many vegetables as possible (lately I've been on a big brussell sprout kick). About 4 nights a week I cook up my own pizza's with a whole wheat crust.  I don't know If I can still call them pizza's since I no longer use cheese and never used sauce.  Usually it's just a smörgåsbord of vegetables, spicy peppers and herbs from my garden.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been increasing my barefoot mileage, running over 200 miles and playing over 50 rounds of disc golf.  I've ran a good mix of soft sand beach runs, a few steps through suburbia, and some fast and slow gallops around the track thrown in as well. Stubborn aches and pains have been coming and going but that's the life of runner.  Playing disc golf barefoot has become a therapy I use to help my body recover by taking time to massage my feet (a little impromptu foot reflexology) as I enjoy the different textures of the ground.  The body feels strong and does not want to rest.

Wednesday I got up early and met with the founder of the 100 mile club for an assembly at my Nephews school.  It went real well I even got run a few laps with a couple of student volunteers.  I was pumped up and decided to go  for a nice 20 mile barefoot run on the bike path of the South Bay, which happens to be part of the 100 mile Endurance Challenge course.  It had been awhile since I ran that far barefoot on a man made surface.  The legs felt pretty good, I battled through a little discomfort early in the run but it was fleeting and my body felt stronger when I finished than when I started.  I have 1 month to get ready for the race and am working on an efficient shuffle that I can do for 16 to 20 hours straight.

Equal rights
Thursday was supposed  to be my first day off running in over a month. However the sun was shining,  the positive reggae vibrations were calling and I had some time to kill.  I decided to hit the beach and get a few quick miles in.  My pace was great I was flying, until I had to slow down to cover my eyes near the Manhattan pier.  Two of the most gorgeous girls on the beach were exhibiting there constitutional right to be treated equal by going topless.  Although my innocence may have been violated, I salute them for taking a stand.  Equal rights can be a very beautiful thing. :)

miles 0-25

This weekend I have 2 training runs for the 100 mile Endurance Challenge. Saturday racers are meeting in Corona at 8 a.m. to run the first leg of 25 miles to Anaheim, with a high temp of 101 fore casted.  The run looks pretty straight forward and I plan go out at a relaxed 8 to 10 minute pace for 3:30 to 4:00 hours about (what I expect come race day).  I'll be wearing my Luna Sandals could use getting a few miles in them since I have only been running barefoot the last few weeks.
miles 25-50

Sunday will be interesting.  The training run starts in Anaheim at 2:45 p.m. with a temp fore casted of 98 degrees and ends in Huntington Beach.  The Angel game starts at 12:35.  It's fan appreciation day and I try to hit this game up every year.  The training run goes right past angel stadium at about mile 3. What this means is that I going to get to Anaheim at about 11:00 a.m. drink as much beer as possible before the game, then bake in the sun for three hours. After the game (Inebriated and on beat up legs) I'm going to rush out to my car, strip down to my running gear and attempt to catch up to the other runners out on the river bed.  There's a good chance that I may blow off doing the second training run to go play disc golf instead but I hope I don't. (it looks like a fun challenge) 

Miles 50-75

Miles 75-100 

There are a couple of night time training runs next weekend.  I have the hometown fair 10k Saturday morning
10/02 and a responsibility to drink irresponsibly in the beer garden the rest of the day.  At 3:15 a.m. Yes I said A.M. on 10/3 runners are meeting up in Palos Verdes to run the final leg of the course.  Sounds like fun huh?  If I do make it I will be a mess, but if I don't make it I will be disappointed in myself.  Thankfully there is a beer garden on Sunday as well where I can rejuvenate myself.

A lot of the most influential people in the barefoot community will be there.  It looks like a lot of fun and I'm trying to finagle a free plane ticket.  I've never been to NY and think this would be a great opportunity to bare my sole's.

Each day more and more opportunities keep presenting themselves. I've been talking with a lot of good people lately because of this I have been on the phone every morning,  if there is pen near by I'll start scribbling.  This is what has developed over that last couple days.  By the end of the weekend the page will be completely black and the picture will be complete.

 I have no idea what the future holds but I eagerly await it and am throughly enjoying each day as it comes. Life right now feels like a slot machine in that I did not have to put any money in.  The wheels are spinning  health, love, happiness, fame,  fortune and the presidency (well not until 2116 i'm not 35 yet) are all in the mix It's just matter of time until the wheels stop spinning and will see how it all lines up.

Destiny Awaits.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bourbon Feet Get's Classy

The Best Man

Last Saturday my good buddy got married.

 Jon is a usually a pretty calm and collected guy but on the way to the church, his nerves were starting to get to get to him.  (While I was cracking up laughing )
Jon was able to get his nerves together and the wedding went off without a hitch.  I was honored to be the best man and will never forget the look of love in Kate 's eyes during the ceremony as she committed herself to Jon

I think I was the only dude who brought his mom to dance with.
(she was also Jon's Kindergarten teacher) 
Even the ring bearer being possessed by the devil could not shake the smile off Kate's face.

Although I don't believe marriage for myself that doesn't mean I don't think it can be beautiful thing for someone else.  I wish my two good friends a long happy life together.  They are both awesome people who bring out the best in each other.

I had a great time at the wedding.  The food was good and the bourbon was free.  Late in the night I noticed a lot of the girls were barefoot.  I decided to do the right thing, and in an act of sympathy took off my shoes as well (How noble).  I had a pair of running shorts on under my tuxedo. It was getting late, the wedding was almost over, I was only about 12 miles from house and had a overwhelming desire to ditch my penguin suit and run home.  Unfortunately I needed to return my tux in the morning.  I ended up getting a ride home, after a few hours of sleep I was off running barefoot in the city by 7 a.m. to go find my car.

.  My training is starting to get more consistent and I want to get at least 100 miles of barefoot running in this week.

Thursday's I usually meet up with friend's At El Dorado Disc Golf Course in Long Beach and then go out for taco's and beer afterwards.

I was lallygagging around the house all morning.  I had planned to get in around a 20 mile run, but if I chose to do that now it would take away from my disc golf time (what to do?)

I decided that I would head out to Liberty park in Cerritos before heading playing El Dorado.  Liberty is a real easy 9 hole hole disc golf course, that's plays a little over a half mile to finish and get back to the first tee pad. My plan was to jog the course barefoot until I reached 200 under par.  Every hole is a par 3 and I wanted to average between a 6 and a 7 under par.  I new my legs would hold up no problem but was unsure if my goal was a little too ambitious for my arm.  I estimated it would take close to 4 hours and around 30 to 35 rounds of golf.

Playing Liberty in February Minutes after running the Orange Curtain 50k which just happened to start and finish a mere 60 feet from tee pad 9. It was my first ultra in five fingers, so I decided to golf in them as well
After Orange Curtain 2010
I wore longer shorts when I played on Thursday

When I got to the course it was about 10:45 in the morning the sun was shining, the weather was great but the sprinklers were on and the course was over saturated with water. I decided to play with 2 discs, my Discraft 150 Esp Flick and a  max wt. Innova Pro Rhyno.  I started off with a good first round but then found myself in a bit of funk.  The muddy ground felt good on my barefeet but the wet discs kept slipping out of my hands.

For the first 10 or so rounds I couldn't really find a rhythm.  Pessimism started to creep into my brain which was directly correlated for the bad shots and bad luck. (Countless times I have witnessed a negative mentality prevent very good golfers from being successful).   My game was not going as planned and I new I was going to out there for a long time.  I decided to fill my brain with positivity (found my happy place), I envisioned proper execution of my shots and I began to enjoy being in the present not worrying about the past or future.  My luck began to change!  Putts that were bouncing out of the basket were now staying in and I was having fun.

I'm a firm believer that we manufacture our own luck.  Having a positive attitude in anything you do is no garantee of success but it will definitely increase your chances of it.  Golf can be a very frustrating game, especially when things are not going your way.  Every shot has potential to be great or go horribly wrong.  The key is to realize that although the last shot may have sucked that does not mean the next one won't be beautiful.

As the day progressed so did my goal's. I hit the 200 under par mark after 30 round's but I wanted to keep going.  I ended playing 40 rounds of golf at Liberty running nearly 24 miles over a 4 and half hour span.  I had  one hole one (hole 3, 17th round) only 3 boggies, 7 penalty strokes, and 4 perfect rounds.

Immediately after playing Liberty I headed over to El Dorado for some more golf.  If you have ever seen me in person you know how totally buff my upper body is (lol). My arm was done, and I had a strange twitch going on in my bicep.  I had got there late and we only had time for one round (My friends don't run) if we wanted to make happy hour at Taco Surf.  Surprisingly I shot a -4, not a great score normally but in my present condition I was stoked. The beer and taco's revitalized me. I left Taco Surf at about 6:30, the sun was still out so I decided to jog another 22 holes to make it an even 400 for the day, playing roughly a marathon of Disc golf.

total -273

Disc Golf World Record
For the past few years I have wanted to set the Guinness World Record for most disc golf  played in 24 hours.  For almost 25 years the record stood at 865.  It was my plan was to do 1,000 holes and to traverse 100km.  My window of opportunity passed me up this summer, when a gentleman out of NC played 1,002 holes and 1 month later a group of three guys played 1,035.  I need to raise the bar and I need to set it high.  I have 3 goals that I would I like to achieve.  1. Play at least 1,500 holes of disc golf.  2. traverse at least 100 miles in the process. 3. shoot 1,000 under par.  All in under 24 hours.  Breaking the record for most holes played is very attainable and even getting to 1,500 holes I don't think will be a problem,  but in order to shoot 1,000 under par and jog 100 miles should take between 1,600 and 1,800 holes.  Oh yeah and I plan to do it barefoot.  

 2006 Japan Open
(back when I still wore shoes)

Once upon a time I use to tour as a professional Disc golfer.  I would play at least 5 days week and would compete nearly every weekend.  In 2004 I won the Southern California Championships as well as the overall Series title.  Over the last few years running has taken over much of my free time.  I am still love the game and  get out to the course 2 times a week.  The World Championships is coming to Santa Cruz in 2011 (first time in CA in over 15 years).  I have not played enough tournaments in 2010 to gain to get an invite.  I'm pretty sure I could finagle my way in if I set my mind to it.  
Would they make me wear shoe's?

I need a logo.  I stink at photo shop.  So far I'm thinking of using a modified Jolly Roger with crossing skeleton feet and a skull in sun glasses.  My other Idea is bottle or flask with 3 pairs of crossing skeleton feet on the label.  I'm also looking for a drawing of a monkey wearing Huarache Sandals but that's a whole nother story.  If you want to try and help me out please send your ideas to  If I use your idea I will send you out some shwag.

My pitiful attempt with Microsoft paint