Friday, January 9, 2015

Bourbon Feet 2014 Year in Review

  My only real goal for the year was to travel at least of it and that I did.  


I ran 10 races of around a 5 KM distance winning 8 of them with a 2nd and 4th place finish in the other 2.

10 KM

I ran two 10 KM's and won one of them.

Half Marathon

I ran 2 half marathons. I set a World record in the Beer Half Marathon and finished 3rd in the other with out trying to race

I only ran two marathons I ran my fastest Boston and did in a kilt with a smile.

I ran in 12 Ultra marathons and buckled 4 times.  The highlight of the year was setting a new PR. and Course Record running 3:36 at a trail 50 km.

I started the year slow losing my first 2 but finished by winning my next 6.

After spending most of December in Mexico I spent nearly everyday of January running on the beach enjoying my time at home knowing that I was off to the Copper Canyons again very soon

 First race 
The following week I won back to back races at Rancho San Juan

 Copper Canyons
The race went well. I believe I am the only Gringo there that had run it each of the last 4 years.
Even better that the actual race was the Kid's race that proceeded it the day prior.  I was very proud to be announced as the honorary race director.
My friend Nacho holding a picture I brought him that I had taken the year before
 As soon I got back I found myself racing 5km in Phoenix, after the win I was swarmed by the ladies.
 A week later I was racing to raise money for the 100 mile club
which I am also doing right now
 I got to share a few laps with one of my hero's

I won a 50 KM 
A new PR in Boston
Then I won the Bare Burro for 3rd time

 Born to run
The beer half marathon was interesting
 The Beer Mile was a success
 I ran a horrible 50km but I had nothing too complain about.
It was time well spent with my dirtbag runner family.
Next thing I know My buddy Tyler dragged me out on the PCT for a couple hundred miles
We drank some water full of vitamins (by vitamins I actually mean Uranium)
 Climbed over a bunch snow covered peaks 
in sandals
 and were constanly rewarded with some of the most beautiful places on Earth.
We even found free beer.

The day after getting back from a few weeks of backpacking I won 5km at my old Elementary School for the 3rd time.
Mom use to teach kindergarten at the school, she even has a plaque on the wall.
Kind of random that under her square is says
I went up to Seattle for Luna Sandals grand opening of there new factory
I ran a Marathon slowly
Luis Escobar took some voyeur pictures of my butt.
and ran a beer mile with these knuckleheads
 As soon as I got back it was off to Western States to watch runners suffer while I drank beer and took pictures.
I didn't win the Ironman
Oh well.

I did win another run on the beach though.

I went on an adventure with some nomads
We climbed mountains in Utah
I won a 5 km in leadville
I won some money racing burros the next day.
I climbed a 14'er
Won another 5km before racing burros again
I almost won the burro but lost at the very last second when burro got spooked by a car.
 I won the Leadville Beer mile
But had a rough day at the Leadville 100 I barely finished sub 24.
I hung out with some strange friends that I love. 
When I lost my ride home I hitched a ride to  Silverton Co and ended up running in a 72 hour race
They gave me buckle
and my friends gave me a hug.
I made it to the AZ desert

I stayed an extra couple days so I could run a night race on the Javelina Jundred course.  I finished 2nd
 When I finally made it home I spent September being a beach bum making up for my days away from the soft sand.
My shovel collection needed replenishing

I got accepted to be part of the Race Across the USA.
Which starts a week from the time of this post.
Which wouldn't have been possible without the aid of an unlikely sponsor that I will be forever grateful for
Trail Racing Over Texas

 I visted some sacred Navajo land
Raced through Canyon de Chelley with a smile
 And won sweet pair of moccasins
 I started a race I never been able to finish.
But this time I did :)
 I won a beer mile in the desert
And shared some beers with a living legend
After running 7 races in October it was time to relax with the family
 It was the first time I did one of these
I ended the month giving out some shovels because that's what I do.

I made in on the cover of magazine
A week later I was on the cover of another one.
Go figure?
 I told myself I wasn't gonna do any but I rarely listen.  The day after X-mas I finished 3rd in half marathon before pacing some friends.
I finished the year casually trotting 154 miles over the last three days while running 2 beer miles winning one of the them in the process.

All in all it was a pretty good year but I have feeling 2015 is gonna be a whole lot more exciting.




  1. Congrats on the magazine covers, and double thanks for making that Luna tying tutorial back in 2013. I might never have figured it out.

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