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100 mile Endurance Challenge Preview

This Saturday I will be running in the 100 mile endurance run from Corona to the Santa Monica through 23 cities.
The race is fundraiser for the 100 mile club, an organisation I hold dear to my heart.

Philosophy of the 100 Mile Club

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every individual has the ability to achieve true personal success and a new level of physical fitness by Accepting the Challenge of running (or walking) 100 Miles at school during a single school year. These feelings of true personal success and fitness are ones that will carry participants to new levels of achievement in all areas: academics, athletics, and implementation of the valuable life skills identified in the bricks of Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

The 100 Mile Club is a personal journey toward a very personal goal.    It is not a race with anyone but yourself.  We NEVER compare students.  We never race or compete between classes or students to see who makes 100 miles “first”.  100 Mile Club is not an external competition. The competition is with your biggest rival: yourself. We celebrate all personal successes at the end of the school year.  100 miles or not, we award students together, celebrate together, and never separate out those that make 100 miles from those that do not. The personal successes students feel while on the100 Mile Club journey are unquantifiable but ever-present.  We celebrate those most of all.

I am raising money for the 100 mile club by running in the 100 mile Endurance Challenge.  If you would like to help donate to the organization please click HERE or check out the link on the top right of this blog.  Even a donation of $10 can pay for kid's membership for one year.  The 100 mile club often involves itself with inner city schools where parents cannot afford even a cost as small as this.  These are the same kids who's parents can not afford to put them in others sports such as soccer or basketball.

I'm not really good at begging and pleading for donations so I will end with this.  If you have a couple extra dollars the 100 mile club could sure use your help.  I have seen first hand how it can change the lifes of a child.  Last year I got my Nephew's school involved with the program and it has been a roaring success for the children the parents and even got their principal running.

If you would like to get your school involved please contact me or the 100 mile club directly and we will do what we can to  get your kid's moving

100 mile Endurance  run Race Preview

Last year at the starting line
 I had really been looking forward to the event and ran half the course over a couple training runs. I was injured and could not compete.  Leading up to the race I stillo thought there was a chance I could start the race (a really stupid idea) I drove out to wish the other racers good luck at the starting line.  Realizing I could probally run no more than 100ft  all I could do is stand on the sidelines and cheer.

This Year will be different

The course for the 100 mile endurace Challenge is pretty unique compared to most Ultra's.  It is not held in the mountains or on trails.  Instead in run straight the heart urban Los Angeles and Orange County  mostly running on bike paths and hugs the coast for over half the race

The course has changed a little from last year. I decided last Saturday to jump on my bike and ride the first 90 miles of it till I got back to My Mom's house where my car would be parked in Manhattan Beach.

One the most Awesome Ladies I know and founder of the 100 mile Club the Elustrious 
"Kara Lubin"
Kara got word of what I was doing and decided to meet me at the starting line which happen's to be the 100 mile club headquarters in Corona.  There she showed off the belt buckles finishers would be receiving next week.  I told her that she will be earning one next year.
She smiled
It was real sweet of her to meet me. Kara said she may show up in her pajamas's, when she didn't I was a little disappointed. Never the less I was stoked to see her.
Like a mom wishing her son good luck on his first day of school I was off.

I had wanted to ride my strand Cruiser but the chain was busted.  This bike has been hanging upside down in my mom's garage for at least 8 years unused.  I think it belonged to my sister an had only an 18 inch frame.    This may be my first trip on a bicycle all year.

Of course I wore proper bike atire.  My Luna Equus sandals a road I.D. and some board shorts.
After  a few miles on the city streets of Corona I was on the bike path riding west along side the 91 freeway.
I ran this exact stretch going the opposite way during the Ragnar Relay earlier in the year.

Eventually I crossed this bridge and made a turn towards the beach along the 57 freeway in Anaheim
I went straight past a place I visit at least 20 times a year.
Eventually I hit the beach in Costa Mesa.  I got a cute girl to snap this photo
 So I got one of her as well
I then Headed North to Surf City Huntington Beach

 I stopped a the pier for a mushroom  taco and some Libations 
 I want a home just like that.
I kept rolling straight through Sunset Beach and finally exited the O.C.
 As soon as I entered Long Beach a big black Chevy Tahoe swerved in front of me beeping its horn.
In it sat a 300 lb Raider fan Yelling at me "What the hell are you doing on a bike?"
It was an old Samoan  Disc Golf buddy mine who was perplexed that I was not running.
Good to so you too Rodney :)
Down into the harbour of Long Beach, I rode over the same bike lane I ran in the week prior in the Marathon
The Queen Mary is the big boat in the background
 Long Beach is one of the biggest ports in the world because of this I have always marveled at the diversity of bugs that come in from all over the world.  I wonder if they make the people around here more immune or susceptible to foreign diseases?
 Long Beach came and went pretty fast. Time to pedal through beautiful Wilmington
Where I found the perfect place to get my next quinceanera dress. 

 I got out of Wilmington as quickly as I could and straight into San Pedro
 My buddy lives about 5 minutes off the course I stopped by his house and tried to get him to join me.  Sadly Zombies ate his legs and he could no longer ride a bike.  After a quick beer I was off.
 You got to be careful in this area.
The coolest dude I saw the entire ride.  Pedaling uphill no hands while wailing out on the trumpet.

Entering Richville
This part of the course was also in the 2010 Palos Verdes Marathon.  
I wonder who won that race?
We rode straight passed my old apartment. j/k
The sun was going down fast
View looking back at PV

My favorite pic of the ride.
The course drops down into Redondo Beach and heads straight through the pier.

Once the sun set it was useless to keep snapping photos.  I kept riding through Hermosa Beach into Manhattan and then turned up Rosecrans and called quits seeing as I had no lights on my POS bike.  My body felt pretty good the whole ride and by the end of it I was moving just as fast as when I started.  I did have to make some modifications to the handlebars so I could ride it more like a cruiser.

As of right now I'm suffering from a cold but my body feels pretty damn good.  I am highly optimistic about a
great race this weekend.  I plan to go out at fairly quick pace and run each of the first 25 mile stretches at better than a 9 minute mile from there we will see where goes. I predict I will finish somewhere around 18 hours if most things go right give or take 2 hours.

 Once again any Donations for the 100 mile club will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Donate Here

The race can be followed on twitter at!/100ec

0n 10/22-10/23

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