Wednesday, April 13, 2011

133 Miles Barefoot on the Sand. A New Record Week

It's been way too long since I classified myself as a runner.  Since October I have been gimpy and although I far from being 100% (that aint ever gonna happen)  I feel pretty damn good.  The flesh wounds from the canyon have heeled  (ribs still kind of suck)  and the sand is smoothing my feet into stone.

Who needs a key.

If doors start opening for me, great.  But until then I'll keep crashing through windows rather than ringing the bell and waiting for an answer.


Last week I wanted to run.  It wasn't at all about speed. I needed pychologically to to get outside for a couple hours a day and move my feet.  The primary goal in the back of my head for training is always 77 miles a week.  Sounds easy enough, but because of injuries and  my racing schedule  I had only achieved that number once since the start of October.(pretty pathetic if you ask me). When my body is functioning properly all I have to do is my lazy beach run 7 days in a row and can hit my goal.
Even more than adding up the miles I needed time on my feet.  Running soft sand (where I train) is a slow paced work out  and I wanted to get at least 14 hours of running in.

 "Nothing to it but to do it."

11.5 miles

Time to move I got to the beach late in the afternoon it was sunny but cold.  The body felt good but I still wasn't sure if it was playing tricks on me.

12.1 miles

Hallucinations of an Epic trail run
Often when I run at dusk my mind drifts away. As the sun sets, shadow mountains grow.  While my feet dig into the sand I envision myself ascending each peak.  Perhaps the very Earth I am running on was once at the summit of an ancient mountain range eons ago.


17 miles
2 miles

When I started running the weather was brisk and the air was moist.  Lucky for me I found an umbrella.

My morning beach run was only supposed to be 12 miles I could'nt resist adding a few more as the sun  came out, fueling me with it's rays.

Time to up the ante 

New goal 20 hours of running for the week.  I want my body to be ready for the Hermosa 24 (June 18th)  If I'm gonna run for 24 hours on the beach in one day surely 20 hours in one week would be no problem.  I also got it in my head that I need to get a a 30 hours running week sometime before the event.

The skies were beautiful and I couldn't resist coming back to the beach at dusk 

. I'm along ways from being at my best but I feel like if I can just get around four weeks of solid training under my belt I will be close.

10.5 miles
10.3 miles

The weather was heating up and it was 80 degree's at the beach.  For a guy like myself who Solar powered, these are the days I live for.  The beach was packed and I ran with a big old smile on my face.  After the first 10.5 mile run, I stopped on the sand with some friends for a few pieces of fruit and a couple hands of  Monopoly Deal (I love that game) after about a 45 min rest it was time to grind out another run.

I spent over 4 hours running on the beach and finished the day wanting more.  

10.6 miles 
9.5 miles
5.1 miles

Sunset run

The weather at the beach was still scorching and I spent another 5 hours running.
During my morning run I stepped on a bee (poor little guy) I should have been more careful where I was running.  The toxins from the sting made me run a bit faster  (maybe I'm on to something) 


How bout 24 hours of running?  Sure why not. :)

22.5 miles

This is getting ridiculous. 
 The body was starting to feel fatigued.  Time to work on mental game and grind through another 4.5 hour run on tired legs. I only needed a couple more hours to hit 24 hours and had compiled over a 111 miles for the week thus far.  Prior to this week the most Barefoot soft sand miles I had compiled in a week was 116.

 I started to think I may have athletes foot.  (What?)  My feet are too tough to succumb to some crappy fungus. (I thought to myself ) Then I remembered i'd stepped on bee at the  day prior  it was only painful for about 2 minutes but now this  ichy patch on the bottom of my foot that feels oh so good to scratch.

With 1 day left in the week  it was time to adjust the goal again

New Goal

22.5 miles

Sunday morning I logged onto the daily mile to check out the leader board for most miles logged that week.  This is something I shouldn't do.  Instead of getting competitive I should listen to my body.  (once again their I go not listening to myself).  2 people were in front of me and the leader turned out to be Nick Coury  (I didn't even know he was on daily mile) my friend from Arizona who just ran 100 miles that Saturday.  I needed to run 21 miles to catch him.  Daily mile helps motivate me to do a little extra and I have only been #1 on the leader board once.

I was exhausted but achieved my goal top of the leader board, or so I thought the dude who was in second moved in front of me by 6 miles.  Should I hit the beach 1 more time?


I was content it was time to listen to my body and drink a beer.


 I ended up running for over 26 hours running more than 133 miles.

It was a great week for me and the first of many more to come.   During the the last 5 days I averaged over 4 hours a day running about 110 miles.  I want to get my body to a point where I can run 4 hours day 13 out of every 14 days  when that happens look out.  Although my focus right now is on the Hermosa 24 I want my body to be ready for any race at anytime.   

For now
The world record for miles moving forward on sand over 24 hours is 83.04.

I hope to change that number

For the truly board or deranged check out
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