Wednesday, October 13, 2010

21 century Satyr In search of the Dionysian Principle

  The roads been a bit bumpy the last week and I'm  taking advantage of it.  Rather than settling in on my normal rhythm.  I'm trying to expand my horizons.  Each day is a completely unique adventure and I'm making an effort  to try new things, blaze new paths, meet new people and learn new facts about the people I already know. Anyway this is what's going on.

I found an old pic from High School

Caution: the thoughts a reviews expressed in this blog may be dangerous to your mental health, do not let yourself get brainwashed by my idiocracy


For years I've been intrigued with Vegimite.  I have ran into numerous aussies who loved the damn stuff but I has never pulled the trigger and bought my own.   My American friends who have tried it, all looked at me like  I was crazy for desiring this discusting product.  It turns out Vegimtie is owned by the Kraft coporation, a conglomerate I do not like to support.  Solution I bought the British version of Vegimite  "Marmite"

Processing my first taste
Marmites motto is "Love it or Hate it."
"mmm Deeeeelicious" lol
I have a strong stomach and after the first few bites I was a bit nauseous.  I'm currently  on day 6 of eating marmite. It tastes like a vegetarian anchovy  paste would, if such a product existed.  (I haven't tried it yet on pizza but probably will someday).  My feelings towards it are closer to hate than love, yet the flavor compels me to keep coming back.

(the national drink of Argentina)

I've been drinking Mate off and on for the past ten years and every day for the last week.  The stuff looks, smells and tastes exactly how imagine rabbit food to be like.  (Rabbits are pretty fast and they like to procreate, if it's good enough for them maybe its good enough for me, lol) Traditionally it is drank out of cured gourd.  I tried cureing my own gourd once and it was a miserable failure.  For that reason I usually drink it out of a coffee cup. How to make? Fill  acup maybe 2/3 of the way with mate and add steaming hot water (not boiling).  It is steeped like a tea however instead  of sipiing from the cup as you would with a tea that has already been strained.
It's impossible for a dude to look cool sipping through a straw

Mate is sipped through a metal straw called a bombilla that has a screen at the end of it. The taste is pretty earthy and enjoyable. I buy the stuff at my local Argentian market for a very ressaonable $4.49 a kilo.  Mate is added to some sports drinks as a buzz word (marketing mumbo jumbo) and there is even a Mate soda that I enjoy but only drink every couple of years (too much sugar). Mate can be bought in tea bag form under the brand Guayaki at most Supermarkets or  at Trader Joe's ,  I dont care for much and it costs more than I want to pay but if your curious about the taste of Yerba mate it might be a good way to start.
Tastes nothing like Chocolate or mate

I bought this whim the other day.  It's a nice tea to drink late at night.  I have almost no will power when It comes to dessert foods.  I don't buy them that often because when I do I eat them all at once my logic being "the sooner I eat it the sooner I can start burning the calories." Pretty sad that I resorted into tricking myself into  thinking this is some sort of decadent food. Which is more pathetic, that I try and fool myself or that I can succeed at doing so?

Cactus Pear?

I was at the asian market the other day buying the usual assortment of pears and plums, when this baby caught my eye.  Cactus pear, huh?  I really had no idea what to expect so I decided to cut it open and take a bite.  It had almost a cucumber like texture in the inside with some large crunchy seeds. I try to always eat the seeds of a fruit when possible and am still waiting for the watermelons to grow out of my stomach (at least that will be the excuse if a beer belly ever catches up with me)  The flesh had a really sweet taste almost comparable to guava and the skin had a texture similar to aloe vera.

 All in all the Cactus pear was a pleasant surprise and I look forward to foraging this delicious fruit on my next spirit quest through the desert (My next one would be my first)

Sweet Mead
Iv'e been drinking some sweet mead latley.  It's got a nice taste.  If you can Imagine a white wine made from Honey that's what it taste like.  I prefer it at room temperature.  I'm not really a port drinker and this provides a nice after dinner alternative.  It cost about $15 a bottle, it's got a nice flavor but I would rather have some Wild Turkey Honey liqueur if I had the choice

Fighting cock 103 proof
If you ever see me at BevMo standing in the Bourbon isle it will look as if I'm trying to decide what kind of car to buy.  The options I'm usually looking for are, aged at least 5 years, must be straight bourbon (none of that sour mash or blended crap) and most important it should be at least 90 proof perferably over 100.  I stay in that isle for way to long trying to make the right choice. I always look first in top shelf case at my favorite Bourbon "Bookers" it's the strongest Bourbon I ever had and fluctuates between 121-128 proof depending on the batch (I've heard rumors of it hitting over 130 but I've never seen it but if I do I will buy it) .  It cost around $50-60 a bottle, and I only buy it once a year, if that.  This week I bought a bottle of Fighting Cock 103 proof bourbon aged for 6 years for $17.99.  I drink my bourbon straight sometimes with water if I need to make it last.  On scale of 1 to 10 I give Fighting Cock a 7 out of 10, not bad but I don't think I'll buy it again.


Every once in awhile I listen to my body, usually because something is broken down.  For the last week and maybe the next one as well I am giving up running.  The body needs a change and so does the brain.  I have become too psychologically dependent on it, and need to broaden my horizons.  For the first time in months I climbed the stairs up from my familiar stomping ground in the Sauna to the gym up above.  I  go to the gym between 5 and 7 days a week and yet it feels very foreign to actually work out there.  It's a very image contious place and vanity seems to be main reason why people are there.  Half the time I spend laughing at the meat market going on around me. I go about my business nonchalantly lifting less weights than the girl who uses the machine before me and spinning the recumbent bike for hours at a time while I usually read.

"Me and my Sole Brothers"
Runners World November 2010 article link w/out pics

I got a few emails last week from friends saying they saw me in Runner's World magazine.  Apparently I'm "Sole Brothers" with Matthew Mcconaughey Channing Tatum and Eddie George.  My mom was pretty excited  and bought me a copy of the magazine.  It's kind of funny that the article is using me as an endorsement for Vibram a product I rarely use anymore.  Any press is good press I guess. (last sentence kind of rolls off the tongue nicely)

Got this in the mail yesterday.  From a race I ran back in August.  It wasn't my best race but I guess it pays to be  old.


Last week the premiere event in disc golf was held at the Withrop Gold course in North Carolina.  The event was streamed live over the internet from Wednesday to Saturaday.  I know about 30 to 40 guys playing in the tourament and found myself glued to my computer for hours at a time.  It's funny how different people act when they know the camera is on them.  One thing that spoiled playing professional disc golf for me was the lack of fun players were having at the higher levels.  Lot's of cussing and adults acting like spoiled children when things didn't go their way.  Most of the top players are great guys outside the game but can be complete opposites to compete with.   Watching some of these same players try to censor themselves (mom could be watching)  I found absolutely hysterical.  The coverage of the event was pretty good and getting better each year.

My nephews and I at the our last Angel game of the year. my team sucked pretty bad this year, but that doesn't mean I wasn't gonna have a good time especially when the tickets cost Under $1.  The last few years I have have made and spent some good money buying and selling Playoff tickets.  This year I'll be sitting on my excercise bike watching the playoffs from home. I'm hoping for a Rangers Giants world Series but if I had to bet I'd say Phillies Yankees, Phillies in 6.

I just stumbled across an artist named Nouvelle Vague,  and shes been on my brain for the past 48 hours

Dead Kennedy's cover
I think I'm in love with her voice.  I've also been listening to a bunch Kimya Dawson's music lately I really dig her vibe and it turn's out her and her husband are both Luna Sandal wearer's.  Yesterday I  bribed my 6 and 8 year old nephews by letting them listen too one of her songs if they were good.

Now it's stuck in my head.
I've also been listening to a lot Blue grass radio stations when I go to sleep each night.  If anyone has some good music to recommended me please do.

I love to read but am too much of a spaz to sit down and focus on just one thing.  Because I have been riding The exercise bike  for the last week at home and at the gym I have had plenty of time to flip some pages (while watching the mlb playoffs)  I've been on a Bukowski fix of late.  I own about 8 of his books and thumbed through 3 of them this week.  For better or for worse it's pretty easy for me to get on the same wave length as him.  (what a surprise huh) I really dig his honesty. His writing is simple and straight forward, beautiful people come from all walks of life, race, socio economic status, and class mean nothing. He found bewilderment in individuals from the homeless to the elite.We all have almost the same dna and why not share a little love with one another .  Bukowski may not be the prototypical beacon of love for humanity, but I think he understood the world  better than most people.


It's that time of year again.  The time of year where Target and CVS  compell me to towards buying crap just because it's demonic or has a skull on it.  I already own to much stuff and don't need a zombie snow globe or the bamboo skeleton wind chime, which I almost spent 20 bucks on. (it's still calling for me but I think my will power is strong  enough to resist at least till it's clearenced $5 after Halloween. I think I might make my own.   Rumor has it that the morbid pulse can cause buried skeletons to climb out of the ground and dance under the dark of night.

  Skeletons make the best barefoot runners.

I've got about 10 different sheets of paper with scribbles on them.  Nothing I ever draw is finished, it always seems to progress into something else until there is no room left on the page.  This is what's with in arms reach of the scanner right now.  Most of my drawing comes while I'm on the phone.

Add caption
Almost every single piece of Homework I ever turned in had some sort scribble like this on it.  
How much should a picture of the Devil cost?

I bought this about 5 years ago.  It's usually up somewhere in my room but this time of year it gets moved to the living room.  Anyway I could not resist the price, Originally $9.99 it was on sale 33% off  which translates to 
Even scarier than my pic of the devil is that the creepy dude from Boogie Nights is running for Governor in California. Boo Meg Whitman
(I know this has nothing to do with my blog, but my blog doesn't really make any sense anyway)

Every year Innova Champion Discs comes out with a frisbee that has a new Jackolantern stamp on it, I've bought a few in the past but after years of playing Disc golf I own way too many disc's (my guess around 500) and don't need anymore.  About 5 years ago I was contemplating buying that years design, when I got the idea to carve my own.  I hadn't carved a pumpkin in years and thought it would be fun.  I ended up carving 2 Jackolaterns from old orange discs I did not throw anymore.  That year and every year since all October I put them in my back window of my car alongside of Ratty Mc Rat Rat (clever name huh)  a black rubber rat (my theft deterrent system ) that stays there year round. I ususlly carve one new disc each year and keep one from the year prior.

Final Thoughts

It seems like every time I get what I want I realize the foolishness of my desires.  Whether it's love, lust material gains or notoriety my visions of the Utopian future never quite add up the way they do my brain.   Optimism is one of my greatest strengths and I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon.  What I  need to do is be more in tune with the present.  Every day is an opportunity to take a new path, try something new, and open my eyes to discover new beauty I have never noticed before.  I find myself a little too complacent with the everyday routine.  It's a world of possibility and I don't want to set limits on what  I can experience.  A structured path is not the life for me.  I'm a 21 century satyr in search of the Dionysian Principle and maybe the occasional nymph. 

 Let the exploration begin. It's a wonderful world we live  in, it's beauty surrounds us everyday and I am compelled  to embrace it.

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  1. Hi Pat,

    You are hilarious! I love the Dead Kennedy's covers you got on here. It was nice meeting you the other day via skype with Ted, though that level of technology kind of weirds me out. Anyway, I look forward to hanging out in the Copper Canyons if not sooner. Take care!