Thursday, October 18, 2012

Manhattan Beach hometown Fair 10k

That time of year again already?  The one constant in my racing schedule for the last 7 or 8 years had  been the Manhattan Beach hometown fair 10k.  It use to be the only race shorter than a Marathon I would run all year and because of that I really enjoyed spinning my legs fast for a few miles.   But of late it seems like all I run are short races. (taking all the funh out of it)  Most of the Ultras I would like to run sell out before I'm willing to commit to signing up and I prefer to live my life one day at a time.

Oh Well, on with the tale.
Left to right 
Silva Brother (I set the course record at his beer mile earlier this summer).Last years winner )and this years winner, the dude ran a 31:06 on a tough course) Girl to my left Prior nemesis (see blog post better than the one you are currently reading lol and like 8 time winner Natalie Higley) Myself (2010 winner) and random cute girl who I recognized from this pic I took at the 2010 MB Solstice run running barefoot
 I like to jump out in front right off the bat but my heart really wasn't into it. (that's my excuse when I'm slow and out of shape.)   Through out the first mile I was right at the 5 min mark and I was working hard
My body felt fine striding through town but my pace quickly dropped to over a 5:30 mile.  All through the city I  heard my name yelled along with screams of encouragement from both strangers and friends.  At the same time that this made me feel really good inside it also may me feel a little bummed as if I were letting these people down.  As a former winner of the race I am expected to contend for the win but on this day I was nowhere close.   I was running in about 15th place through the halfway point when I saw my mom cheering on the sideline.

I had a little bit of speed still in me and began to pick off a few of the runners but even on my best day there is no chance  of me running a a 31:05 on a tough course.  The kid who run in an amazing runner .  As for me I'm just a dude in sandals going for a little stroll.

The chick who took this photo is from the Local runner Store The Village Runner.  She says that I was giving her the "Stink eye" I was just surprised that a pretty girl was taking my picture and it took the hamsters spinning in brain a few seconds longer than usual to figure out who it was.
My buddy Emil Filmed this video of my coming down the home stretch

10 place overall
2 age division
5th Brother sister division (thanks sis you did great )
1st place in the Sandal division (3 years in a row)
This shirt can be be good enough for you to
At least I beat the barefoot dude
(This dude is actually a friend and usually runs in Luna's)

My heart was never in the race this year I felt like I was running more out obligation than desire.  I still have love for this race.  I will be back ext year and the year after Etc....

The Day was not over yet?
Whats the first place medal doing in the center?

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