Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Avoid Training

For the first time in awhile I feel pretty damn healthy.  Nothing feels broken and I don't feel like i am trying to recover from an injury.  At the same time my body feels good  my speed feels damn right pedestrian.  Part of me would rather be injured and fast? 
(that's pretty stupid).  

Anyway I've got the 100 mile Endurance challenge coming up in less on 10/20.  In 2010 I broke my foot 2 weeks before the event and last year I had to withdraw with injury while in the lead at mile 62.

 It is a course I should excel on and it even runs right through my home town I have somewhat ambitious goals that I have yet to accomplish. The course is entirely on man made surfaces and divided into 4 chunks of 25 miles.  I plan to go out at a decent pace hopefully at around 3:45 for the first 25 miles and under 4:00 for the next and try to hold that pace the best I can during the 2nd half.  16 hours is my pipe dream finish, and anything below 18 I'd be pretty stoked. I should be coming through the South Bay on the bike Path sometime between 10 p.m. and midnight  In case you want to bring me a beer  or ride along side on your bike.
Talk is cheap and maybe I should just worry about finishing?

It's a really unique event and it raises money for a cause I believe in!  As a runner you are required to raise a few $$$ for the 100 Mile Club and for me personally I despise asking people for money!
If you got an extra buck or two in your pocket  donating to the 100 Mile Club is worthy cause and I would really appreciate it.

Donate Here
Or click the picture on the top left of this page

What  have I been training for this event?  

I headed up to to Palm Springs to run the cactus to to the clouds trail?
But the tram was busted an my buddy didn't want to run down so
I found myself at Mount Baldy a few hours later
By Chance I ran into one of  SoCal's Greatest Ultra Runner Jorge Pacheco
It was a beautiful day
And the trail was completely crime free thanks to these Underwear clad vigilantes.
(I got dibs on Bat girl)
I spent my days running on the beach chasing  women and Space shuttles
To no Avail
My afternoons chasing the sun
But it always seems to get away

 That stupid moon is even harder to catch. Even though I have specially designed footwear (pretty hard to guess where that link was gonna take you) for just such an occasion.

Feeling the need to change things up a bit I headed up to Santa Barbara to do a training run for the Red Rock 50 miler 
(if you just clicked on the link above you can see a pic of my feet.  Lucky you )
Luis Escobar (race Director) was Kind enough to let Myself Maria Walton and Guadajuko call his studio home for the night. So long as I brought some beer to share
Thank you to the kind folks at the Stone Brewery for promoting my
 Dionysian lifestyle
I got to run with some friends
Although the Ghost dog was way more popular than I'll ever be.
Eventually I had to go off one my own
conversation with myself
"This trail looks pretty nice?
Too bad It's the wrong direction!  
Let's see where it goes"
Getting lost can be quite rewarding
Running to reach a finish line ind of sucks.  Stopping to enjoy the view is what life is really about.

Healthy, wealthy and wise? Well one out of three aint bad.
Life is Good.


I got my pic on a flyer? And it's not a WANTED poster.
Hmm win $100, I wonder who's course record you have to beat?

Don't forget to donate to the 100 mile club if you can?
$10 can sponsor a kid for a whole year.

Thank you

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