Monday, July 28, 2014

G.I. Joe Summer Pier 2 Pier Run. Can this Beach Hobo win it again?

Twice a year there is a race between the Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach piers on the sand. For some dumb reason I have only run it once.
Going into last years event I had the course record. Hell they even put me on the flyer.  Beat the best time get $100.  I guess some kid smoked my time by about a minute running at about a 16 min 5km pace for 3.5 miles through  a bunch of soft sand.  Pretty unbelievable and pretty awesome if the time is legit?
It was  a nice morning I got a primo parking spot and was ready to go at about 6:30 a.m.
(race started at 7:30)
Can this Beach hobo do it again?

Nobody has run more miles between these piers than me! But I train like desert tortoise.  My calf was jacked up from a hill climb race two weeks before at Western States and I had a broken toe at the Hermosa Beach Ironman running around in the mosh pit.

Out of the 12 races I have ever ran on the beach that only involved running I have won 9 of them.
(all barefoot)
 The entry was $45 kind of steep just to run between the piers.  The website said they were giving out "Village Runner" gift certificates to 1st and 2nd finishers (My favorite running store that I am too poor to shop at)

 I actually called the Village runner to see the value of the prize.
(what an Arrogant Bastard)
I couldn't afford to lose I needed to win if this race were to be a sound investment
Nothing like a little Zumba to get loosened up.  I was too cool to participate. Instead I watched and giggled.
Time to Race.

The race starts at the Hermosa pier. I planned on going out as fast as could.  Hopefully I would be in 1st place when I made the turn around at the M.B. pier where I could gauge my lead.  I didn't think I could break the course record and din't even wear a watch, hoping to let my body dictate my speed rather than the clock.

As planned I took the lead early going out at around a 5min mile pace. About 1 mile into my run my left calf totally seized up. "Ouch" I wanted to quit but I only had 2.5 miles to go.  I slowed down a bit knowing there was now no chance of a course record.
From now on I shall loosen up with some Zumba before every race!

I found a pace that was slower but still fast that I could maintain without a tremendous amount of pain.
Running with a tailwind I got to the Manhattan Beach pier still in the lead but only by about 100 yards in front of some yoked out coast guard dude

Time to run back into a stiff head win.   If I could maintain the same speed I was figured I would win.   When I passed Longfellow Ave  site of the Hermosa Beach Ironman, I was running with a bit of trepidation because I did somthing I never do?
I looked over my shoulder, DUN DUN DUH!
My lead had grown "Phew"
As I ran I noticed a bunch of shovels abandoned from the day before which I would pick up later.  I relaxed my pace and coasted in in first place with a red plastic rake in hand about a minute in front of the next finisher.
First place chick.
After finishing I went for a little jog cheering on the other runners as collected those shovels I was talking about.
Posing with race director G.I Joe he's good dude and an even better dancer.  You should see him do the twist.
(notice the calf sleeve I put on post race, I wore it the rest of the day.)
The race had a ton of sponsors, at the post race brunch which once again I couldn't afford to eat at (not vegan friendly anyways) they were having a raffle.  Last time I won a $100+ Boogie Board.
Time to see if I could turn a profit on the event?

Lets start a tally:

The joy of winning Hmm
Value: $5
In the raffle I won a pair of girly shoes that cost $40 retail.  Later that day I gave them to my sister Value: $15 
As they were packing things up they had a bunch of left over samples of deodorant, sunscreen and body wash. I got about 50 random bottles.  I don't wear deodorant (gave samples to nephews) I spend about $3 a year on shampoo and body wash and I only wear sunscreen when I run naked  (usually at the Bare Burro)
Value: $5
30 packs of trail mix and stuff.  If I were at the $.99 I would purchase these at 3 for $1
Value: $10
As the winner I won a cool dog tag and I got race shirt that I don't need but it's a nice shirt.
Value: $5
1st place $50 gift certificate.  
 Value: $25
Investment: Entry Fee $45 
Return: $65
Profit: $25

Revenue from advertising on this Blog post
Probably in the Gazillions of $$$

Thank you G. I. Joe Charles and all the volunteers for putting on a fun event.  

Bonus post race Pics
 with Juvenile humor
 After the race I limped around a bit till I found this volleyball tournament to spectate.
(I am totally in the wrong sport)
 Dicks?  Looks more like butt's to me
Ha Ha!

 The End

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