Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sandal Clad 5km winner says no to Smoking hot Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders because he is a Clipper Fan.

Back from Mexico with a few days to kill in Phoenix.
Mexico, Why no blog posts?
It's hard to put such amazing experiences into words. I'll try and get maybe a 3 part blog post done next week on the trip but in the mean time you get this.

Phoenix is where I go when L.A. is too cold. also a good place some spring training baseball. So I shall begin and end  there.
 Angels, Dodgers at Tempe Diablo Stadium, Thursday March 6th
I love spring training baseball instead of seat you get to sprawl out on towel and instead of paying for overpriced fizzy yellow beer you can sneak out to your car for a Stone ale.

In a game where it doesn't really matter who wins it was only fitting that it ended up in a tie. Unfortunately the Angels were down by 3 until the bottom of ninth and the  fat, freckled faced 10 year old Dodger fan that had been talking smack to me had left during the 8th. 

While at the game I joked with my buddy Tyler that we should find some sort 10k  to run or better yet a 5k.
(Sunshine and ale make me lazy)

Less than 48 hours later I found myself at Grand Canyon University (in Phoenix) lined up at the start of the 

Run to Fight Children's Cancer 5km.
The race for a good cause, I saw some unexpected friends and had a bunch more running in the 10km right after.

I was focused on winning, but my body was still beat up from Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon which I had ran 6 days prior.  The trip had taken its toll on my immune system and I was suffering from a bit of Canyon Cough.

Time To Run
I had wanted to take an early lead going out at sub 5 min pace, but some kid went out even faster. I figured he would fade by the 1 mile mark .  I ran behind him by about 10 feet as he kept looking over his shoulder (I knew I had him).  I pushed the tempo and he was done before we even finished the first kilometer.

I wasn't feeling all that great, my breathing was off and has been that way for months.  The course was flat as pancake if I could just zone out and spin my legs as fast as I could I would be okay. Instead of racing the field I pretended I was racing the old dude on bike who was the pace vehicle.  He was now my arch nemesis and I was able to pass him only for a couple seconds around the 3km mark.  

At about the 4km mark I made what I thought was a final turn to the finish. I had at least an 1/8th of a mile lead on second place.  If I sprinted I the dude on the bike would not be able to adjust his speed in time. I thought I had him and just as I started to put in my final kick

The course turned into a parking lot while  the bike went straight?  The course must have been a little short so they added a tiny little horseshoe to make up the distance. 
Oh well.
The dude on the bike beat me (cheater), but I won the race
(Bike dude also turned out to be a really nice guy)

Not my fastest by any means but  faster than I expected and I was pretty stoked
 After a few hugs it was time to watch my Mas Loco friend's run the 10km
 Congrats to Nick Coury on his 2nd place finisher.
(That lady in the blue had an amazing last minute kick)
My fellow Luna Sandal wearer and thirty48 athlete Tyler Scored an 8th place finish.
Maria proudly wore her Luna's and finished first in the female sandal division
The old Man Michael Miller won the geriatric division
And most importantly his beautiful wife Kimberly ran  happy, healthy and cancer free
It's been awhile since I got one of these
Living the dream
"Okay fine I'll take another picture with you girls"
"You do know I'm  a Clipper fan and it's probably not gonna work out?  Call me when you get traded"
It was a fun morning.  People were really excited when they saw our Luna Sandals.  My Thirty48 calf sleeves  (use code PAT 15 for 15% off) made my legs feel fresher than they probably were maybe even shaving as much as30 seconds off my finishing time.

Time to relax
I never met a burro or salsa I didn't like. That afternoon I spent taking in some Arizona heat (both inside and out) at the United States biggest condiment /salsa festival.
I sure hope nobody peed in the salsa hot tub?
After which I 
spent the evening drinking beers with good friends well into the night.

I still had one last day in Phoenix before heading home after almost a month
Up early I jogged four rounds of frisbee golf where I  found this device??

Which turned out to be the perfect chiltepin grinder after I washed out all the skunky smelling oregano

Time to finish my trip with another baseball game
No Lawn seating or Stone ale at the car this time.
. I'm walking past the autograph booth after grabbing a beer. All of a sudden Vida Blue yells "Ball Ball Ball" fans are scrambling and down from the rafters this ball bounces right into my hand. I raise my can of XX's still in stride "Cheers my friend" Vida gives me one of those right back attcha finger points, as I take a big swig and smile at my good fortune Life is good!
 The next morning I drove West and didn't stop till I hit the sand. It twas good to be home.
Time to plan my next adventure?

The following evening I signed up for a 24 race just three days away.
(race report coming)

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