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2014 Run4kids Ultramarathon, relay and kids big running party

In the back of my head I had known for about a month I was gonna sign up.
 (as a long I could walk)
But for some reason I had yet to do so?
My body felt like it was in better shape than it was a last year, I wouldn't start the race with a limp as least.
Late Tuesday night March 11th (the last night to sign up) I pulled the trigger.
I wasn't running for my own personal accolades.  I was running to raise money for kids.
I only had few days to do so.
The 100 mile Club, is a nonprofit charity that I real care about that works to battle childhood obesity, build confidence and promote a healthy active lifestyle for kids.
I don't like asking people for donations but I also realize I know a lot of really awesome people that are  more happy to give to such a noble cause.  
On Sale soon at LunaSandals.com

Raising money is easy when you have a sponsors like I do.  I can't thank Luna Sandals enough! First off they gave a $100 donation to the first person who donated a $150 and they will be giving a Luna Bandito with picture above (that I Illustrated) to every person who donated at least $50.
Please watch

In January I was trying to organize some donations for Caballo Blanco Kids Race in Mexico.  Kara Lubin the founder of the 100 mile club said she would get me some pencils.
Where they came from was really quite touching?

A  school from a very poor area in Riverside CA which is sponsored by donations given to the 100 mile club held a pencil drive.  These kids whodon't have very extra resources were able to each donate one pencil to kids in Mexico who have even less.  Slowly but surely the once empty bucket filled up and was overflowing with generosity
(Kind of like how the kids miles add up during the school year as part of the 100 mile club)

Circle of giving: 
Donations pledged on my behalf  directly sposer 100 mile kids.  Sponsored 100 mile kids give to kids in Mexico.  Luna sandals whom was inspired by the people of Mexico gives thank you gifts to people who donate.
Pretty freaking cool! 

In just a few days I was able to raise
I sincerely would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support. A $10 can make a serious impact on a child's life.
You guys Rock!
My fellow Lunatic (Luna Sandal Runner) Tyler Tomasello from CO was a last minute add to the race I had be hanging out with dude just last week when I told him  about the race.  He didn't want to miss this opportunity to ditch the snow and help out some kids.
I tried to be optimistic about how the race would go but since coming home from AZ and Mexico I had been battling a Sinus infection and didn't even have enough energy to go play frisbee golf the Thursday before. The whole left side of my upper jaw ached from my nasal cavity with every step when I tried to run.
Friday afternoon Tyler arrived. I picked him up and went straight from the airport to my Nephew's birthday party at Laser Tag.   I wasn't gonna miss my Nephews party and hell yeah I was gonna play some laser tag as did Tyler
Man I'm getting old, the 8 mins rounds (which sounded sounded short before they began) took forever. They said  "No Running" PFFT! I had to be careful not to plow into a 10 old as a rounded a blind corner. My mom and sister even joined in.  It was so much fun and I ended being the top scorer for the day.  It was a good reprieve from sitting around the house doing nothing.
 (Tyler did kick my butt in comeback victories at foosball and bubble dome hockey.)
Race Day
I woke up with yellow snot flowing out left nostril like bubbly crude coming out of the Beverly hillbillies farm. Never in my life had I made so much yellow snot LOL it was pretty gross but I had a certain sense of pride in my ability to produce such vast quantities.
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0065
I ended up being the top fundraiser and received a quilt made of old 100 mile club t-shirts stitched together by Kara's mom.Everyone in Kara's family is super nice and I was really honored to receive a gift that so much time and love went into making.
(If I ever find myself living in a van down by the river it will be one of the last possessions I own)
24 hours around a 1/2 mile track on dirt and cement.

My plan was to run slower than I planned knowing damn well I would'nt follow my plan
I told myself that I would walk one mile out of every 10.
Do you think I'm gonna listen to myself?
Are you confused?
Don't worry I have no clue what I am saying either.

dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0664
From 8 a.m. till 8.pm. kids of all ages joined us on the track as they worked toward their goal of running 100 miles during the school year. It was really inspiring to watch.
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0744
But you don't have to stop at 100 miles.
Good job Max!
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0623
I ran a bunch of laps with this happy 10 year old girl who ended up  running a marathon with her mom.
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0077
Off we went.
The dude to left is Oswaldo super nice guy and former Badwater winner. The kid in front of me is Ryan he is 10 years old and before the day started he had run 910 this year
How many miles do you think Ryan ended up running.
We chatted all through the day and he's a nice kid and I was really happy for him.
The event was perfect for kids of all ages.  This is my buddy Ed who went on to run over 110 miles.
Way to go Ed!
If you would rather watch a cool video that sums up the event rather than read my gibberish check this out,
Thank you to Masa Otani for putting it together.

Here's how my race unfolded
The first 26 miles

When the race started Tyler shot out like a cannon ball (I was that dude last year)  It's hard not to go fast.  I took it casually jogging at about 8-9 min pace.  After about 5 miles of strolling around the track  I had a side ache. I figured it would go away I can't remember the last time I had one in a race. On the plus side my fillings that were giving me grief stopped hurting and I stopped peeing yellow stuff out my nose.

After 10 miles Tyler was still flying and had lapped me a couple of times.  It was time for my scheduled walk (which of course I didn't do)
The side ache never went away but I began to find a groove
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0717
Did I mention that Kara Lubin Is one of my favorite people.

I finished my first marathon just under 4 hours.  That's the speed I would like to go if I were healthy. I was going too fast and I knew it. I was proud of myself for walking a lap after I hit mile 20 though.
The weather was hot and the wind was picking up I had to tip my hat down low to avoid being blasted with sand in the eyes.

I ran with Tyler most of the afternoon by mile 40 my body was failing. We were walking about half of every lap. I was looking for a miracle and was willing to try anything.  They had showers at the school we were running at and figured it was worth a shot.

To say Tyler and I were moving like little old ladies would be an insult to little old ladies.

Clean with fresh sandals on I felt even worse. My training is entirely on soft sand and my body was not ready for the constant pounding of running on a trail or a man made surface. My left foot felt on the verge of breaking.
( I've come to the conclusion that I should do at least some training on the surfaces I race on.)

I even put on Shoes
Which I did 8 miles in and nearly lost my big toe nail.
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0785
The first marathon for me took 4 hours the second took over 6 and now a 15 min mile was a painful struggle.
I wasn't ready to give up but it seemed  inevitable. Although Tyler was suffering from a gimpy knee I felt like I was holding him back as we slogged our way around the track.

I had brought A bed roll and a sleeping bag and thought maybe short nap would revive me?
after about 45 minutes I awoke and when I tried to get up my the top of my abdominal muscles seized up in cramps. I fell back to the ground flopping liking a fish out of water.  I hoped nobody saw me because it probably looked pretty bad.  It took me about 15 mins for the cramp to go away so that I could get up and walk.

I tried to run but could not.  I was pleasantly surprised however to see that Tyler had found a second wind and was moving quite well.  Kara joined me for a few laps walking around the track as we shared stories and smiles.
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140315_Run4Kids_0796
 In the midst of my late night walk  Kara's mom showed up and I was excited to give her a hug and thank her in person for the quilt she had made me.

Sometime after midnight I went to bed after a measly 68  or so miles.

Continuing to run when the body is not working when the risk of injury is high is not a smart thing to do (starting some of these races while injured probably isn't the smartest thing to do either). In the past I would try and run through it and sometimes it's worked but many times it has resulted in injury. Quitting can be a tough pill to swallow but as I get older Id rather not finish than finish broken.

In fact the race that I most proud winning I set a PR in the 10km distance by almost 2 minutes and broke my foot in the process.   If I could go back in time, lose the race and finish healthy I definitely would!
People talk about digging deep during in Ultra and not giving up. The words can be inspiring but for me pushing through the pain is easy, knowing when to stop before I hurt myself, that is the hard thing to do and battle I don't always win.
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140316_Run4Kids_0847
When I awoke at about 6 a.m. I learned that Tyler had just finished 100 miles and had called it a day.  I thought he was gonna hit the hundred mark but not that fast.  I was pleasantly surprised but a bit bummed I didn't get to see him finish.
There was still time on the clock so wrapped in our blankies Kara and I walked around the track for a couple more miles.
Checkout my friend Katrina finishing up with about 40 miles despite being 7 months pregnant.
Every time I saw her she was running with a big grin on her face.
Of all the people I was most proud of my friend Andrea was at the top of the list.  She had to grind it out running 12 minute mile for the last three or four hours and finished 100 miles with just a few minutes to spare.
Not my best race but still an amazing experience thank you to the Kara Lubin, lubin  and all the volunteers.
dave schulman photography: Run4Kids 2014 &emdash; 140316_Run4Kids_0920
Thank you to all the runners who helped raise money for such a worthy cause and thank you to everyone who made a donation!

Thank you to all the kids of the 100 mile club you inspire me and continue to make me smile.

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