Monday, August 12, 2013

Another win for Luna Sandals at the 2013 Outdoor Retail Expo Helley Hansen 5k

Running Speed goat kind of fell into my lap.  I had planned on just taking pictures of friends but when the opportunity to run came how could I say no? The course really kicked my butt,  Although I had tried hard my time was horrific and my heart was never in the race. It was a test to see how I would react to altitude on the fly. I didn't fail miserably, nor to I pass with flying colors. At the same time I was racing, I was also conserving my legs a bit for another event 3 days later?

My real plan was to run the Helley Hansen 5k as part of the Outdoor Retail Expo. (using a 50k to warm up that's ridiculous)  What better place to show off how amazing Luna Sandals are than going up against people wearing the latest and greatest in running fads?

It was only Sunday and the race wasn't till Tuesday.  So let's go Sailing on the Great Salt Lake.
Damn you Thunderstorms on the horizon!
  Let's do some drinking instead.
(got to make the sponsors happy)
And pretend were cowgirls
and Vegan cowboys

Maybe I should start thinking about how I'm gonna win this 5k in just a few days,
Perhaps a little voodoo is in order?
First I need a tooth of a virgin.
And some hair from a Goldilocks 
And lastly  I need some crazy dude to massacre the competition?
(I would never condone such actions)
While Scott head cobbler at Luna Stood on his head all day showing off the new 
I spend Monday afternoon running around the Frisbee golf course loosening up my legs. I was still pretty sore but dd manage to get a hole in one.
(pic is from Tuesday not Monday but I didn't take pics on Monday so here you go)
I really hope this race goes better than Speed Goat did?
What kind of weird fetish porn is Caleb looking at on his computer? 
Look jst like the dude in the picture above?

Race Day!

The race didn't start till 9:30 a.m. and was held a reservoir about 45 minute drive from where I was staying.  we got there about an hour early which seemed like plenty of time? Wrong! There was a snafu in getting our badges for Outdoor Retailer and I had to sneak in while Scott got the situation resolved

By the time I got to the starting line it was 9:25.  Sizing up the competition it was my race to lose.  Sure there were people that looked like they could beat me but I was their to promote Luna Sandals and what better way to do so than to win.
Just as the race was about to begin Scott showed up with our badges.  I handed him the gum from mouth and giggled a bit? LOL. (the perk of being a pretentious sponsored athlete) and lined up to race.

Side-note: I often chew gum when I train and feel that it helps me reach and maintain my target heart rate but come race time I don't want to waste the energy.
 Ten steps into the race the course narrowed to a single track trail.  If I wanted to win needed to jump out to an early lead.

The course was an out and back on what looked like a very nontechnical trail.  Although I love my Luna OSO's I didn't need that much grip or the extra weight so I went with my Luna Mono's w/ ribbon laces

My legs still ached from Speed Goat but it was good pain.  Although the elevation was significantly less, only about 5,000' I have never ran a short raced that high.  Pushing at top speed I was gasping for air.  As people cheered me on from the sidelines I couldn't even spurt out a thank you.
I felt like the Nazi that choose the wrong grail in the Indiana Jones movie

At least legs were moving well and I got to the the turn around point in just over 8 minutes.  There would be plenty of time to breathe once the race was over.  As I ran back past the other runners I gauged my lead to be about 30 seconds.  (pretty comfortable but not a guarantee I would win)
I maintained my pace and by the time 2.5 mile mark I was all alone
and thanks to my my new Luna Badito I finally got to sport that KId N Play hairdo that white boys like myself could only dream of until now. Perfect for both winning a race or holding a House Party.
1st Place 16:20
If you look closely you can see a red wrist band which entitled me to 5 Sierra Nevada Ales.
It was only 10 a.m. so I only had one 
The Next day I made it in the official Outdoor Retail Expo magazine.  If you look closely It says that "I exhibit good form and stellar man hair."
Mom is so proud!
 Outdoor retailer the next day
 Luna Booth complete with Vibram floor mat
 Only the best bands play at the outdoor retail expo.
Flying the official Luna sandals balsa wood plane through the arms of Bookis and Scott
Posing with a mangled Mach basket and the vibram Euro trail team they all ran Speed Goat but none of them wore Fivefingers.
 Posing with My Bearded Brother Chris from the bearded brother snack bar company
the dude looks just like the package.
After Outdoor retailer ended on Thursday night we went dinner with Luna Sandals distributor from Japan. Followed by seeing the 4th ever showing Anton Krupicka movie In the High Country where I won one of his signature Ultimate Direction Boob bottle holders.  I asked for some advice on my up coming burro race? It brought a smile to is face but he had no freaking clue and neither  did I.
Devils Canyon Utah
Outdoor retailer plus my whole trip to Utah was pretty great. I always have fun spending time with boys from Luna and the hospitality Shawn and Stephanie showed inviting us all into there home was really amazing.

Friday morning I hit the road to Colorado hoping to get to Leadville before dark so I could meet my Burro which I would be using in a 22 mile race that Sunday?

But little did I know I would be running another race before that?

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