Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bearded and Barefoot. Guess who won the 2013 Roundhouse Aquarium 5k?

Three weeks go on Memorial day I missed a chance to defend my title at the Manhattan Beach 5K.  Unbenounced to me that switched the date and I already had a vacation planned with the family.  
Perhaps, I could ditch my family a day early ? But the race was $40 for a 5k, and the prize was a cookie (which I think I is kind of cool) but since it is not vegan and I would have no family to share it with if I did win, the choice was a no brainer?
I unequivocally (thank you spell check) made the right decision and had a great time as always with nephews.

Looking in the paper when I got back home I saw a blurb about a an inaugural race coming up one june 8th
"The Round House Aquarium Fun Run for the Oceans"
held on 

It sparked my interest and then after running the Grand View 5k last week I was handed a entry form and decided to run.  "A beach run to benefit a really cool place that I have been going to my whole life."  There was no way I was gonna miss this event, not to mention it was cheaper than the mb5k with the money going to good cause.
You see that funny looking Iconic Building at the end of the pier?  That is known as the "Roundhouse"
It's bigger than it looks from a distance. Ever since I can remember they have had an Aquarium inside.  It's free to the public and highly recommend stopping by if you're ever near the manhattan Beach pier. 

If your from manhattan Beach chances are you have picture of the pier somewhere in your home.  I probably run under that pier about 500 times a year and the pics you see are from the few times I have carried my camera.
Last Wednesday I decided to stop by the Roundhouse and Drop off my Entry form in the midst of my daily run.  It had been a year or so since I had last gone inside and I was excited to see some of the Sea Life
I haven't seen an eel that big since I last went scuba diving in mexico.
I could of stared at that jellyfish all day long but I still had a run to finish.
The lady who took my entry at the roundhouse was super nice, she also very excited about the race and so was I.
The course  runs North from the Manhattan Beach pier approximately 2.5km  before heading back. Unlike the MB5k which runs the same stretch of sand early in the morning.  This event was to be held at high tide making it much more difficult as runners would be forced either splash through the water, run on the canter of the beach or run through deep soft sand.  (most likely all three). Although this would make the race more difficult.  It would heavily favor barefoot runners and especially those use to running in soft sand.
Do you know anyone that might fit that bill?

Friday night I got my gear (I mean Beard) ready to go for the next morning.?

I woke up feeling a bit out of sorts.  I stumbled to the fridge to grab somthing to drink when all of sudden I felt like I was gonna  puke.  (Was I pregnant? I didn't think so).  Some rogue bacteria or virus had attacked me. I tried to eat some oatmeal but it felt like it was come right out,  I gulped a few glasses of water and headed to the beach feeling like crap.
Earlier In the week I had received a couple boxes of my Favorite Raw Energy Bars from the Bearded Brothers. hopefully having one or two before the race would pull me out of my funk. The Mighty Maca Chocolate bar is my favorite and after eating one I felt  alot better but still not that great.
While the other runners stretched and warmed up i played frisbee with my 70 year old mom waiting for my sister and nephews to arrive.
Who knew frisbee could be so dangerous? Just after releasing the disc my nephew Lucas was attacked by a giant sand serpant.
"Bearded Brothers"
They grow up so fast.
After a little sitting around my stomach had settled and it was time to line up.
 A few hundred people had come to race and like I had predicted the tide was very high.

I lined up in front and with in the first few hundred feet I was all alone.  the embankment was steep and sand was softer than I expected my pace was slow but steady and steadily getting slower.

I hugged the tide as it surged up the shore and every few hundred yards I found myself running through water.  By the time I hit the turnaround which was up on the soft sand I had at least a 30 second lead.
All I had to do was maintain a reasonable pace,  wave to my fans and the win would be mine for my third race in row.  It didn't come easy each step felt like a small battle against myself but this was only 5km  and it would be over soon.
As I neared the finish line my nephew joined me for the last 150 yards or so as I crossed the line a minute before the second place finisher.
 I didn't have much strength to begin with that morning I was lucky to finish in first and I was even luckier to have my nephews there to help carry me around after the race
With the support of my family there and another win under my shorts (i don't wear a belt!) The virus that attacked me disappeared and I had a great morning. 

For my win I scored a $100 to the South Bays best running store 
"The Village Runner"
$100 Dinner for 2 to some fancy Restaurant  that you have to make a reservation for.
(I wonder if I have to wear shoes)
It was not my best day but a good day thank you to the Bearded Brothers  and my Bearded Nephews for your support.
After the run I took my nephews and my bearded sister up to the "Round" House to sea the sea life.

 then guess where we went to lunch?
"Round" table pizza.
Life is Good!

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  1. Excelling, congrats on the win and being able to spend time with your family