Monday, March 11, 2013

The Summit Seeker by Vanessa Runs Book Review

By this book today.

Surprise I can read?  Although I usually listen to books I'm a bit too A.D.D. to sit around and read a book.  I recently purchased the Kindle version of the Summit Seeker  (only $4.99)  the first Ebook I have ever paid for.  I know what your saying "Pat Where did you get $4.99? Your Kidneys can't be worth more than $2 a piece?"
(i'm borrowing it from the mob and need 100 people to buy her book from amazon to pay my debt or I will have to change my name to Bourbon Stumps)

What is this book about"? 
(when reading the next few lines use the voice of the movie preview guy in your head)

"Get ready for an empowering journey of girl searching to find herself through the sport of Running.  Watch Vanessa  transform from a Canadian bumpkin to a 100 mile Ultrarunning Goofy Goober as she becomes the Summit Seeker."

Vanessa's story is very real and honest. It doesn't matter if your kick ass runner or about to run your first 5k you will be inspired by her journey.

I am proud to call Vanessa my friend and as much as I love her book, I love her a million times more.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this book. I bought it, read it, and am inspired to keep running to see where I end up! Great read!