Saturday, March 9, 2013

Operation Home is where the Hobo is.

What the hell am I doing with my Life?  It seems I have become a bit too complacent with certainty and acceptance of the status quo. Huh? " 
What is all this "hog posh" all about.
 (I think it;'s supposed to be Hodgepodge but in my brain it's Hog Posh)

Well I am home after a month spent abroad in Nicaragua and Mexico running in races  (race reports coming soon) and well I have about 1 month to plan the biggest adventure of my life thus far!
(well that and run in a 24 hour event next weekend)

You see I bought a one way ticket to the Boston Marathon. One way?  In an effort save the $150 on Air travel back to Los Angeles I have decided to run back home?  That is with a possible pit stop a Leadville for 100 mile race (if I can weasel my way in) and a stop in San Francisco so I can finish my run going down the coast.

  Last year I had the privilege to join 18 year Rae Ainslee as she finished her barefoot trek across the country in my home town.  (a keen eye can see my dumb ass being inspired in the background) It was pretty amazing watching this young lady achieve somthing less 300 people have done in the modern era (whatever that means)  Right now my body is healthy and I have not social obligations tying me down so I figure I might as well give it a go as well.

I'm not sure what I exactly I am getting myself into and I am a bit afraid of the unknown?
I am not a risk taker nor am I a very brave dude, but the older I get the more I realize that life is too short not to seize every chance for adventure that comes my way.
Of late my desire to race  has been feigning, to be corralled on a particular or trail or road gets kind of old.  I do love the comradery and friendships that racing has brought me but really I only run them to justify the time spent exploring the world and my own personal boundaries.  I live a pretty simple life that doesn't bring monetary wealth.  
However it what it does bring me is Freedom.
Now is the time that matters!  I am not a goal oriented person.  Instead of being satisfied with a job well done when I complete a task, I  usually find myself yearning to be still participating in the journey.   It is not finish line I seek it is the adventure that I crave and this this mentality lends itself perfectly to a run like this one.

One day at a time, one step at a time I do not seek to break any records, nor will I mandate the distance I must travel each day.  The plan is is to be self sufficient using a baby jogger to carry a tent, sleeping, bag, clothes, food and water.  Now that being said I will take any aid offered to me  and look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones a long the way.

If you would like to help in any way please let me know!  I currently looking for a baby jogger and if any companies wanna supply me with gear it would be greatly appreciated. I plan to blog about my journey as it unfolds, probably with a daily podcast and picture.  I might even get one of them spot gps systems to track my progress along the way.

 I'm not really seeking publicity but I'm pretty sure it will come my way and when it does I hope can generate some donations for 
whom I will be raising money for along the way.  

I hope that my journey will inspire others to get out of there comfort zones and go on adventure of their own or at the very least may I play the role of the Vicarist for those that can't

 This is day two of my planning, I got along road ahead of me 

 I can't wait to lace up my sandals 
Run Free!
The journey starts 4/18/13


  1. This sounds awesome! We will miss you at the Born To Run event :(
    Have a great time and enjoy the journey!

  2. If you end up coming through NYC again the couch is still available!