Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home is Where the Hobo is!

Sorry to all of my stalkers out there I have been meaning t post more crap but have been too busy having fun  and growing a beard.  Neither effort pays much but it's good work if you can get it.

My Jesus year was coming to a close.
In honor of turning 34 this year I have dedicated this year to Bo Jackson

What the hell have I been doing with myself hopefully I can make some photos do the the talking?
Where I last left off it was January 1st and I had just entered the new year Gimpy from Across the Years.
From There
 I went on a little Caravan with some friends to Slab City
Copper Canyons?  Not yet
I'll see you March
At the exact time this bus passed me I was listening to Scott Jurek's book "Eat and Run" and it had just started talking about Caballo Blanco.
 Along the way we stopped at some hot springs
Welcome to Slab City
I don't find salvation in god I find salvation in my friends.
Perhaps my friends are Gods?
Salvation Mountain
A little history for those with good eye site.
Have I read it?
Yep it talks all about where wolfs and vampires.
(perhaps I'm confused)
As you can see Slab city is a pretty boring place
Unless you love penis's like my friend Vanessa. lol.
It's not a very safe place for babies 
but at least they have a swing set for the kido's
and the cutest puppies you've ever seen.
This little fellers name was "Rancid"
Here I met the girl of my dreams
and also found my dream car
It's a very peaceful place
Just don't piss off the woolly mammoth
Every wall has a story to tell.
Here everyone is an equal
And all of nature lives together in perfect harmony.
I had nothing but the finest ales and Champagne to drink
Good friends to banter with .
And pretty girls under my arm.
Had I finally found my calling?

But a last I was having too much fun and lost track of time, had too meet my family in Palm desert to go see Joshua tree National Park.  Within minutes of realizing my mistake I was zipping down the highway back into the real world once again
 Hello Dudes, lets go an adventure.
Together we found an oasis
Climbed the "Left Hand of Darkness"
 Visited Skull Rock
Took a nap on some boulders
Almost got stuck between a few others
Saw the San Andreas fault.  It's that ridge line in the middle

 Gazed at the stars
and soaked in the tub. 
 As much as loved Slab city and spending time with my friends, the time spend with my family I cherish most of all.
But that doesn't mean I won't be coming back real soon

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