Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Across the Years 2012

What the hell is Across the Years? 

Well, it is the premiere 24/48/72 Running event in the world.  Held December 29th through January 1st.

Where is it?
In the warm Sunny Arizona desert.  This is the top of my car the first day of the race.

Who puts on the race?
None other than the Fabulous Coury Freak Brothers
If you don't know these dudes they are top notch runners, really cool guys and run one of the best series of races I know of

Who kind of people does this race attract?
Well one of the first dudes I ran into was a finisher of the Badwater 135 and ant the Brazil 135
Brian Recore
But to me he will always be the Doughnut Man.

What kind of shoes should you wear?
Loca's of course

What was I doing out here anyway?
Well my body was gimpy. I figured I'd come out drink some beer and hang out with friends.  I was hoping to get in 100 miles on day 2 of the race but more anything I was there to have fun.
The event is held at Camelback Ranch the White Sox/Dodgers Spring training facility 
 We got to pitch our tents on some super soft grass.
Weather dipped down into the low 30's the night before day one. If you want to freeze your ass off try sitting in my chair
The grass field had frosted over 
A motley crew of runners lined up at the start.
and they're off.
Race director Nick Coury
 I joined in with my good friends Vanessa and Shacky for a brief spell. They were doing the 72 hour race and were moving so fast I could barely keep up?
I then went  off to play with Rosie (a wild Chicken) and some feral children.
But really I spent most of the first day drinking beer and eating Avocados.
(what else is new)
 At sunset I decided to join my friend Holly who would go to finish her first 100 mile race. 
Holly and I are practically twins.  I think we might have been separated at birth?
 It was getting cold quick, once the sunset
 But that didn't phase Vanessa

 While Shacky and Vanessa ran I played with their dog Ginger
 and Drank beer with some kids.

Diclaimer:  This little dude seemed to know only two words "Beer and Cheers"  When he saw my Arrogant Bastard he kept saying "Beer, Beer"   a few minutes later he walked over to his Daddies cooler (who was running in the race) and pulled out a Stone IPA to Cheers me with.
  "Cheers to you little Dude."

Day 2 

Time for me to race (I guess if that's what you wanna call it)
Well I felt pretty good for about 4 hours and I  I was cruising at between a 7 and 9 minute miles having a good a time.Bbut I kind of knew things were gonna head south.
Look out Lunatic coming through
About 30 miles in I decided to make a change
In with the beer, off with the Luna's
 and on with the Loka's.

During my first lap running in them I past 13 people wearing traditional Hoka's.  It was my first time wearing a shoe this tall.  Maybe it would be fun for bombing some technical down hills, but on a flat course like his it seemed pretty stupid.

After 3 or 4 one mile laps I ditched them for a pair of Skechers Go Bionics.  By now my foot was hurting and it was also cold so I figured I would give them a try. Once again I wasn't there to prove anything so I decided to walk a few laps and socialize telling and listening to dirty jokes with my friends wife.

My day was pretty much done when I decided I would see if medical could tape my foot up in a way that let me run.  I didn't think it it would work but it was worth a try?  It bought me two laps before it got uncomfortable and I wanted to try my sandals once again.
Unfortunately when I removed the athletic a big chuck of skin came with it and my running was done.  Maybe it was for the better, you can see my foot was pretty swollen and I really had no business running on it anyway.
After another cold night the runners kept on moving
I decided to walk a lap with Vanessa as I had my morning Coffee.
MY foot was hurting but I was in good mood
Luckily it was too cold for any bats.
As we walked we were passed by this guy a couple of times.
Start of day 3
It was really cool to see some kids out there running.
While others ran I hit the showers at the Dodgers Clubhouse.
Nice shoes Jamil.
For just 3 easy payments of $33.33 I will turn any pair of shoes into sandals.
That little dude again, where are your parents?
There's mom kicking ass on her way to busting out 100km for the very first time.  Way to go Sarah!

 I sat around and drank beer with new friends
While others kept running
It was New Years Eve and I was sleepy and cold so I took a nap from 9 p.m. to 11:30 There's my heater in my tent right next to a WARNING telling me not to have a heater in my tent.
I may have been cold but I was'nt as cold as Mike Miller
After a toast of Champagne at midnight I strolled a couple laps with friends
I'll be running Fuego Y Aqua and the Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon with these Cats in just a few days.
The race was almost over and Shacky was jumping for joy.
Can you guess the name of the winner?
this dude ran over 330 miles in 72 hours breaking the course record!
Congrats to all the runners it was a great event.
Good job guys.

If your looking for a fun event to score a buckle and make some friends join me next year at

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