Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bridge, what bridge? Perhaps someday I'll take a look at the view? Conquer the Bridge 2012

Which logo do you prefer there's or mine?

Time to conquer that stupid bridge 5.3 miles up and down the bridge twice.  Not along race but a tough one.  My foot healed well from the tire spike incident the week before and I had really good week of training and really good week in general. 

I even picked up two new sponsors thanks to MPH. 

More on this later and a full review of their products with give away some time in the next month

Vegan Energy bars,  YES PLEASE!

Not just another Bar and Cookie!! 
What makes Jumpstart Bodyfuel energy bars and power cookies uniquely different from the other energy food bars and cookies on the market? • Unrefined and Unprocessed (NO machinery) All our ingredients are used from its original state. NO white sugar or Natural flavorings. How many companies do handmade bars commercially? Not too many, one or 2? We’re one of two! By making it in small batches and handmade, the ingredients are intact and not processed. Most or all of the bars now on the market are made in huge processors and kettles or blenders. By doing so, they (the others) have to blend and use hours of processing in order to mix all the ingredients!! This would assault the nutrients and your food is ground to almost dead! Your body is the ultimate machine!! The machine that should process your food! Unrefined foods will NOT fluctuate your blood sugar. Your food will be stored in your body properly within the system.

Purchase at
The Date or Chocolate bars are my personal favorite.
 Also a review and and giveaway coming soon

I headed down to the Vincent Thomas bridge early labor day morning.
 The first person I say when arrived at the event was Barefoot Todd. (I hardly recognized him? (Get it because he has sandals on Ha Ha)  He's one weird dude but has pretty good heart and I'm glad to have him as friend.
The race director and my friend Michael Hogue.
The  dude had been working around the clock to make sure the race would be  a success and judging by the smiles on the nearly 3,000 people that showed up his work had payed off in spades.  We practically lookk like twins.

Michael Hogue was really proud of his new iflatable starting line.  So proud in fact I think he keeps it inflated in backyard.
(if only in transformed into a slide or a moon bounce that would be cool)
The second person to great me was David Devey the founder of ZZYXXZ Reflective Apparel. David has Marathon coming up that he is extremely focused on and decided to watch rather than run .  (nice skechers dude!)

ZZYXXZ Reflective appeal really does work.
(this is what happens when you leave the flash on the camera)
If I am this visible during the day imagine how bright that would be at night?  A shirt like this deffinetly could be a life saver.

The next person I ran into Was Linda Ikeda founder of JumpStart Body Fuel.  She is really sweet lady and brought me some yummy bars to grub down before the race.
The only problem is that I am a glutton I had wanted to write a review of her products but I scarfed them all down before I got a chance to get some pics.
I beginning to feel like a nascar.

I hope to make you guys proud :)

My sister was also running in the race modeling one of the ZZYXXZ shirts for women while David wore one of there unisex long sleeves.

Time to go Run

As I was about to line up some random dude wished me luck, I looked down at his feet and he had Luna Sandals. "Kewl"

Front in center I was lined up not really knowing what to expect out of my body.  I saw the Channel 5 KTLA news van about 1/2 mile up the road and figured I should go out fast and hopefully get my ZZYXXZ shirt on T.V. , I like going fast and this would be further incentive to do so.
So that I did  through the first mile out to the bridge and then up it I held the lead.
(I never did see the footage on the news)
 I was running just over a 5 min mile pace and I could hear a lot of heavy breathing right behind me.
As I kept climbing during the second mile I got passed by what felt like an entire high school track team running together.
I thought I'd have more strength on the climb but I these kids were kicking my butt.   Once at the center of the bridge I extended my stride and blasted past  4 kids on the way down, but by the time I got to the turn around point I was about 100 yards off the lead and fading.  Back up the the bridge I spun my legs the best I could as I got many shouts of encouragement from runners going the other direction.

Today was was not my day and I grinded it out the best I could finishing in 9th place.    My time from 2 years ago would have been fast enough to win by 30 seconds.

 instead of living in the past I need to use this race as wake up call for the future.
My Luna Sandals felt great on my feet, my body felt healthy but a bit slower than I would prefer.

Where is everybody?
After the race I grabbed my camera and went to to the side lines to cheer on the other competitors. 
Way to GO Emil!
My sister came through the finish line looking good and feeling strong.
Although it wasn't my best race I still had a lot of fun the course is very unique and the atmosphere at the event was top notch and time I get to spend with family is time well spent.
Random Lunatic
I was sitting around watching the finishers and this young lady comes strolling past wearing Luna Sandals and a big old grin on her face.  

I showed this pic to the dudes at Luna and they loved it so much they are willing to send you a very rare Autographed picture of Barefoot Ted in his underwear!
I'll sell you one for $499.99
I'll be richer than Bill Gates.  I wonder if I should inform Ted of my plan?

Thank you to Michael Hogue,  ZZYXXYZ Reflective Apparel, Jumpstart Body Fuel  and to all the other sponsors that made this event possible.

For the third year in a row I forgot to look over the side
Maybe next year.


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  2. Another ripper race report Pat! Love readin your antics, always a good laugh! As a side point...does Jumpstart ship to Australia...bein vegan too I'm always keen to track down new nutrition! Keep up the good work bloke!