Friday, August 24, 2012

Conquer the Bridge 4 Labor Day 9/03/12

If you are looking for a one of kind race in Southern California look no further Than
Conquer the Bridge
The 5 mile race takes you a cross the Vincent Thomas over the port of Los Angeles in San Pedro.  This is the one day of the year that pedestrians have access to the bridge. I believe the view is amazing but I've been too busy racing the last 2 years to take a gander.
This will be you

 Two years ago (Race Report) I ran the race for the first time finishing in second place by a few seconds.  Little did I  realize  going into that a  bridge is one giant hill.  It's a tough course and it gained my respect.
It doesn't matter what place you finish your family will still love you afterwards.
Last year (Race Report) I had been traveling and didn't arrive home until  late the night before the the race.  I was beat up and it showed in my performance finishing 5th
This year my body feels strong and I will be well rested. and hopefully my family will be there not as spectators but running in the event as well.

I have New Sponsor ZZXXZ Clothing, I'll be wearing their gear if you want to check it out and I'm going to do my damnedest to make them proud.

Join on September 3rd 2012 (labor Day

As we 

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  1. Thinking I may join you! I'll let you know if I do so we can connect.