Saturday, January 15, 2011

Year in preview

Well it's a new a year. Well a couple weeks into a new year I've been lagging on this post and I'm too impatient to wait a few more weeks for Chinese new year so here goes it

  I just got finished reflecting about the year that was, time to get back to the present and figure out where I'm headed.  I find myself In the same predicament gimpy with no clue what's instore.
Looking Into the future?

Maybe thats not such a good idea.  The present is what's important.  First off I need to get my body to start working for me.  I can only go as far my legs and feet will take me.  Mental toughness will completely destroy me if I let my ego take over.

 why not.  I plan to take them one day at a time

1.Be kinder to people!
The easiest and simplest way to make the world a better place for all

2.  I will NOT use the word  work.
 I shall replace it with the notion of play.   It's a state of mind that I am ready to embrace

3. The word injury shall also escape from my lexicon.
I realize my body has limits. how bout I use the word Hmm "detour" instead.  Sometimes you need to take a different path.  It's a good chance for new discoveries.

4. Buy less stuff and use less resources and end the year with less possessions than I start it with.

  It cost me about $15,000 to live last year, with half of that going to rent.  I live a pretty frugal life but still get caught up buying crap I don't need.  I plan to spend less this year.  So far were 2 weeks into and I've spent less than $150 all on groceries (my pantry and Liquor cabinet are both pretty stocked) I do have some bills to pay and my gas tank is pretty low.

5. Avoid an untimely death

The pic has an erie story to it. Awhile back I randomly found myself strolling through a cemetery In Louisiana near New Orleans while a massive thunderstorm rolled in.  As I walked through the city of the dead the skies turned black, and I decided to pose in front of a crypt for picture.  It just so happened that tomb I randomly stood in front of already had my name inscribed across the top  "SWEENEY"

6. Not use any plastic bottles

I was never big on bottled water.  I don't plan to ever use a a disposable plastic drinking bottle ever again.  If I do aquire one I will try to use it nor less than 10 times before sending it to the reccycle bin

I had planned on writing all this stuff about what I want to accomplish but for now I think I should keep that in the back of mind. Their are a lot of races I wish to run but I'm not ready to commit myself to anything other than the

The Copper Canyons Ultra 3/06.
I'm not sure how I'm gonna get the body ready but I will!

 I'm picking up Barefoot Ted and another Luna runner from the airport Some time in the next hour (Saturday afternoon).  Were heading out to a Ghost Town in Calico halfway between L.A. and Vegas for a 50k Sunday morning on  my 32nd Birthday.  I signed up for the race yesterday.  I don't plan on trying to win, I'm out to see where my body is at and I may even drop to the 30k if need be.  I ran a few miles yesterday and my foot wasn't happy.  I spent last night tossing and turning sleeping only about 30 minutes of each hour.  ( I did wake up from some really cool dreams,  the only one I kind of remember, I had this cute little (space) alien girl stalking me. She looked like a pixie version of Mila Kunis but hotter.  lol. I tried to get back to sleep but unfortunately could not back into the dream)
I tried taping up my foot today and it feels pretty good.  I have never ran with a taped up foot but plan on doing it tomorrow.  I'm packing my kilt but will most likely run in shorts.  On my feet I plan on using a standard pair of Luna's with a leather top laced traditionally, unless I find out the course is really technical in that case I'll switch to the ledvilles.

Will see what happens.

Last thing I'm starting to realize more and more that everyday is an opptertunity to find more joy out of life.  From time to time stupid trivial things do annoy me It's all in my head whether something makes me happy or not 
 I choose happiness.  Are you with me?

Now for some proclimantions and revolations :

The other day I was at my moms house and I stumbled upon My grandpa's old tea pot hidden in cubboard (it was their so it wouldn't get broken)  Well I don't have a single family heirloom and my grandfather had passed away long before my birth.  I didn't feel worthy to take it at first thinking I may break it (that's stupid) I've been using it everyday and I somehow feel a bond with a man I never met :) If it I break so be it.

I Say:
Life is too short to save your favorite shirt for a special occasion. If you keep waiting that day may never come.  Every day can be special.  I say wear your favorite shirt and eat your favorite food off the good china every day!

Make time to do your favorite things

Although the sun will set again tomorrow get your ass outside and enjoy the one tonight!

I planned on writing more or maybe proof reading (that will be the day) but I'm off to the desert

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  1. That was a beautiful post!! I agree with all of it! I have to ask though I try to eat and feed my kids very well, how do you do that on that little money??