Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been thinking a lot about my diet lately and the more I listen to my body the more I realize things need to change.  I've read nearly every book written by Michael Pollen including In Defense of FoodThe Omnivore's Dilemma, and Food Rules.  I really dig Pollen's out look but I feel that he sugar coats his views in an effort to avoid being sued big business.  For the last few months I have been consuming less and less meat usually only once or twice a week but, I have been cosuming way too mmany dairy products.  I'm currently just about to finish a great book called "the China Study" and recently finished reading "Mad Cowboy".  I have a growing hatred for the American Dairy association and find it despicable that our government lets them market to our youth through our public school system. DAIRY IS BAD.  I need to make  a stand sooner or later.  My plan is to my longer purchase any meat or dairy products.  In my opinion I the only thing I have to gain from meat and dairy is an increased chance of coronary heart disease and cancer.  I not one to say no to a free meal.  If I am offered food that is non vegan i will kindly devour it but no longer shall I pay money to clog up my arteries.  It's very similar to my attitude on drinking  I do not buy girlie drinks like a blended margarita, Jack Danial's (the girliest of all whiskeys) , or hefeweizen, but if you buy one I will definitely drink it down, and be happy to drink another (because I am such a nice guy who does not want to offend). 

The main food staple of my diet is quinoa pronounced "keen-wah." About 4 times a week I cook it up in my rice cooker with some vegetables steaming above.  I usually make between 8 and 10 servings and I end up consuming at least 90% of it.  On the days I don't make quinoa (wiki link) i mix it up between red and green letils.  Both provide good nourishment as well as instant energy and does not make me feel lethargic during digestion.  I can easily consume over a thousand calories and be out the door running seconds after.  For added flavor I add Ponzu sauce and Srirachi.  If you never had quinoa with pozu you are missing out.  Other staples of my diet include lots of whole grain bread, or whole wheat matzo covered in  almond or peanut butter and honey.  I usually eat at least 4 different types of fruit a day and as many vegetables as possible (lately I've been on a big brussell sprout kick). About 4 nights a week I cook up my own pizza's with a whole wheat crust.  I don't know If I can still call them pizza's since I no longer use cheese and never used sauce.  Usually it's just a smörgåsbord of vegetables, spicy peppers and herbs from my garden.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been increasing my barefoot mileage, running over 200 miles and playing over 50 rounds of disc golf.  I've ran a good mix of soft sand beach runs, a few steps through suburbia, and some fast and slow gallops around the track thrown in as well. Stubborn aches and pains have been coming and going but that's the life of runner.  Playing disc golf barefoot has become a therapy I use to help my body recover by taking time to massage my feet (a little impromptu foot reflexology) as I enjoy the different textures of the ground.  The body feels strong and does not want to rest.

Wednesday I got up early and met with the founder of the 100 mile club for an assembly at my Nephews school.  It went real well I even got run a few laps with a couple of student volunteers.  I was pumped up and decided to go  for a nice 20 mile barefoot run on the bike path of the South Bay, which happens to be part of the 100 mile Endurance Challenge course.  It had been awhile since I ran that far barefoot on a man made surface.  The legs felt pretty good, I battled through a little discomfort early in the run but it was fleeting and my body felt stronger when I finished than when I started.  I have 1 month to get ready for the race and am working on an efficient shuffle that I can do for 16 to 20 hours straight.

Equal rights
Thursday was supposed  to be my first day off running in over a month. However the sun was shining,  the positive reggae vibrations were calling and I had some time to kill.  I decided to hit the beach and get a few quick miles in.  My pace was great I was flying, until I had to slow down to cover my eyes near the Manhattan pier.  Two of the most gorgeous girls on the beach were exhibiting there constitutional right to be treated equal by going topless.  Although my innocence may have been violated, I salute them for taking a stand.  Equal rights can be a very beautiful thing. :)

miles 0-25

This weekend I have 2 training runs for the 100 mile Endurance Challenge. Saturday racers are meeting in Corona at 8 a.m. to run the first leg of 25 miles to Anaheim, with a high temp of 101 fore casted.  The run looks pretty straight forward and I plan go out at a relaxed 8 to 10 minute pace for 3:30 to 4:00 hours about (what I expect come race day).  I'll be wearing my Luna Sandals could use getting a few miles in them since I have only been running barefoot the last few weeks.
miles 25-50

Sunday will be interesting.  The training run starts in Anaheim at 2:45 p.m. with a temp fore casted of 98 degrees and ends in Huntington Beach.  The Angel game starts at 12:35.  It's fan appreciation day and I try to hit this game up every year.  The training run goes right past angel stadium at about mile 3. What this means is that I going to get to Anaheim at about 11:00 a.m. drink as much beer as possible before the game, then bake in the sun for three hours. After the game (Inebriated and on beat up legs) I'm going to rush out to my car, strip down to my running gear and attempt to catch up to the other runners out on the river bed.  There's a good chance that I may blow off doing the second training run to go play disc golf instead but I hope I don't. (it looks like a fun challenge) 

Miles 50-75

Miles 75-100 

There are a couple of night time training runs next weekend.  I have the hometown fair 10k Saturday morning
10/02 and a responsibility to drink irresponsibly in the beer garden the rest of the day.  At 3:15 a.m. Yes I said A.M. on 10/3 runners are meeting up in Palos Verdes to run the final leg of the course.  Sounds like fun huh?  If I do make it I will be a mess, but if I don't make it I will be disappointed in myself.  Thankfully there is a beer garden on Sunday as well where I can rejuvenate myself.

A lot of the most influential people in the barefoot community will be there.  It looks like a lot of fun and I'm trying to finagle a free plane ticket.  I've never been to NY and think this would be a great opportunity to bare my sole's.

Each day more and more opportunities keep presenting themselves. I've been talking with a lot of good people lately because of this I have been on the phone every morning,  if there is pen near by I'll start scribbling.  This is what has developed over that last couple days.  By the end of the weekend the page will be completely black and the picture will be complete.

 I have no idea what the future holds but I eagerly await it and am throughly enjoying each day as it comes. Life right now feels like a slot machine in that I did not have to put any money in.  The wheels are spinning  health, love, happiness, fame,  fortune and the presidency (well not until 2116 i'm not 35 yet) are all in the mix It's just matter of time until the wheels stop spinning and will see how it all lines up.

Destiny Awaits.


  1. You should also check out a website called RawFoodSos, a blog run by Denise Minger. A very smart woman who was a long time raw foodist who still eats mostly raw fruits & veggies but now includes raw fish and raw eggs. In any case, she wrote a wonderful series of blog posts on the China Study data that you should read:

  2. I'm trying to find out how long the NYC barefoot meet up is going to be. I have a race that morning in north jersey and it's an hour to the city!

  3. Hey Patrick,

    question re: the quinoa + veggies 'recipe'. do you have a rice cooker + steamer combo when whipping both up? Or do you steam them in the rice cooker along with the quinoa (I have just the rice cooker). If so, how is this done exactly?

    Thanks in advance for the info. Looking forward to trying this out myself (w/ the ponzu sauce)!

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  5. Hey, man,

    Love the site--really great stuff here.

    But one thing has caught my attention in many of your posts (and I say this with all due respect and love): you consistently misuse the apostrophe.

    For example, a recent blog post was titled "Bourbon Feet Get's Classy." There is no need for the apostrophe there as you are neither indicating possession nor a contraction.

    Same goes for when you are using the plural. In the above post you mention "pizza's." This should just read "pizzas." The only time you would add an apostrophe there would be if you were saying something like "the pizza's crust was thin."

    Other uses, as you know, include "it's" meaning "it is" or, say, "Jimmy Dean Freeman's coyotes."

    This is just the writer in me talking though. I really dig the site otherwise!

  6. 1. A lot a of people like to harp on the China Study, not me. It was an interesting rebuttal

    2. Barefoot run festivities will be going on all day, the first lap is organized, then everyone is encouraged to keep going till their body tells them to stop.

    3.My steamer goes right above the Quinoa cooking, that way the quinoa can absorb all the nutrients that would have been otherwise lost in the discarded water.

    4. LOL thank you grammar police I will take note of your suggestion. I know a couple people who will not read my blog because of my atrocious disregard for traditional English syntax. Part of me would like to improve my grammar, while the other part me "get's" a kick out my ignorance/laziness annoying people. :)

  7. After the China Study - check out Dr. Fuhrman at
    His books and ANDI score for foods really help put it together. How to eat and the lifestyle.

    I like the book "Disease Proof Your Child" the best - even for an adult because it explains how to eat from the beginning and it's effects over our whole lifetime.

    here's a great reading list:

    here's another great source for real information:

    The "Health Promoting Cookbook" is also good source for recipe ideas.

  8. Glad to hear you've been reading some good authors on diet.
    Check out The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr Douglas Graham. Its a raw fruits and vegetables diet that will change your life! And improve your ability to train harder and recover faster dramatically.
    I'm an ultra runner who has benefitted. Michael Arnstein is another great example who came 5th in the US Nationals 100km this year.

  9. I'm also a barefoot enthusiast and have done up to 60 mile trail runs in Five Fingers.
    Keep up the inspiring results!