Friday, September 17, 2010

Bourbon Feet Get's Classy

The Best Man

Last Saturday my good buddy got married.

 Jon is a usually a pretty calm and collected guy but on the way to the church, his nerves were starting to get to get to him.  (While I was cracking up laughing )
Jon was able to get his nerves together and the wedding went off without a hitch.  I was honored to be the best man and will never forget the look of love in Kate 's eyes during the ceremony as she committed herself to Jon

I think I was the only dude who brought his mom to dance with.
(she was also Jon's Kindergarten teacher) 
Even the ring bearer being possessed by the devil could not shake the smile off Kate's face.

Although I don't believe marriage for myself that doesn't mean I don't think it can be beautiful thing for someone else.  I wish my two good friends a long happy life together.  They are both awesome people who bring out the best in each other.

I had a great time at the wedding.  The food was good and the bourbon was free.  Late in the night I noticed a lot of the girls were barefoot.  I decided to do the right thing, and in an act of sympathy took off my shoes as well (How noble).  I had a pair of running shorts on under my tuxedo. It was getting late, the wedding was almost over, I was only about 12 miles from house and had a overwhelming desire to ditch my penguin suit and run home.  Unfortunately I needed to return my tux in the morning.  I ended up getting a ride home, after a few hours of sleep I was off running barefoot in the city by 7 a.m. to go find my car.

.  My training is starting to get more consistent and I want to get at least 100 miles of barefoot running in this week.

Thursday's I usually meet up with friend's At El Dorado Disc Golf Course in Long Beach and then go out for taco's and beer afterwards.

I was lallygagging around the house all morning.  I had planned to get in around a 20 mile run, but if I chose to do that now it would take away from my disc golf time (what to do?)

I decided that I would head out to Liberty park in Cerritos before heading playing El Dorado.  Liberty is a real easy 9 hole hole disc golf course, that's plays a little over a half mile to finish and get back to the first tee pad. My plan was to jog the course barefoot until I reached 200 under par.  Every hole is a par 3 and I wanted to average between a 6 and a 7 under par.  I new my legs would hold up no problem but was unsure if my goal was a little too ambitious for my arm.  I estimated it would take close to 4 hours and around 30 to 35 rounds of golf.

Playing Liberty in February Minutes after running the Orange Curtain 50k which just happened to start and finish a mere 60 feet from tee pad 9. It was my first ultra in five fingers, so I decided to golf in them as well
After Orange Curtain 2010
I wore longer shorts when I played on Thursday

When I got to the course it was about 10:45 in the morning the sun was shining, the weather was great but the sprinklers were on and the course was over saturated with water. I decided to play with 2 discs, my Discraft 150 Esp Flick and a  max wt. Innova Pro Rhyno.  I started off with a good first round but then found myself in a bit of funk.  The muddy ground felt good on my barefeet but the wet discs kept slipping out of my hands.

For the first 10 or so rounds I couldn't really find a rhythm.  Pessimism started to creep into my brain which was directly correlated for the bad shots and bad luck. (Countless times I have witnessed a negative mentality prevent very good golfers from being successful).   My game was not going as planned and I new I was going to out there for a long time.  I decided to fill my brain with positivity (found my happy place), I envisioned proper execution of my shots and I began to enjoy being in the present not worrying about the past or future.  My luck began to change!  Putts that were bouncing out of the basket were now staying in and I was having fun.

I'm a firm believer that we manufacture our own luck.  Having a positive attitude in anything you do is no garantee of success but it will definitely increase your chances of it.  Golf can be a very frustrating game, especially when things are not going your way.  Every shot has potential to be great or go horribly wrong.  The key is to realize that although the last shot may have sucked that does not mean the next one won't be beautiful.

As the day progressed so did my goal's. I hit the 200 under par mark after 30 round's but I wanted to keep going.  I ended playing 40 rounds of golf at Liberty running nearly 24 miles over a 4 and half hour span.  I had  one hole one (hole 3, 17th round) only 3 boggies, 7 penalty strokes, and 4 perfect rounds.

Immediately after playing Liberty I headed over to El Dorado for some more golf.  If you have ever seen me in person you know how totally buff my upper body is (lol). My arm was done, and I had a strange twitch going on in my bicep.  I had got there late and we only had time for one round (My friends don't run) if we wanted to make happy hour at Taco Surf.  Surprisingly I shot a -4, not a great score normally but in my present condition I was stoked. The beer and taco's revitalized me. I left Taco Surf at about 6:30, the sun was still out so I decided to jog another 22 holes to make it an even 400 for the day, playing roughly a marathon of Disc golf.

total -273

Disc Golf World Record
For the past few years I have wanted to set the Guinness World Record for most disc golf  played in 24 hours.  For almost 25 years the record stood at 865.  It was my plan was to do 1,000 holes and to traverse 100km.  My window of opportunity passed me up this summer, when a gentleman out of NC played 1,002 holes and 1 month later a group of three guys played 1,035.  I need to raise the bar and I need to set it high.  I have 3 goals that I would I like to achieve.  1. Play at least 1,500 holes of disc golf.  2. traverse at least 100 miles in the process. 3. shoot 1,000 under par.  All in under 24 hours.  Breaking the record for most holes played is very attainable and even getting to 1,500 holes I don't think will be a problem,  but in order to shoot 1,000 under par and jog 100 miles should take between 1,600 and 1,800 holes.  Oh yeah and I plan to do it barefoot.  

 2006 Japan Open
(back when I still wore shoes)

Once upon a time I use to tour as a professional Disc golfer.  I would play at least 5 days week and would compete nearly every weekend.  In 2004 I won the Southern California Championships as well as the overall Series title.  Over the last few years running has taken over much of my free time.  I am still love the game and  get out to the course 2 times a week.  The World Championships is coming to Santa Cruz in 2011 (first time in CA in over 15 years).  I have not played enough tournaments in 2010 to gain to get an invite.  I'm pretty sure I could finagle my way in if I set my mind to it.  
Would they make me wear shoe's?

I need a logo.  I stink at photo shop.  So far I'm thinking of using a modified Jolly Roger with crossing skeleton feet and a skull in sun glasses.  My other Idea is bottle or flask with 3 pairs of crossing skeleton feet on the label.  I'm also looking for a drawing of a monkey wearing Huarache Sandals but that's a whole nother story.  If you want to try and help me out please send your ideas to  If I use your idea I will send you out some shwag.

My pitiful attempt with Microsoft paint

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