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5 Jerks and a Squirt, My 2013 SoCal Ragnar Race Report

Before heading out to Boston I had told my Ragnar team from the last couple years that maybe I could run for them in dire situation if they couldn't fill the 6 man roster. Since I wasn't running across the country I should be home and at the very least I could maybe drive the van?
The day after Boston I was a wreck physically and mentally.  My foot that had held up better than expected during the race now  hurt with every step I took, my quads were shot and my hamstrings were very tight.  Normally I run the day after a race but my my lack of training  (due to injury) was very evident.
I was too gimpy to run but I did hobble my way through a very ugly round of Disc Golf.

Three days after Boston the night before Ragnar the team was meeting up to see who in fact the team actually consisted of?  Right before heading over to dinner I decided a little jog on the beach was in order. My legs had started to loosen up a little bit each day and I thought I should see where was at before making a decision to run or not.  Mile one 16:30, mile two 16:00, mile three 15:00  mile mile 14:45.
At the start of dinner I told the team I was two gimpy to run and would drive the van. 
Drive The Van?
Wait a second I don't want drive van!  I would surely go stir crazy.  By the end of dinner I was back on the team slated to run roughly 27 miles.
Kind of pretentious name ?
Our Captains real name is Denise Winner.  She named the team in honor of her father who had always wanted to a relay race like Ragnar whom passed away a few years ago
(We won last year)
The next morning we met at our Captains house and were off to Surf Surf City Huntington Beach to start the race.
I rode lying down in the back of the van  as we somehow got lost?  Voices started to raise (friendly but aggressive) as different members of the team decided they were smarter than the Gps. I had no intention of solving or becoming part of the problem.  I didn't really care and found the whole situation quite humorous.

Besides I was too busy staring out that back window giggling away as I texted a couple of silly girls nicknames for my team.
5 Geriatrics and a Patrick
6 gimps and Crossfit Pimp (our driver)

There were a bunch more but I either forgot what they were or I  must refrain from posting them if I have any hope to be part of a team ever again.

Part of Ragnar is getting lost. We always do and we would go on to do it a few times later in the day this year as well.  
Left to right
Dan Westergaard (the Wiener Dog) Gordon (4th best senior citizen crossfitter in the world) Drew (the speedo dude) Luis ( I mean DR. Luis, I don't know his last name.)  Myself,  Fernando (our ringer)  And in our arms we held the Olympic Jew Herself "Denise"

She is actually going to go run the 1/2 marathon at the Jewish Olympics later this summer.  What the hell is the Jewish Olympic's?  I don't know i'm not Jewish
But I think this is it
Maccabiah Games

Just before the race
I accidently dropped my camera down a well? Well? I couldn't think of anything else to say about this pic.
 I thought Dan looked pretty cool in this pic so I wanted one for myself
Not quite as cool but it was pretty comfortable.  
(It kind of made me want to poop.)
Let's do it.
can I switch teams?
This kind of stuff was everywhere. Pretty cool.
By the time it was my turn to run I felt like I could bust out some some sub 7 min miles maybe not sub 6 but sub 7 sure why not?
My first leg started with 1/2 mile downhill I talk off sprinting for about 15 steps unbenounced to me my hamstring on my left leg had a huge knot and I wasn't really going anywhere until it loosened up.  after a few 8 to 9 min miles and little bit self massage I got down to  just below a 7 min mile before  my leg was over.
Some people say Ragnar is too expensive and that it's a Rip Off.
(I'm one of those people)
This year I actually made money!
Through out the day our team ran pretty well
We were having fun with each other
and having fun making friends with other teams
It was hot day
But we kept shuffling along
We were in good spirits just before dark as we waited for our Ringer "Fernando" to come in.
We waited,
and waited 
and waited.
It turns out Fernando blew out his achilleas  and was done.  He still had another 20+ to run that we would divide amongst the team.
It's my tradition at Ragnar that I wear my SPort kilt at night 
( The airflow can helps keep me awake)

It was a long night my body was a mess but I did my best. At one point I could barely break a 10:30 mile my hamstring was hurting bad but once I loosened it up I could get down in the 7's or 6's.
Good Morning Captain
Sunrise Reflection near Torrey Pines.
I was really stoked to finally get to run the Torrey Pines stretch this year.  Only about 10% of the SoCal Ragnar course is Scenic and in years past I've heard this is best part.

I brought my camera with me so you could see it unfortunately my battery died just after this pic and more unfortunate for me they changed the course so that you that you run on the road about 100 yards above some amazing trails
 (shame on you Ragnar!)
Oh well My body felt good and I ran really well during this stretch.
things got a little weird the next day?
 But sometimes you got to be a little weird to get the ladies

Thank you to our captain Denise for bringing us all together and thank you to my team for putting up with dumb ass.  Almost everybody on our team had some sort of injury although we made not have been  the fastest team we were probably one of the most resilient. 
We ended up finishing in a little over 24 hours and Denise says we won another baton for the third year in a row.
I had a good time, I'm glad I ran but it was a pretty stupid decision on my part! I ended up running a little over 50km. and my body was in serious need a rest and Beer.

12 hours after returning home from Ragnar I was driving to my next race the Bare Burro 5km
(Race Report looming)

Parting thought:
Ragnar stopped giving out free beer at the finish line. Even though it was just one beer in the past It was nice gesture this year they gave out a coupon for a $2 beer.  The event cost a lot of money and now they are trying nickel and dime people at the finish line?  Out of principle, because I really wanted a beer I refused to buy one (if I had gotten one free I would have purchased 4 or 5 after) Until they offer free beer once again I will never run another Ragnar and will encourage other people to run more beer friendly events instead.

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