Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boston Marathon 2012

Sorry for not posting awhile.  My Copper Canyons Ultra Marathon Race report is pretty much done but I put it in hold until I could finish a post in tribute to Micah True which is taking longer than expected.

Anyway I'm headed out to Boston tonight for the Marathon on Monday  which I'll run in Luna's and the Boston Barefoot Running Festival this weekend (not to late to sign up for there 5k).  I will try and update this blog post with a few words and pictures as my adventure unfolds

Also If anyone wants to go race Naked?
Next weekend is the Bare burro 5k at Olive Dell Ranch in Colton CA.

I did the race last year and had a great time and will be back to defend my title.
P.S. if your not hot chick please bring one with you.

I got few new custom Luna Sandal prototypes coming with me on the trip and they are 


  1. No need for apologies, Pat. I think that everyone understands that you, Barefoot Ted, and all the good friends of Micah True are going through a tough time right now. Also, Barefoot Ted has been kind enough to keep us updated, online. Still, we are all so sorry for the loss of a good friend...

  2. Those sandals are awesome and please post some pics of this hot friends on bare running would love to meet them.

  3. Dude, hubby and I are tracking the bloggers we read at are killing it in this heat!! You have been neck and neck w/a norcal blogger, Scott two keep passing each other, projected to finish less than 1 minute money is on you, keep pushing dude!!

  4. you make a beer stop around the 35k mark??
    Not much farther to go.....hang on....

    1. good job man, respectable time under any circumstances, but with the heat....pretty amazing!!

    2. I just noticed these comments I had a beer but I didn't stop for it. :)

  5. nice work Pat!!!!!!! was a hot day for us Northeasterner's!