Monday, August 15, 2011


Answers  to pointless questions from a point of view that 
aint very pointy.

Q: You must choose 1 and why. 1. Give up drinking and you will never get injured again. 2. Give up running and all your drinks are free for the rest of your life?

A: What a bummer way to start this off I guess I would have to give up drinking, not because I want to and not because I want to give up on all injuries. "I don't ever want to stop running."  Although I despise being injured A little pain both physical and emotional is good for the body once in awhile, it helps you appreciate the things you have and not take for granted the abilities you are given.

Q: What in your opinion is the most useless piece of clothing ever to be invented?

A: The bathing suit.  Why would you need a suit to bath in?  Bra's are close second. but my boob's don't really need any support.

Q: Favourite piece/type of music?

 Q: If you could have any animal to be a pet, what would it be?

A:  I've always wanted a little piggie.

Q: Stupidest thing you have ever done?

A: I'm sure I've done dumber things but the first thing that comes to mind is trying to walk home from Tijuana when I was maybe 19 or 20.  Somehow I lost my friends in Mexico and decided walk back across the boarder to the car and wait for them.  I have no clue how I even got the boarder but I remember hoping a big fence. I couldn't find the car so i made the logical decision to keep walking towards Los Angeles roughly 136 miles from TJ.  I had no clue how to get there I just kept going.  I vaguely remember walking through some suburban neighborhoods and when I hit a dead end I would hop a fence. (real smart huh?) I stopped doing that when few dogs tried to eat me.  Eventually I made it to downtown San Diego.  I gave up on my hike and bought a Bus ticket to L.A. with my last $20.

Q: What would be your ideal day-trip out?  

A: Beach run in the morning, Disc golf in the afternoon, beach run at sunset  weather would be about 100 degrees. I try to make this happen whenever possible. (well all except for the weather part but I'm working on it.)

Q: what is the best thing your mom ever did for you?

A: When I was a kid my mom came to pretty much every sporting events (and still comes to a lot of my races) I ever competed in. I didn't really acknowledge this as anything special.  I thought that's just what moms do but looking back at it, it was abig comitment and I am very appreciative.

Q: what is the best gift you've ever gotten?

A: My first pair of Luna's Barefoot Ted sent out to me. :)

Q: how old are you? 

A: 32 times around the sun

Q:what is your saddest moment in life? 

A: My Pop's passed away a few year's  ago, he was diabetic for over 50 years and had gone through almost every ailment you could imagine. I think my nephews being born gave him an extra will to live.   His heart kept ticking for about 5 years after his body had crapped out on him and he died peacefully. When he passed is was not unexpected and I was sorry to see him go.

Q: Could you beat Christian Peterson in a fight?

A: I'm a pacifist.  I would not fight Christian so the answer is no.

Q: do you have a girlfriend?

A:  have more girlfriend's than girl enemies. (here's too much information)  I don't believe in marriage (I am a lot different than I was 10 years ago who knows what I'll be like 10 years from now and I dont believe it's fair to make a promise that I can't keep.  I don't believe in true love. That is too say that their is one person that is meant for each individual. Perhaps that's just because I have never met that person. I have positive outlook on humanity and believe there are millions of girls in the world that I could fall in love with.  Every once in awhile one them stumbles into my life and puts a smile on my face, but so does the sunrise and the sunset 

Q: besides running, what is your favorite thing to do? 

A: Watch my nephew's grow up.

Q: who is your best friend? 

A: I don't rate my friend's I think that would be rude thing to do and belittle all the kind things they have done for me.

Q: what's the stupidest thing you've ever done to impress a girl?

A: Hmm. I try  block out all the really stupid things I do. I guess I was in Vegas once I saw this cute girl watching the fountains at the Bellagio. Drunk and clueless I wanted to talk to her.  She was smoking so I asked if she had an extra cigarette to strike up on conversation.  I think she was probably eastern eruopean and barely spoke a lick of English. She handed me a giant pink twig of cig which made me feel real cool.  So now I'm smoking this girlie cigarette the girl has no idea what I'm saying and then some big buff dude comes out of nowhere.  He says a few words to her in the same foreign dialect gives me the stick eye.   I got the hell out of there before I got my ass kicked. Pretty tame I know but nothing else came to mind. by the way that's the only cig I've smoked since turning 18

Q: name 3 things that piss you off.

A: Capitalism, Right-handed scissors and People that use god as an excuse.

By zapmamak 
Q: If you could have superhero powers what power would you have?

A: I would chose to fly.  But I wouldn't want it to come effortlessly or I fear I would quickly become a flying gelatonoue blob. 
There's so much beauty in the world but too many road blocks in my way.

Q: What's your favorite beer?

A: Stone Old Guardian or Double Bastard.  I like extremly hoppy ale with an abv above 7 preferably over  10

Q: If you were reincarnated as an animal, which animal would you be?

A: I think I'm more likely to be reicarnated as a piece of garlic.
Most poeple like me although I can permeate ones skin and have been known to be a bit stinky.

 Q: One day you wake up and realize you have a magic wallet that (legally) gives you as much money as you want to spend for ten days only. What do you spend your money on?

A: I'd by an orchard build a disc golf course on it along with hostel and a fruit stand where weary travelers, homeless people and illegal aliens could have haven from the so called civilized world.  I think I get few wind turbines so I could stay off the grid.

Q:what year did you graduate from high school?

A: High school 1997  (I never picked up my diplomma and my sister still does not believe I graduated.) College 2002 ( the governor that signed my degree got recalled so perhaps my it is no longer valid.)

By imrdrain 
Q: What us your record for hands of monopoly in a row won?

A: I think I won 9 games in a row off my buddy Dilg, after I talked smack and did a little happy dance. I got a little too smug and I think he won 8 in row off of me.

Q:  What made you want to start running?

A; I wanted to see what I could do.  It's an activity where I can easily gauge my improvement. I've always preferred to be outdoors than indoors.  Running allows me to be frree with my own thoughts.  It's fun too see where your feet will take you.

Q: What are the biggest changes you've noticed since going vegan?

A: I really don't enjoy resaurants anymore. I also don't like making go out of their way to make sure I have food to eat.   I would always and I stress the word always prefer to make my own food than be cooked for by a restaurant or another person. I eat a lot more avocado's for breakfast

Q: How do you earn a living?

A: I don't believe a person needs to earn a living.  I already have too many things and have become to dependent sedentary in my ways  Inned less not more and worrying about money only complicates things.  As for generating income I don't require much and tend to seize on opportunities whaen they present themselves.

Q: what are your top money saving tips? I know you have a ton of those!

Cook for yourself and adjust your diet to the foods that are in season and on sale. If you wear Luna sandals you save money on socks if you go barefoot you save money on shoes.  

Q: Why Vegan? 

A: It's better for my health. It's better the environment and I really don't like the idea an animal living tortured life so that I can have milk chocolate, eggs or a hot dog. I'm also not a big fan of commercial fishing's destruction of ocean wildlife.

Q: Why Barefoot? 

A: I don't need them.  I also don't wear a neck tie or a girdle.

Q: Why do Dogs love Cat poo?

A: So they can track their mortal enemy by scent.

By Aaron Roberts
Q: you said that you hate Vibram Cherry for huaraches. Can you say why? I'm just curious?

A; My favorite thing about a luna sandal is the way it molds to your foot! The sandal takes on yout personal cotours and often you can identify your own unique print from both the top and the bottom of the sandal.The vibram cherry does not do this at all. The cherry material too rubbery, it makes a slapping sound when it hit's the ground, and generally feels terrible on my feet compared to the neoprene.

Q: For running, would you still recommend the 6mm Vibram neoprene and the suede top (for reference, I mostly do road running)? What about the laces?

A: Deffinetly it is by far the best running sandal on the market!!  As for elastic laces they are good for running but not good for testing the limits of the sandal in regards to speed turning. For racing I use thin leather luna laces and for everyday use I use elastic.  As for the Invisible shoes laces I find it to be a bit too thin for my liking and much less aesthetically pleasing.

Q: Did you ever do the 1 mile, 1 taco, 1 beer challenge that you described in the Birthday Shoes interview? If so, how did it go?

A: Unfortunately no and injury and change in my my diet curtailed that idea. It still may happen.

Q: If they made a film about you who do you think would play you?

A: How about Natalie Portman.  I would be interested to see how she would take on this once in a lifetime role. 

Q: Also have you ever considered running in the UK we have foul weather and if that's not tempting enough I don't know what is?

A:  My heredity is Irish, English and Swedish,  The enviroment I live in has made me  more of a Mexican.   Although I am solar powered and a bit cold blooded I would love to run in the U.K.

Lucus said...
Q: From your writing I understand that you did not run in high school. Why not?

A: I played on soccer teams through out my teens but never for my school.  I had no desire to be runner.  I was a smoking about 2 packs a until I quit at the stroke of midnight when I turned 18 at it had become legal.  The first race I ever signed up for was the L.A. Marathon in 2000 I ran 3 marathons than year then stopped running till 2006. 

That took way too long i'm headed to the beach for a few steps on the sand.


  1. I have always wanted a pig and love Kimya too :)

  2. I wouldn't fight you either Patrick. I'd love to have a beer with you though.

  3. Cool well Nat I mean Pat :P Check out I did that a few weeks ago. Lots of lovely rolling valleys and no rain (this time around). Let me know if you decided to retrace some roots. I'm considering this next year which is a bit more Irish I guess:

  4. ThIs is such B.S. Hipster, vegan, I don't need any money crap! Make the real jump to enlightenment, leave all monetary things behind, just enjoy running people. There's runners out that have families and make income And work hard. Don't look for insperation from a slacker that doesnt commet to anything.

  5. Okay, I know I am late to the party Pat, but how about one more question... When you run in the kilt, are you doing it properly? Are you going commando? Why or why not?

  6. Kilt question: I prefer wear nothing if running for less than 1 hour. I'll put something on to avoid chaffing for longer runs. I don't really have any shame and so be it if my junk spills out a bit so long as no children are present . If I race in and urban environment I wear something underneath so that I don't go on any kind of pedofile list.

  7. Thanks for the kilt reply, Pat. I enjoyed reading your account of pacing up at Leadville. It sounds like you had a blast.

    Gracia y paz,

    Alejandro 10 @ BRS

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