Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Seattle Lunacy

I have been wanting to go check out the Luna Sandals factory for a long time now.  Last weekend was Barefoot Ted's 47th birthday and it seemed like the perfect time to finally head on up to Seattle.

I heard that it rains a lot in the Pacific North West so I decided to pack my umbrella just in case.
(I also brought Ted a new friend.)

My trip would last 5 days and I needed to come back by July 4th for the Hermosa Beach Iron man

First stop the factory
Crafts Monkey Jules

Tech Monkey "Bookis"  Spokes Monkey "BFT"

The Original Luna Sandals Factory.

During the trip Ted and I fooled around with a bunch of Ideas
I scored a bunch of new sandal's to have fun with

Ted has 2 Huskies Hiko and Eddie.  
They both spend much of their time at the Luna Sandals factory.  They get board sitting (so do I).  It was a perfect match and spend much of my time trotting around surrounding environment.

I think this picture is conclusive evidence that Huskies evolved from eels
What a sweet heart
Ted lives in an area of Seattle known as Capital Hill.
Halfway between the factory and Ted's home is Volunteer park.  At the apex of the hill (the highest point in Seattle) lies an awesome water tower which may have the best view in town.
 Space needle from the water tower

The next day I convinced Bookis to go play some Disc golf with me.

Bookis nails the 20 ft putt

 Sure the course is barefoot friendly.  (so long as you stay on fairways)
The park was beautiful
I played lousy
 But had a great time none the less.

 The next morning we hit up the Banya 5. (Trendy Russian Sauna)  

At home I hit up the sauna about 6 days a week at my local 24 hour fitness. There they keep the temp at around 175 but at the banya the sauna was a scorching 230 which made me very happy. They also had an Ice bath to cool off in.  I've got a good tolerance for heat  but totally lack the cajones to stay in more than 1 minute at a time.  

 Sauna Hat?
While in the sauna a bunch of people were wearing stupid wool hats to keep their heads from burning. How come I don't I have a stupid hat? 
I Shall!
I just ordered that hat you see above from ebay.

Seeing as I am tourist and that Big old space needle was right around the corner I went to check it out.  It was about 40 minute wait to go up the damn thing.  I was getting hungry and the $20 it would cost seemed like it would be better served fueling my belly with a burrito ans some Ale.

After about a 30 min walk back up to Capital Hill I found myself at some Lucha Libre Bar with a vegan burrito and Luguntas IPA.

Quick Blurb about Capital Hill and it's people:
Capital hill is the weirdo, gay, hipster, rocker, emo, hippie section of Seattle.  The city felt alive and I had a good time taking in the ambiance.

That evening Barefoot Ted's girlfriend had Birthday party planned for Ted. I had to head back to his place to keep him busy while Leah got the final preparations together up by the water tower at Volunteer Park.
Ted made a grand entrance on his high wheeler
Leah really out did herself! (stupid expression)

Everything was top notch and our meal seemed like it had at least 25 courses with about 15 of them being vegan friendly.

I was happy.
So were Leah and Ted
Even the statue's wear cool sandal's

Random Entomology
After dinner we headed across the street to see some dude's glow in the dark Scorpion.
Who knew that scorpion's glow under UV light?

The whole time I was in Seattle the weather was pretty good. I didn't rain once and on Saturday I even got to hit the beach at Lake Washington
 I think it may have been the hottest day of the year.

After the Beach it was time for some baseball

Safco Field "Go Ichiro"
Alcohol enforcement?
I was hoping they would bring me a beer, sadly all I got was the cold shoulder

"We are members of the all american league, we come cities far wide. etc..."
I still no all the songs from that dumb movie which I think I saw with my mom in the theater (yep I really am that cool) ,  Since she's wearing a skirt I figured I take the picture from directly below to get a better perspective. :)

It was a fun game.  The mariners gave up only 2 hit's and lost 1-0 to the Padres.
The day before I left to I was at Angel Stadium till after 11p.m.  On this ocasion the game was over by 9:15 and it was still light outside when we left the ball park.

It was only a couple miles back to Capital Hill we decided to walk taking the scenic route.
If I was the dude buiding this statue I'd be giggling the whole time

The Sweater tree was much softer than the Flora Bookis made friends with in Mexico

More half assed touristing (is that a word? who cares)  Here's that famous fish market where they throw fish for some reason or another. I did'nt see any fish.

Me, Ravi, Leah and Ted

My final day in Seattle we met up with our friend Ravi from the Copper Canyons.  He teaches an Asanga Yoga class out in Bellevue WA.  Ravi keeps his studio at 88 degrees and  a comical amount of  perspiration was coming off my body.  Ravi was nice enough to give me a shirt to change into afterwards.    

Maybe it will steer me towards a new path of physical fitness?
I think I got a chance? well maybe I do.

Ted saying good bye

Thanks you to Ted Leah and everyone at Luna Sandal's for your awesome hospitality.  I had a great time and am already looking forward to a return visit.

Mt Rainier? from the plane

Good bye Washington


  1. Seattle is at its best right now with all the awesome weather. Glad you had a good time! Too bad our paths did not cross!

  2. Glad you enjoyed our little city! You'll have to come back sometime, there's so much more to see!

  3. What a great trip! I've never seen the disc golf thing before! Glad you had a good time! :)