Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Hermosa 24, Sand on the Brain.

Two New Exciting Races Added!

"To really get things pumped up and also to keep the solos and relays company, we have decided to add the 1 Mile Sprint and 1 Lap (3.46 Miles) Sprint winner-takes-all competition. But, this is not your normal race. Since we have 24 hours to get it done, we are doing it Formula One qualifying style! In other words, you are welcome to try your lap any time you want. In fact, you can try as many times as you wish.Simply pay $20 per 1 Mile run and $30 per 1 Lap run. You can pay your cash at the time of your lap, or prepay if you wish.The overall winner of the Mile gets $75 cash. The overall winner of the Lap gets $100 cash. There will be kids categories as well. Winners will be announced at the awards banquet at Sangria immediately following the event. We will keep a leaderboard for the event as the racers finish their timed Mile or Lap.So now you can run that special Lap or Mile in the day, the evening, late at night, early in the morning...whenever you want.Another first for the Hermosa 24 Ultramarathon. Tell your friends. This is going to get exciting."

The Hermosa 24 is this weekend starting June 18th at noon.  The course starts at the Hermosa beach pier and will be a 24 hour party for spectators and grueling soft sand grind for dumb asses like myself.   

It's not too late to sign up.
Whether you run one lap, set a Guinness record or just their for support all proceeds go to a good cause and we will all be part of something special.

For the past week I've had sand on the brain so I decided to conglomerate some pictures i took over the past year that show the beautiful course that the Hermosa 24 will be held on.

Hermosa 24 June 17th-18th Noon to Noon

 Stop by at any hour, donate a few bucks to a good cause and come run a lap or two with me.
I'll be there all day!

If you come out after last call at the bar's we can have a contest to see who's stumbling more.
I hope to see you there!

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