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Fueled by the Juice of the Barley. The Beer Footed Runner

Ah the joys of being a procrastinating blogger.  It is usually my intention to post about once a week.  I have all kinds of spectacular ideas (spetacularly deranged) .  Every once awhile I make to the computer at about 5a.m. hopped up on 4 cups of coffee.  It is now that time
so here goes it. (I've always liked that expression)

Well, heres what I can recollect.

1/21 I found myself with a desire to play Disc Golf competitively.  the following day was the ICE BOWL  held at Elisian park above Doder stadium. It's tournament held all over the country to collect food and raise money for local food banks. The motto "No wimps whiners" some people are playing in terrible weather below freezing conditions.  Here L.A. rarely have the temps dropped below 60 degrees for this tournament.

Chavez Ridge at Elysian park above Dodger stadium
 Pic from  2009 Ice Bowl

You really got focus while putting knowing that creepy vato Dodger fans could be stumbling out from their homes in the bushes at any time.

  I have won this event 4 times in the past (I'd be a long shot to win today)  and have competed in it almost every year . This year however I procrstinated too long and could not get into the event for it was sold out.

Good thing I had a back up plan

The Southern California Ultra Trail Running Series was having it's award ceremony  at the base of Mt Wilson above Los Angeles. (where all the T.V. antennas are)  I hardly ever get out to the trails and thought this would be great opportunity to test out a prototype  recyclado Luna sandals with extra wide elasticized leather laces.

I was very pleased with how taping my foot felt when running Calico so this time I gave it try on both feet.  I was now ready to climb a mountain
(Maybe I will look less crippled and more cool If I switch to black tape.)

Almost all my trail running experience has come during races.  For once I was gonna be able to take my time enjoy the scenery and even take some pictures.  I arrived at the trail head a little bit late It was a about 8:45 a.m. a group of runners had just left at 8:30 a.m. and a few that were planning on going all the way to the top of Mt Wilson had left well be fore them.  I had planned on doing on doing about 10 miles but things could change.

The view was awesome  and the weather was perfect about 75 degrees.  (the same weather my disc golf friends must have been suffering through at the Ice Bowl lol)

About 1.5 miles up I caught up with the 2 overall champions  for the year Jack Cheng and Diana Treister. I had a brief chat with them before leaving them on a climb The trail was mostly uphill and I was climbing fast but when it came to downhill I took it slow and easy. 

Sometime during the third mile I decided to ditch my sandals and do some barefoot trail running.  Sure the path was a little bit rocky but that only made it more fun.  I was carrying my handheld and Lunas in my right hand. while filming my stride with my left hand.  You think running barefoot on a rocky trail is dangerous try aiming a camera at your feet the whole time while making sure each step lands in the right place.

I know what your thinking.
"What a dumb ass but he sure does have some sexy legs?"
My  guess is that you find at least half this statement to be true.

Since I was only carrying 1 water bottle I ran out after about  90 minutes.  I was thirsty and had a choice keep charging anonther 2.5 miles straight up the mountain or head back down 5.5 miles back to the start.  I bet you can guess which one I did.

There's those antennas I told you about. 

I made it to the top but could not find any water.  I was thirsty.  If I kept looking I would probably find some but I was running late (literally) for the awards ceremony. The hell with water I could make it another down the hill a little parched, maybe build some mental toughness.

The view alone was worth a little dehydration

On the way up I ran mostly barefoot for the way down I wore my Luna's the whole time. At times I charged it hard but for the most part I just flowed down the mountain water.  (dirty smelly water)

Which way to the beach?

I think  I was that last person to arrive at the awards ceremony.  I made it just in time to watch Diana and Jack receive their awards.  Congratulations to both of them.

I didn't run enough races in the series last year to qualify for any awards.  Last year I won my age division.

In 2008 at the same park I received my award as the Overall Champion.

the only thing I won this year was a Pair of Injinji toe socks from a raffle. Which I gladly accepted while my running peers laughed.

By the time the awards ceremony ended I was dirty and very thirsty.  My  sister had won a tickets to Medieval Times and a hotel room next door from a silent auction.  I jumped in my car picked up some beer from the liquor store and met them at the hotel pool.

The water felt great and I had a fun time splashing around with my nephews
before heading off to the Dinner and tournament.

I was Stoked we got the Green Knight.  He's the evil one that refused to kiss the kings ass.  We were winning the tournament till at the last second the kings son helped that stupid white night stab his sword through the Green Knights armpit.

Who new they had Vegi meal
This not my pic but it is what the served me plus except my pilaf was served stuffed in a portobello mushroom and get this they gave me a knife and fork (my sister was jealous) and I was happy.

I ended up crashing at the hotel.  the next morning I was up bright an early for some disc golf.

The next few days I spent at the beach.  I took my camera down and filmed the sunset.  Heres a little montage of running footage from Mt Wilson and the beach last week.

Now to the good stuff

 Last ThursdayI had an appointment at noon down at the Stone Breweries in Escondido California to discuss sponsorship. The Brewery is about 90 miles from my house.  I decided to get up at the crack of dawn beat the morning traffic and play some disc golf before my meeting.

Kit Karson park Escondido
I arrived at Kit Karson Park at about 7:30 a.m. the weather was brisk.

 but still warm enough to barefoot.
I had a few errant shots land in a stream than runs through the park.  I wouldn't want to swim in it but the water felt nice between my toes.  I played 2 quick rounds and then it was off to my second course of the morning

California State University San Marcos
I didn't even know this course existed until 10 days ago

The course plays through the surrounding ball fields and track before going straight through the heart of Campus.  

I had to pay $3 for an hour of parking so I decided jog most of the round.

I got many a puzzled looks from the students walking to their classes. 
"What the hell is that barefoot guy doing playing frisbee with himself."
"So thats what those metal baskets are for.

The Course is Dedicated to Tim Selinske.  One of the founders of Innova Disc Golf and a good friend of mine.  Tim was one of the nicest guys I ever knew! He was very encouraging and always had smile on his face
Tim and I back in 2001 my last tournament before going pro sadly I finished in 2nd place but Tim made me feel proud.  I miss that dude. He was a good man.

I made it back to my car with about 10 minutes to spare. It was only 10:45 maybe I could squeak one more course in before lunch

Montiel Park
About 5 minutes away from the Stone Brewery is Montiel.  It's small nine hole course that plays that plays straight up hill and then back down. 
Tangent alert:
I had a weird sense of Deja Vu, about a year ago I had dream of almost this exact park but it the dream the course was located in Torrance near my home but I could never remember how to get there.  Why I still remember that dream I don't know.

The course was short I played 2 quick rounds and made it the brewery with time to spare 
I was parched.

The Bar at the Brewery changes its beer list every day. 
So many options. They have about 20 different craft beers on tap (No fizzy yellow commercial variety)and about 100 different types in the bottle.  I love that they embrace all craft beers.  Thats the beauty of making a quality product.

Oaked (in Bourbon Casks)
Almost impossible to make a bad choice I was very pleased with my decision.  

Last time I made it to the brewery I was over stimulated, inebriated and forgot to check out the garden. This time.  I had arrived a few minutes early so I took a little stroll.  I could of stayed their all day (but that would have meant a very expensive cab ride home)

I don't really thing the the fine workers at Stone feed their Coi Beer, but the fish sure were begging for it. I was way to selfish to share plus a few of the fish may have been under age.

12:00 arrived and the bartender told me to look out for the dude from the home make over show.

It turns out the guy I was meetinChris Cochran could of passed for his twin. I sat down with Chris for about an hour and half. We had a really good conversation about the brewery and what they represent. I already had really good impression of the company and Chris further solidified  those thoughts. Because Stone is privately owned they are able to stay dedicated to making the craft beers they enjoy.  They do not advertise (although they were in almost every episode of Weeds last season) and they give a lot back to the community including their give a pint get a pint blood drive.  I could go on for awhile but I'll save that for future posts.

 I may use the moniker Bourbon Feet but as my logo shows I am a Beer Footed runner.

Chris is a really cool guy and seemed pretty stoked on me as well.  I'm  am very excited to represent Stone.  Stone has always brewed some of my favorite beers.  I  love the fact that I will representing a proactive company and I will do my best to make their support in me a worthy endeavor.

Thank You Chris and thank you to all the people at Stone. 

 I do not have to drive all the way down to Escondido to receive refuel.  Although I probably will because I love the food at the Bistro that much.


Stone Breweries owns their own distributing company and will deliver to my house.
I feel like a kid trying to spot Santa sleigh on X-mas eve.

I can't wait to see this truck pull up in my driveway.

One of my favorite Ale's it can be found at most Liquor stores and super markets in southern CA.  If you have never tried it pick up a bottle and tell what you think.  If you like it come on over to my place and have another.

After I was done talking I picked up a little gear and sat down for lunch.

Vegan  Tempeh Sheppards pie

I absolutely love the Bistro at Stone. As I have written before Mondays they do a completely meatless menu.  Well it was Thursday and they still had a lot of good vegan options. They even have their own Stone hot sauce.  I got to try their chipotle and jalapeño but unfortunately couldn't rangle up the Habanero variety (but I will )  

I left the brewery by about 2:30 just in time to beat most of the traffic up the 5 freeway to squeeze one last round of Disc Golf in at El Dorado in Long Beach.
What great day!

It was now time to get focussed and prepare my belly for

  1/29 should be a national holiday

I made and ate 3 pizza's using over 35 different ingredients and 15 hot sauces 
full recap can be found at

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