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Free Beer, a day in Vegas, an attempt to find my stride and a 6year old sent to Jail for lewd behavior

Before I get into my blog nonsense just another friendly reminder about the Barefoot Ted running clinic held the day after Thanksgiving at Rosecrans and the Beach in Socal.  There's a big old link on the top left of this page but I shall post another to be redundant.  I think space is limited so if you wanna make it happen sign up soon. 
I have been wanting to go down to the Stone Brewery for quite some time now.  I am huge fan their of beers especially their Old Guardian Barley wine at 11.3% alcohol.  I recently found out they have tours every day of the week that culminate with a  sampling. It turns out they also have a pretty kick ass restaurant that does a total vegi menu on Mondays.  Free beer and vegi grub?  I wish every Monday afternoon could be like this.
I headed down to the brewery with a couple of friends. The tour was not until 2 p.m. we arrived just before 1p.m. and decided to grab some lunch first.  I could of walked from my car to the entrance with my eyes closed, the smell of beer brewing was enchanting my senses, an irresistible force pulling me into the brewery.
Gargoyles everywhere "I dig it"
The place was pretty damn nice inside.  So we decided we would fit  in better outdoors,  the sun was shining and there were a couple of cute girls wandering about.
I love this concept!
My lunch although I ordered it without cheese and garlic mayo.  I did ask for extra fuego sauce on the side. I also paired it with a Ruination IPA 
Maybe I should have taken the pic before I started eating? I'm also the type of guy who finishes half his beer before he has a chance to cheers his friends, maybe someday I will learn some manors (yeah right). 

11,000 Gallons of beer (I think I'm in love  )
We made it to the tour  in the nick of time.  One of the first things that our tour guide said (beer in hand ) was "This is the kind of job that a useless degree in anthropology will get you." as he explained to us that beer was single most important invention man ever created (duh everybody knows that, although the frisbee may be a pretty close second) A  light bulb turned on in my head.  I got a degree in anthropology and I am a home brewer. Why am I not working at a brewery? Beer consumption in United States has been slowly dropping each year. At the same timeStone Brewery has been expanding every year since it's inception.  American's are moving away from Fizzy Yellow Beer.  Job Maybe? I think a beer sponsorship would be more in order.
Free beer with friends
After the tour we were entitled to a sample a few beers.  We were only supossed to get get four but the dudes working the taps were pretty cool and kept fillings our glasses with the sweet livations.  It was about 3:30 p.m. when we left the brewery.  Kit Karson Disc golf park was near by and we set forth to get a round in before dark.  
while my firnds put on thier appropriate footwear (a pair of Vff kso's, and a pair baseball cleats) I took off my Luna Leadviles in order to play barefoot.  With a slight buzz and a positive attitude my putting was on fire.  (My putting has been atroscious for the past 2 weeks) My drives were on the mark and the breaks were going my way as I easily shot double digets under par on the 18 hole course and was very pleased with results. The sun went down quickly and we headed back home

Tuesday is kind of a blur I spent all morning running around doing pointless errands.  I hit the gym by 1 p.m and didn't make it home till around 9p.m. I think I may have over cooked some of my brain cells in the sauna. I took it easy that night.  The next morning I was flying to Vegas to go speak at some marketing convention.  


About two weeks ago I got a call from the "Active" (the Ticket Master of signing up for races)  They were  pleased with efforts I put forth over the summer for Team Jamba Juice and wanted me to explain my experience at some marketing conference in Vegas.  Although I consider myself a gambler I despise placing bet's at a casino.  I'd much rather bet on my own merits.  Those billion dollar casino's were not paid for by giving the customer even betting odds. Regardless I was still up for the adventure.  Active offered me a few bucks and would be flying me out in the morning and then back home that evening.
Everything went pretty smooth.  I got there and consumed a nice overpriced (I wasn't paying) Thai tofu lunch.  I had some time to kill before our presentation.  The conference was just beginning I wandered around for a bit picking up some free shwag, before stumbling upon the opening Keynote.  There was anywhere between 500-1000 people attending the speech, I found it interesting for about 20 minutes, at which point I snuck back out the room.  
Our presentation was held in a room that sat around 100 people Jamba Juice was giving out $5 gift cards to all the people that attended it.   It quickly filled to capacity, standing room only plus another 20 or so people spilling out the door.  Lucky for me Jamba Juice seems to cater towards fit goodlooking women ( there were at least 40 of them in the crowd).  I only had to speak for about 5 mins and then do some Q and A.  I'm about as good at public speaking as I am  at posting blogs,  one second I'll find myself offending the whole room then before you know they are back on my side as my vulnerabilities start to show, then somehow my ego triumphantly pulls it all together, compelling the crowd the into a frenzied standing ovation, roses are being thrown at my feet as the crowd chants in unison "We love you Pat." (yep that's pretty much standard)
After the presentation I was back on plane and home by 9p.m

Thursday the time had come for me to cut back on the amount of glasses of wine I drink each night. 
I got a bigger glass
Yep that's the whole bottle. Check out the high class wine I'm drinking with the twist off cap. $20 a case at Fresh and easy

Friday morning I hit the beach with my buddy Justin to record my stride in slow motion.  Right now my body is not at full strength and I wanted to see how it would feel doing a couple of sprints.  I was also curious to see how this would reflect in my form.

Stride analysis 
I started off doing a pretty fast run but not quite a full sprint I recorded with 2 cameras at the same time, 1 at real time speed and the other at 210 frames per second
Real time speed
Same run at 210 frames per second
Full sprint at 210 frames per second
I sped up to a full sprint taped at 420 frames per second
Tandem running with buddy Justin.  It's interesting that we both got are stride going at the same pace, it was unintentional maybe it occurred because at present we are both recovering gimps.  We are running at your average fast jogging pace recorded at 420 frames per second
a couple steps on the soft sand at a jogging pace filmed at 1,000 frames per second
One step at a sprint (interesting recoil on the foot) 1,000 frames per second
2 steps jogging 1,000 frames per second

My nephews get the entire week of Thanksgiving off.  Lately I haven't really got a chance to spend as much quality time with them as I like.  We decided to start the week  off with Knot's Berry Farm Friday afternoon.  Sunday we head down to San Diego for a few days at Sea World with their favorite cousins are really in need of good time.  Thanksgiving is not about the food! It's about being with the people you love and embracing others who could use a little love as well. I am stoked to be spending this time with my family.

As we drove up to Knot's Berry Farm my sister was explaining to me that her friends family drives all the way out here (about 35 miles) just for their fried chicken. I wonder why it's so good?

The parking lot was full chicken's running freely (a strange sight for urban suburbia).  My Nephew's tried their best to catch dinner, but had no luck.  In actuality they were pretty friendly one of them almost hopped right into the mini van. 

Knot's was fun and not very crowded a few of the rides had no lines which meant you could keep riding them over and over.  I've rode everything more times than I can count.  My favorite coaster is one of the oldest in the park Montezuma's Revenge.

We met some girls sitting at a bench that would later mean trouble for one of my nephews.

I have a way with the Ladies (especially the ones that can't run away) My nephew Lucas was a little too fresh however.
I could tell from the look on her face that she not to into him. "He's just a kid being silly." I told her to no avail.  The authorities were called and charges were pressed. 
Snoopy means business.
Hopefully we can come up with enough bail money in order to get Lucas out of jail in time for Sea world come Monday. Look at that sad face! If you wanna help email me and I'll give you a link to my Paypal account for donations. :)

Last thing, I found this sandal sitting next to dumpster. Could it Possibly belong to my Bizarro world Cinderella? I love the simplicity of it's design and would love to make a pair out of some kind of renewable resource.  

Bonus movies
Playing catch with the camera, almost a fumble
Pathetic attempt at a somersault in slow motion

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