Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sports Kilt Day 1 Disc Golf at El Dorado.

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet up with founder of Sport Kilt at their headquarters in Signal Hill California.  I have been intrigued with owning a kilt for years but spending upwards of $600 for an authentic one was out of the question.

A Tri-athlete/ Ultra runner friend mine turned on to Sports Kilt a few months ago.  He was using their base model  to change into and lounge around in after the race.  I thought it was pretty cool and I instantly wanted one especially since they started at a reasonable $50.

It turns out Sports Kilt makes a hiking model, that's made to be light weight and wick moisture.  Recently a few of my Barefoot running friends have taken to running in them.  It seemed like a perfect match for me.  I think I'm the only Sandal sponsored runner in the world, so I guess it makes perfect sense to be racing in a kilt, right?  It's hard to find a good loin cloth and if I raced in the buff I may not get an invite back the following year. (I am trying to fit a nudist run into my schedule for next year)

Seamus the owner of Sport Kilt was a real nice guy, he showed around  the factory and all the different styles and designs he was working with.  They all seemed well designed and I was very excited to try out the the Hiking Kilt and I also picked a Comfy Kilt for lounging around in at home.

I think Sport Kilt has a good future ahead of them in the running world.  The owner wants feedback on how to make a better running kilt if possible.  I plan to work with him to make something that is already pretty great even better.  Anyway I headed straight from the factory to El Dorado Park in Long Beach CA, to take my Hiking Kilt out for a spin  (don't worry I didn't spin too fast)

The  Air-Flow adds to the fluidity of the putting motion and helps with accurately judging the wind.
It's all about confidence.  If you have the game to back it up The Sport Kilt will give you a psychological advantage over your competition 
I even got the river dance form holding my right arm behind my back
It's amazing I don't fall over after every drive.
step dancing my way up the teepad

I got to the course put on my kilt and dropped my shorts.  I decided to keep my boxers on at first just in case of some sort of wardrobe malfunction.  I quickly realized the Kilt was well designed and that this was not gonna happen.  After the first hole I felt like was cheating myself and was ready to go Commando, and that I did for my next 4 rounds of golf.

It was a pretty windy day  and I was digging the air-flow.  The fabric of the Hiking Kilt is very similar to that of your modern Board Shorts, it's very light weight yet stayed in place enough to keep my willie covered.    The weather was only about 70 degree's and I think where the Hiking Kilt will excel is under extreme heat.  I look forward to running in the kilt and will post my opinions after I log some miles.

The initial test of the Sports Kilt was quite a success  and I found it very comfortable to wear while playing Disc golf.  The only potential problem occurred on my last hole.  My disc got stuck in a tree and my friends were begging my not to climb up and get it :) lucky for them I got it down before it resulted to that.  I got some interesting reaction's from the other golfers,  ranging from "what the f**k to "rad" I also got few smiles from the ladies at the course and got honked at by some college girl's driving by.  Nobody beat me up and I was even able to win a few bucks while golfing in it.  All in all it was just another good day.

Sweeney Tartan

As of now Sport Kilt does not make a version with the Sweeney Tartan (maybe in the future).  If you have any idea's about how to make a better Running Kilt or Ideas on future fabric's  send me an email, and I'll do my best to have them implemented in a future model.  Sport Kilts are made in USA and the people behind them are excited to adapt to their designs for the running community for both men and women.  Sport Kilt hooked me up with a discount code for my blog readers valid till Nov 15.  If your interested send me an email  or text and I'll get it out to you.


  1. I am amazed that no one has commented on this. Its a swoon worthy sight indeed. You look great and I hope its as comfy as the other have found it to be.
    yeah the whole shirtless, tanned, shaggy, beach boy thing in a kilt is a good look for sure now for those running pics!

  2. A dude in a Kilt is an acquired taste. Not everyone has reached that same level sophistication and class that you exhibit Angie.

  3. pro tip on disc golf - your x-step should be behind not in front. You appear left handed so that means step forward with left foot, step forward with right foot BEHIND left foot and finish up with the final left foot forward. So...left, right left with the right foot moving behind the left foot on the second step. Sounds tricky but easy once you get it. You can add more steps for extra power but that is the most basic x-step. good luck! love the kilt!