Monday, August 30, 2010

Becoming a Pirate

Cliff notes 
New job, black eye, lost a tooth,became an indentured servant, got 2 new sponsors, bachelor party, trail running in Lunas, got published, I now have an attorney,4 weeks without shaving.

Weekly recap.

Early last week I developed a toothache.  A filling had fallen out of one of my teeth and the nerve became exposed. I got in a few runs in but my rhythm was thrown off as I couldn't' avoid the the constant throbbing pain.  From Sunday to Wednesday I only got about 6 hours of sleep.  My main defense against the pain was chewing raw Garlic cloves and swishing bourbon around  painful area (both things I enjoy normally) but not at all hours of the day which put me in strange state of delirium. They  both provided temporary relief but were not the permanent solution I needed.  I went to the dentist on Wednesday.  My dentist is a runner and was excited to hear my exploits.  I proceeded to tell him about how me being a poor bastard without insurance and that I was looking towards a going to Tijuana  for dentistry if need be.  His conclusion was that the cavity was too close to the nerve for a root canal  and it was, time to rip the puppy out.  Between my beard and the missing tooth my quest to become less pretty is slowly transforming me a into pirate. I'm going toothless for a few months while it heels then I get to decide between a bridge or an implant. Both cost bank from my dentist. He suggested some sort of indentured servitude, where I could give his daughter running lessons or help out at her school.  (It's either that or start plundering the seven seas).  At least I got $5 back from the tooth fairy.

I picked up a few new sponsors this week.  My entry fee as well as bonus entry for my roomate was compt for the upcoming Conquer the Bridge race.   My newest sponsor Sole I.D. was kind enough to give me a couple bucks to run in the race wearing their logo and some bonus cash if I win.  The company wants me to be involved with sales as well, I think it's a good product for children and I am happy to represent them.  I got to pick out some free clothes from road runner sports and will be racing in my custom Luna Sandals.  I also gained free entry into the Long Beach Marathon if I want it. Only problem is it's the week before the 100 mile endurance challenge and I want my body to be at it's best that day.  On Friday I learned that I got quoted in a book when I received a copy of The Barefoot Running Book signed by it's Author Jason Robillard.  So far I'm about 2/3 of the way through it and really dig the way Jason presents his practical advice to every day runners who want to give up their shoes.  I highly recommend this book to anyone,  it's a quick easy  read full of interesting information from mostly intelligent people. (me being the exception). The author is also a fellow Pastafarian and barefoot Ultra-runner. This is the Best book related to barefoot running  I've read since Born to run

Bachelor Party
The plan was to head down to Mexico, but there were to hurdles to get down there and make it happen.  A back up plan was quickly instigated.  We ended up taking my buddies Limo out to Palm Desert, for some debauchery.  My friend has house out there with a pool so we packed the Limo with booze and headed out Friday afternoon.  I didn't take any pictures  (I believe it is against California law to take pic's at a bachelor party anyway.) We did the usual Bachelor party stuff we got real drunk and sat around watching the Lifetime Network as we discussed our feeling with each other.  (and how jealous we all were because we were not getting married lol) Saturday morning still drunk I slipped on my Luna sandals and snuck out for a morning trail run in the near 100 degrees heat.  The sandal's worked so great that afternoon (in an effort to make room in my stomach for more libation's) took another run up a near by mountain.  This time I dragged a buddy with me but he couldn't hang and I was off my own. Sunday morning I was back again for a a final run,(still a little buzzed and dehydrated) I was flying  down the trail as the bourbon perspired it's way out of my system.  The bachelor party was pretty fun and I even ended up with a souvenir black eye.

Life of the party

 Today the body felt good.  Fueled by brussel sprouts and quinoa I ran a fast barefoot half marathon  on the beach staying around 8:30 pace.  I plan to do similar runs all week long. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some miles in with my friend Christian Burke.  This Saturday Christian will be running for 24 hours straight Barefoot on the soft sand of the beach between the Manhattan and Hermosa pier's in what is known as the Hermosa 24 He is attempting to set a Guinness record for consecutive hours running on the beach and is raising money for his daughters school. Please visit his website or come on down to the Hermosa Pier from Sunday 9/5 at noon to Monday 9/6 at noon if you wish to donate some funds.  If all goes well Christian has a chance of clearing 100 miles during this time.  People are welcome to join him for a lap or 2 if you feel your tough enough. My original plan was to run around  50k with Christian but that was before I knew I would be racing on the bridge the next day.  I'll be around for awhile on Sunday and hope to make it for the last few hours of his adventure, after my race on labor day.

Trying to make a tough guy "pirate face"

 I'm not really into the whole rape, murder and plumage part of being a pirate (how bout run, love and play disc golf instead) but I am down with drinking grog and hot pirate women.

Arr u my Matey?
Who knows what this week will bring but whatever it is I'm looking forward to it.

Life is good.


  1. Dude, you are an inspiration!!! Definitely an original.


  2. Very inpirational! I myself am aiming to complete a race at some point this year in vibrams. Sadly at the moment my right foot has some pain in the metatarsal (wimp I know) from landing square on a rock. But i'll get there..