Thursday, May 27, 2010


A lot of good things are happening right now.  The body feels better than ever.  I'm going to end up running over 400 miles this month (an all time high).  Last Sunday on My 90th Barefoot Mile of the week I decided to see how fast I could go and ended up clocking in with a 4:24  (my fastest mile ever).   I have drastically changed my diet.  I am rationing my intake of meat to about once a week and I'm trying to prepare all my own meals and avoid eating a restaurants.  The USTAF just sent me some swag for wearing there hat.  I think I'm supposed to start promoting Jamba Juice at the races I attend.  Sockwa has promised to send me a pair of ther new minimalistic running shoe "the Amphibian" which I am very excited to try out.  I am in talks with a few other companies about promotion's ,work and sponsorship.  I am excited every morning when I wake up to see what the next day has in store for me.  The San Diego 100 is only a couple weeks away and I really look forward to the adventure.  With all the good that is happening I need to keep my aspirations in perspective.  I realize that at any time more fortune can change.  I know now that through injury I can learn to be stronger.  I am just your average dude learning though experience.  It is up to me and me only to utilize these times of good fortune to the best of my abilities.  Time to start tapering very soon.
I finally got around to building my own running sandals.  I ran 4 miles in them and it felt good however  I sounded like a freaking Clydesdale.  The whole time I was wearing them I was thinking about how much better it would have been to be barefoot.  So I took them off and ran another 13 miles barefoot.  I tried them disc golfing as well and the same thing happened, I played one round very poorly, took them off and played better barefoot. I do like the sandals for casual wear however.
I just ordered a camera from amazon that does super slow motion I am excited to see what my running stride looks like. I will post sometime next week.  Also started wearing my KSO Treks to work  FiveFingers KSO Trek - Men's Black 45 by Vibram USA.  

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